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Btc localbitcoins

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Time is money and unfortunately we have been forced to block people who start trades on LBC just to talk. If you are not a client and want to talk about Localbitcoins or have questions about something on Localbitcoins , then please contact us directly through our contact page. Frequently Asked Questions about our service How do I use a different payment method or different amount than in your ads? Currently the ads showing are the only ads we offer.

We often provide a larger selection of payment methods on Bitwallet because of their lower fees and better security. Why did I get blocked? The most common reason is that people do not read the ads or follow the instructions. It could also be that you said or did things commonly associated with scammers.

I believe their customer support could be a lot better. Deepak Kumar 29 days ago Simple and easy to use and it has few payment options, not the best prices but hassle free. I experienced very different transactions, one lasted 20 hours, I mean I received my bitcoins in 20H! But it worked out largely thanks to helpful customer service. Kiki Lynn 30 days ago Overally, the platform is quite cool.

The most important thing for me is quick exchange without deception. The exchange is reliable, there was no reason to doubt it till now. It even happens to make decent money sometimes. I have been trading at LocalBitcoins for 8 months now, and soon my monthly income will reach the salary I used to get at my previous job.

If you want to have a large choice of available sellers and buyers, you will have to go through verification. I think they need to create a sort of instructive video or any other example of how to fill out the form. The exchanging process is really fast.

Mai El Agezy 37 days ago Was emailed that my account is terminated for no reason. Could be because of inactivity for a while but that money still belongs to me. I was told that I could make my last transaction to a wallet up to my choice which is fine. Perhaps because they terminated my account. Support ignores. Karen D'Jong 40 days ago Legitimate, compliant way to do p2p of your crypto.

Everything is set up for a positive experience. And the main - nice trades! Fast and very good guidelines.