london crypto conference
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London crypto conference

This event will bring together an international group of academics conducting research in finance and related disciplines, as well as practitioners and policy makers to generate debates on current issues of cryptocurrencies and digital finance. The conference provides a forum for presenting new ideas, and discussing the future direction of cryptocurrency research. This event is the 5th edition of the Cryptocurrency Research Conference, and last year the CRC September , virtual attracted registered participants and 48 presenters from around the globe.

Authors are invited to submit their papers or extended abstracts in English and in PDF format no later than 31 July by email to CryptocurrencyRC gmail. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and no submission fee is required. She was the daughter of a Vietnamese soldier who spent his life fighting for the freedom and fairness that he believed in.

Unfortunately, he died at the very young age of 37, leaving her mother to bring up five young children alone. Despite the pressures of culture and poverty to leave school, she became one of the first girls in her village ever to go to university. Life seemed perfect for the first few years of her marriage but unfortunately, she soon found herself in a dark place after her children were born when her relationship broke down, feeling broken-hearted, desperately unhappy, and constrained by total financial dependence.

Even when there seemed to be no way out, she still believed that everyone deserves to find happiness and live life to their maximum potential. The emotional and physical turmoil she had gone through made her more determined than ever that she needed to change things around and be in charge of her life, her destiny. Her concrete belief that everything is possible carried her through. She figured out as a woman what she needed to master to achieve her dream, ambition, and happiness.

This helped her to be successful in her career when she was working in the financial services, and also enabled her to set up her own business in health and beauty, and start a diverse investment portfolio including property, stocks and shares and crypto-currency. Through her own experience and challenges, Hang understands the emotional feelings and concerns many people face daily.

She can connect with people at all levels, with compassion and commitment, to help them live a happier and more fulfilled life. For your prosperity, freedom and happiness. Known as one of the best Motivational Speakers in the World.

Sunil Patel is a Property Investor in the U.

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Zebu Live is an immersive 2-day experience that showcases the people of the Web 3 revolution. It will bring everyone together to work together towards the goal of mainstream adoption. Come . Save Bitcoin Crypto Expo LONDON to your collection. Bitcoin & Crypto Expo , London. Bitcoin & Crypto Expo , London. Sat, Oct 29, Kensington conference and . DAS is the institutionally focused crypto conference for asset managers and financial services professionals. Returning in as a two day, in person event, industry leaders from the world .