entropia universe ethereal armor
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Entropia universe ethereal armor investing online uk stores

Entropia universe ethereal armor

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One thing to remember when selling items you have looted is that if you only sell to the trade terminal TT you are likely to loose money in the long run. This is due to the fact that MindArk has to earn money operating Entropia Universe - and if you go "TT profit" on your hunts, MindArk would be out of business. Therefore you need to sell your loot to merchants, who will pay a markup, as often as possible.

So, when should I sell to the trade terminal? Think of it this way. Then its just a matter of doing the math - how often to you hunt and how much do you hunt for. None the less, over time it will be noticable. In a month I can cycle PED hunting. Bottom line, everything and anything that can be sold within reasonable time to a merchant should be sold to a merchant!

What should I hunt for good markup items Markup on items changes according to supply and demand. You should therefore investigate which items are in short supply at the moment, figure out why it is in short supply and base your hunting according. If a desired item is in short supply, it will be beneficial to go to this site and figure out if this particular creature is not being hunted at the moment or if the creature is simply not dropping the item currently. Often major events inside Entropia Universe can distort the regular hunting patterns of a large portion of the hunters inside Entropia Universe.

This will lead to a distorted "global" loot supply. Excluded is raven, improved shogun, improved vigilante and community recognition because these armors are either not widely available or not available as a complete set yet. Nemesis is also excluded because Bear is already a better armor, and not expensive anymore All armors are plated with 5b.

Ofcourse you would use other plates on some mobs, but the idea is to use the plate most hunters use overall. The damage behind the armors is avg dmg dealt. Mobs where the youngest maturity is not really huntable by all armors is excluded like chompers which is really only doable for a few armors like tiger, jaguar and liakon. If same dmg is dealt, lesser decay decides ranking Araneatrox young.