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Crypto aquarium

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You just planted your new cryptocoryne or crypt plant in the aquarium, and it looks perfect for the first few days. Maybe they are turning yellow-brown, have large gaping holes, or are simply withering away. Soon the whole plant looks as bare as a maple tree in winter. Crypt melt most frequently occurs in newly purchased plants. Commercial farms often produce emersed-grown aquarium plants, where the leaves are in open air and only the roots are covered in water.

Leaves are able to access light and carbon dioxide CO2 more easily from air versus from water, so this method allows plants to grow faster and larger. Growing the plants out of water also protects the leaves from algae growth, pest snails, and fish diseases.

Plant farms grow their aquatic plants with the leaves out of water to encourage faster growth and minimize algae. When you buy an emersed-grown cryptocoryne and put it fully underwater, the crypt must transition into a submersed-grown plant that is accustomed to absorbing light and CO2 from the water. All the thick, broad, emersed leaves usually melt away, and smaller, thinner, submersed leaves appear in their stead.

A lot of times, however, newer aquarists especially, struggle with choosing the right plants for their planted aquarium. There are many things to consider when choosing plants that will yield the most successful results.

So what should be considered when choosing plants? Well, light requirements are always something to think about, whether the standard tank kit lights will do the trick or if more advanced lights will be necessary. The need for maintenance and trimming is also a factor, as well as cost, appearance, health, and substrate requirements, among other things. There are many good options out there for plants to start out with, and at Aquarium Co-op there are two that come to mind immediately as easy with low requirements.

Our Favorites Cryptocoryne lutea and vallisneria are two staples of the freshwater aquarium plant hobby. This is because they are both low light plants that will grow under almost any light, and that are easy and rewarding to keep. Cryptocoryne lutea Cryptocoryne lutea is usually used as a midground or background plant in nano aquariums. It is slow growing and provides texture without requiring a lot of care.

To begin growing this crypt, one can simply take the plants out of the pots they are sold in and plant them so that the crown is above the substrate. You will always want to wash off the plants before adding it to the tank to avoid introducing diseases to the tank. Typically, plants from wholesalers have been grown up out of water since they grow faster and are easier to raise.