investing in real estate in africa
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Investing in real estate in africa rich dad guide to investing in gold and silver pdf to excel

Investing in real estate in africa

REITs offer diversity opportunities to investors, primarily in the market niches. Africans can buy and sell real estate investment trusts in the open market for rewards. Then they use money from this pool to invest long term in properties. However, the individual investor need not be in for a long term investment. Contract flipping The American Apartment Owners Association defined contract flipping as transferring the right to purchase a property to another buyer. The process involves signing the agreement of a property for sale and flipping the contract to a new buyer.

Africans can make money with contract flipping by bringing buyers and sellers together. Available information on Fortune Builders show that contract flipping is a great way for new investors to start real estate. New African investors can act as an intermediary between property owners and buyers for rewarding opportunities. Commercial real estate Investopedia describes commercial real estate as properties used for business purposes to generate income. Most commercial real estate developers add value to properties through renovations and upgrades for the purpose of increasing profit margins.

Creative Africans can update and modernize a property to earn a fortune in real estate. If you can identify property areas that require value, consider commercial real estate. Lease options There are immense opportunities in the real estate market, primarily through lease options.

Many investors earn rewards in real estate without significant capital with lease options. Investopedia defines a lease option as an agreement that lets you buy the rented property at the end of a specified period. Note that the agreement prohibits the owner from selling the property to anyone else. Africans can benefit from this trillion-dollar opportunity in the real estate markets. Short sales Short sales are ideal for homeowners who are behind their mortgage payments.

According to Investopedia, short sales happen when a financially distressed property owner agrees with a mortgage lender to facilitate the sale of a property. Short sales present money-making opportunities for Africans, as it does not require them to invest in renovations.

While a short sale can take time, it has a high-profit return. Also, short sales are profitable since investors can negotiate the price of a property below its market value. READ: 5 easy ways to invest in Africa 7. Vacation rentals According to a report by Right Era Properties, a vacation rental is a lucrative path to profits in real estate.

Vacation rentals involve renting an apartment or house out for a short period. Africans in major cities on the continent can earn lucrative passive income with vacation rentals. Choose one or more of the options below. During this process you will advise us that you are interested in African Real Estate.

In this you will advise whether you are looking for investment, looking to sell commodities etc. We will then distribute this information widely across our extensive network for FREE. The Afican Business Opportunities Dashboard is open to real estate investors in Africa who are able to see investment opportunities, not just in venture capital or start up stage, but also in other sectors and stages, that are of interest to them.

Some of them could be interested in your project. Make sure you add enough details so that appropriate global investors interested in investing into African Real Estate Projects can recognise that you are serious and that your real estate project is viable. We will send you approved investment and business opportunities in Real Estate from across Africa. Make sure you add yourself to our mailing list If you have any specific queries please use our Contact Us Form below. Selling Legal Services?

Wanting to Buy an Agricultural Product? Involved in selling Renewable Energy Solar Panels? We receive a significant volume of investment opportunities from all regions of Africa. Receive investment opportunities from Africa direct to your Inbox. Click Invest in Africa to join our Dashboard.

We have built up one of the most extensive networks of global investors looking to invest into Africa. Our investors range from seed capital investors all the way to the largest funds. Multiple Networking Sessions, Country Summits and Sector Focused Streams allow focused and relevant business generation and investment leads. Download our Event Brochure above to Learn More.

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The global capital markets recovered strongly during , with annual investment activity surging by 54 per cent, according to a real estate market monitor, JLL. In Africa, things are progressing rather interestingly. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Planning, the sector grew by 8 per cent in , and the local real estate sector remained stable for the first time in 15 years.

With the growth of emerging economies such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia, where their economies are being diversified, propelling the growth of a healthy middle class, real estate markets expand along with them. Thus, Africa stands to reap benefits from the market as it develops and expands its economic and population base. Read: Alternative real estate investments for the retail investor Further, as urbanization expands, so as the real estate industry.

Nigeria, Angola and Ghana are expected to see the highest urbanization rates, which stand at 80 per cent by The Market Africa has never been at a better time to capitalize on the real estate market. The sector is rigged with plenty of modern technology that offers myriad opportunities that shift away from traditional uses and increase transparency and efficiency.

Africa Business Insider pointed out ten pathways for investors to benefit from investing in the African real estate market in Long-term residential rentals are argued to be one of the fastest ways for an investor to garner profits as the rising population in Africa calls for substantial development of decent shelter. Real estate investment trusts REITs allow investors to acquire profits without holding physical property.

Contract flipping, the transfer of the right to purchase a property to another buyer, is the third honey pot for investors to dip their hands, especially new actors in real estate. Therefore, those who can, really need to assist with this crisis. Africa as a whole has shown great signs of economic growth in recent years and real estate is no exception.

Even though there are 54 countries in Africa, there are some cities that have shown exceptional growth, so here are my top five cities to invest in: 1. The population rate in Lagos is growing faster than any other country in Africa, so there is a constant demand for high-quality low to medium-priced residential and commercial units. Accra, Ghana Photo credit: Instagram steve. So there is a massive shortage of affordable residential units in Accra, not to mention commercial units.

Foreign property ownership is permitted and highly desired with more and more expatriates flooding into the city seeking employment and places to rent, so now is the time to invest. Rwanda as a whole has a high demand for residential and commercial units for the growing business community. However, the total housing needs in Kigali alone is predicted to reach , housing units by The recent increase in local and foreign investment is a sign that there will be a growing demand for residential and commercial units.

Growth in low to medium-priced housing has been propelled by the growing population, growing middle class, government investment in infrastructure and a growing number of the diaspora investing in property, so now is the time to join in. Nairobi, Kenya Photo credit: buzzkenya. Nairobi is in the top three fastest-growing economies in the world located on the eastern coast of Africa which lends itself as a transportation hub and gateway to the continent.

Nairobi is also home to many African headquarters like Google, IBM and Coca-Cola, many rental units are needed to support a growing population.

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