ethereal the kids
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Ethereal the kids

Other moms have a really rough start and it never gets easy. You can expect them during your pregnancy as early as the second trimester, but what exactly does one feel like and how do you know to not be concerned that there are other issues or problems? A lot of people who love the holidays put so much stress on reaching certain expectations, that, without realizing it, the season becomes more of a stress fest than anything else.

We want everything perfect, we want countless traditions, perfect decorations, to attend every experience and event. It can get out of control fast, and what should be a memory-filled precious time of year with your kids, suddenly becomes a dreaded season. Take note from someone who learned on how to keep your December more stress free.

Subscription boxes only continue to grow in popularity and not just for adults. There are so many great options for children that you could get lost coming up with a perect idea for the kid s in your life. Whether you need a unique gift for a baby or a tween, this list has something that will excite that child and make them think of you every 30 days when the special package arrives.

The goal of drag, following the themes of Butler and Rubin, is to obliterate stable conceptions of gender through performativity and to rehabilitate the bottom of the sexual hierarchy through the elevation of the marginal. Video As the dark side of drag pushed transgression to the limits, however, some drag queens toned down the routines, pushed the ideology deep into the background, and presented drag as good old-fashioned, glamorous American fun.

Enterprising queer theorists used the commercialization of drag and the goodwill associated with the gay and lesbian rights movement as a means of transforming drag performances into "family-friendly" events that could transmit a simplified version of queer theory to children.

They propose "drag pedagogy," as a new teaching method designed to stimulate the "queer imagination," teaching kids "how to live queerly. They have learned how to speak in code to NGOs and to appease the anxieties of parents, while subtly promoting the ideology of queer theory to children. Having begun with voluntary programs at public libraries, Drag Queen Story Hour has been remarkably successful, sparking a trend of state-subsidized drag readings, dances, and performances across the country.

But the spirit of drag is predicated on the transgressive sexual element, the ideology of queer theory, and the goal of elevating those at the bottom of the sexual hierarchy—including pedophiles—which cannot be erased by switching the context and softening the language. When parents, voters, and political leaders understand the true nature of Drag Queen Story Hour and the ideology that drives it, they will work quickly to restore the limits that have been temporarily—and recklessly—abandoned.

They will draw a bright line between adult sexuality and childhood innocence and send the perversions of queer theory back to the margins, where they belong. Christopher F. Rufo is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. Sign up for his newsletter here. Get the recap of top opinion commentary and original content throughout the week.

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Beautiful Fantasy Music with Ethereal Voices, Cello \u0026 Piano • Unknown Lands by Peder B. Helland

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