sed replace between brackets
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Sed replace between brackets gary nuttall crypto

Sed replace between brackets

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The following program is a no-op. The b command the only command in the program does not have a label, and thus simply restarts the cycle. A portable equivalent: sed -e ':x' -e bx Branching is often complemented with the n or N commands: both commands read the next input line into the pattern space without waiting for the cycle to restart.

Before reading the next input line, n prints the current pattern space then empties it, while N appends a newline and the next input line to the pattern space. In the first example, the n commands first prints the content of the pattern space, empties the pattern space then reads the next input line. In the second example, the N commands appends the next input line to the pattern space with a newline.

Lines are accumulated in the pattern space until there are no more input lines to read, then the N command terminates the sed program. When the program terminates, the end-of-cycle actions are performed, and the entire pattern space is printed. If the substitution failed meaning there were no soft line breaks , The t command will not branch. Then, P will print the pattern space content until the first newline, and D will delete the pattern space content until the first new line. To learn more about N, P and D commands see Multiline techniques.

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