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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

Double chance betting rules on baseball racing betting explained

Double chance betting rules on baseball

This bet offers the chance for a player to bet two possible outcomes in one wager if they feel they need some insurance. So, imagine Barcelona are playing Valencia and the obvious thing to do is back the home team. They may have a player missing or Valencia may be in great form so we know there is a chance they can snatch a draw. The reason the odds are so short is because of the insurance it gives us.

Here all we need is for Barcelona to either win the game by any score or even draw the game and either way we are getting paid. The only thing that stops us winning is if Valencia go and win the match. There are still three combinations to choose from: home win and draw, away win and draw or home win and away win.

The latter is risky as we are being a little wild in not knowing which way the game will go. The better odds will always be on the underdog, whether they are home or away, combined with the draw. Action lines are following the general rules with the exceptions regarding MLB, as above. In Baseball and in case of a 7-inning game, bets on all markets will stand, unless already decided, if : 1.

Exception is the Moneyline Match Winner that is considered as decided if: 1. In all other cases, bets on Money Line are settled as void. In such a case the customer needs to login as soon as the system is available and visit his betting history page to confirm if the bet has been accepted or not. For resulting purposes VAR reviews are to be considered as having happened at the time of the original incident for which the VAR would be eventually used even if play has not been immediately interrupted.

The Total Odds calculations are done using a sixth decimal digit rounding, whereas the Total Winning amount is always truncated to the second decimal digit. Any difference noticed, is just a product of the rounding rules explained herein.

Betting First Goalscorer will be VOID if a player never plays or comes in the pitch after the first goal of the game has been scored, except in the case of an own goal, which is ignored. Player to score apply for any player, whatever the time he entered the game. Bets on Anytime Goalscorer, apply to any player involved in the game, regardless of the time they enter the game. In case a match is abandoned but there has been at least one Scorer, bets on the first Goalscorer apply and bets on the last goalscorer are void.

Anytime Goalscorer market for this player is settled as winner and bets on other players are void. If the listed player is not in the starting lineup of the match, the bets are settled as void. Basketball All basketball player special markets are settled according to the relevant official source. All offered players are considered as Runners. If an unlisted player scores a goal all bets on listed players stand. For settlement purposes, only goals and assists scored during regular time are considered.

Please note that if the score after regular time is , all bets will be settled as lost. All bets on players that were listed but left the game before the match ended such as injuries or expulsions will stand. If an unlisted player scores a point all bets on listed players stand. Baseball All baseball player special markets are settled according to the relevant official source.

American Football All american football player special markets are settled according to the relevant official source. This means that the odds will be divided by the number of participants tied in that position. For example: Draw in Horse Racing, or draw in the market to top scorer in a championship.

Player 1 paid 3. Player 1 will be paid with odds of 3. Player 2 will be paid with odds of 1. For this option, the results given in both the first leg and the second leg will be taken, including extra time and kicks from the penalty spot, if given. Victory method In this market we must predict how the team that qualifies to the next round will do it. For example, if my selection is: Home Overtime Juventus Turin Overtime : I am indicating that the definition of that market will be given during overtime.

Visitor Penalties Ajax penalties : I am predicting that the market will be defined on the penalty shootout.

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Let's examine these perks in more detail. Better Chances of Winning This one is pretty easy to understand. When you bet on the traditional match winner market 1x2 , you cover only one possibility of the three given. However, when you place double chance bets, you cover two outcomes. Needless to say, that increases your chances of winning significantly.

Minimising Risk The fact you reduce the ways to lose your bet from two to one is also important when betting double chance. For instance, if you back the home team to win, you can lose your bet when either an away win or draw occur. Ideal for New Bettors Placing low-risk bets is what new players and sports betting customers should aim for at the start of their wagering adventure. So, double chance bets areal for them, as they help them minimise the risk of losing and get some much-needed confidence.

Both Outcomes Win Unlike draw no bet markets, where the draw outcome only returns your stake, double chance pays when either one of the two outcomes occurs. And that's a clear advantage that double chance betting markets have over draw no bet options. For instance, if you back Manchester United to win in the draw no bet market, a draw will only return your stake, as the bet is cancelled.

Great for Backing Underdogs If you are scared to risk your hard-earned money on underdogs, try double chance betting. With it, you can win even when the underdog you backed fails to spring the surprise you expected. That way, even if the Clarets only draw, you will still have a winning bet and would have made some profit.

Lower Odds - The Only Disadvantage of DC Bets The only drawback of double chance betting is that you get lower odds than if you wagered on the match winner market. However, that's completely expected as the odds you get are a reflection of your chances of winning.

The lower the double chance betting odds, the greater the probability that you will win your bet. In essence, the fact you get lower odds implies a higher probability of cashing out later. Pretty cool, right? Double Chance Betting Strategy and Tips If you are looking to increase your chances of winning, please continue reading.

The double chance strategies and tips we list here will be invaluable for you. One of the perks of double chance bets is that even betting beginners can have lots of success with them. If you do your betting homework and use some of the tips we list below, you can be even more successful. Tip 1: Include more double chance selections in your bet slip As we already mentioned, double chance bets often result in winnings, but the amount of money you win is usually quite modest due to the low odds.

However, there's a way around that. You can increase your double chance betting odds easily by including more selections in your bet slip. Double chance and accumulator bets go together like bread and butter. They help you get the high winnings you need while keeping risk levels low.

Tip 2: Check stats before betting double chance Some teams win or draw their matches and rarely lose. These sides areal for double chance bets. However, you first need to find them. If you are a sports betting enthusiast, you probably know them already, so this shouldn't be a problem.

If you are new to football betting, you will need to go through a lot of stats and data before you get there. Basically, what you will be looking for are mid-table teams that win or draw their matches. These teams will rarely lose, and because they are not near the top of the table, you will also be able to get decent double chance betting odds for them. Tip 3: Back double chance bets with higher bet stakes Backing in-form football teams and minimising risk with your double chance bets is all good and well.

However, if you want to get decent winnings and are not into accumulator bets, you will need to place higher stakes. Therefore, make sure you have planned your betting budget and know how much you can afford to stake. Higher bet stakes are also associated with a greater risk of losing, so bear in mind to gamble responsibly too. Tip 4: Go for free bets and bonus offers Online bookmakers are quite generous. As soon as you open a betting account, they give you bonus money and free bets and continue doing that as you become their regular customer.

These free bets and bonus money are great if you want to improve your chances of winning your double chance bets even further. For example, you can use your funds to bet on the two double chance outcomes you had in mind and cover the third one with your free bet. That way, you protect all three results of the game you are betting on, and there's no chance you could lose. Frequently Asked Questions What is a double chance bet?

However, even in these situations, double chance bets would still be offered. Unless otherwise noted, all bets on soccer matches apply to 90 minutes of play according to the match officials, plus any added injury or stoppage time. NHL games will always result in one team winning now that the league has implemented its shootout rules.

However, just like soccer uses their lines relative to the 90 minutes of play, hockey lines are based on the score at the end of the third period. He or she will show you the available options on their screen. Tell the cashier the option you would like to wager on.

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Application of Double Chance Betting Strategy The biggest advantage that comes with double chance betting is that it allows you to decrease your risk or rather cover your bases when you are not sure about one outcome. For example, if you are torn between the possibility of an away win or a draw, the double chance offers you a chance with to cover your base for both outcomes with the x2 option. Many bettors love to use the double chance option when betting on strong underdogs and iffy games with competitors that are nearly identical in strength.

You can read our back and lay betting strategy section to get a deeper understanding of what we mean here. As a downside, though, combining two of the three possible outcomes usually means that the odds offered to you in the double chance betting options will be naturally lower than in a single straight bet for a home win, draw, and away win. The rationale here is that you have increased your chances of winning in a doubled way, so the odds offered to you by the bookmaker must equally represent that increased edge you get over your bookie.

But even with the decreased odds, you still stand a great chance of capitalizing on this strategy and reaping bountifully from it. For example, you can use the double chance betting strategy as a means of decreasing risks when you want to bet on a large amount of money.

However, if bettors did not think Real Madriz would win then this would be the safest way to bet that theory. One thing to be aware of with soccer betting is in tournament play or World Cup events, matches would always be decided with a winner with extra time periods or penalty kicks. However, even in these situations, double chance bets would still be offered.

Unless otherwise noted, all bets on soccer matches apply to 90 minutes of play according to the match officials, plus any added injury or stoppage time. NHL games will always result in one team winning now that the league has implemented its shootout rules. However, just like soccer uses their lines relative to the 90 minutes of play, hockey lines are based on the score at the end of the third period.