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Rapper cryptocurrency kupit bitcoin

Rapper cryptocurrency

Play Now! But imagine when you can pay for Starbucks with cryptocurrency, when you could checkout on Amazon with your cryptocurrency. What will that do to the value and the confidence of people investing? When retail accepts it as a form of payment, you gonna see the real boom. He told XXL: Right, and just for the record, the resistance is purely political.

Because this currency is not linked to central banks. That means a lot for the power structure that exists now. He says: Bitcoin is still really new. I do agree with the critics saying be careful. And the transaction is transparent. So is former viral YouTube rap artist C. Once public, he indicates the tokens can be resold for 10x of the initial purchase price. The future of the coin however, requires individual research. If not familiar, C. KHID has a long-standing history with internet projects.

He also created the trendsetting and iconic sneaker project, Kicks and Chicks, which has been copied by every model-based brand in America. While he keeps his rapper image very well marketed, the true facts of his past would make it clear everything is calculated with him. And his bank account stays calculating the new digits from incoming revenue streams DDG gets from music, videos, and cryptocurrency.

He also invested smaller amounts into other tokens like Litecoin. At the time of the interview, host DJ Vlad laughed about the investment falling during a bubble bust, but the eggs on his face now. The billionaire mogul keeps his hands on the pulse of nearly everything.

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Platts suggests exploring crypto educational resources before investing heavily, such as the Andreessen Horowitz, a16z crypto startup school available for free on YouTube. Once more people become educated and invest properly, the crypto industry will only grow, and maybe the hip-hop world could band together and raise demand for a coin as a community.

Both artists are stepping out in front of the pack and trying to hop onto the trend, not just as investors, but full-fledged crypto players in their own right. Crypto, like stocks, is heavily based on demand, which means rappers are ideal spokespeople to bring attention to a coin and pump the value up, which could mean boons for them and lucky investors.

Snoop Dogg, for example, was recently a catalyst for the record-rise of dogecoin by sharing a meme. Jay-Z and Megan Thee Stallion have both donated bitcoin to everyday people, giving others a chance to invest without any financial risk.

Our non-comprehensive list—in chronological order from earliest to latest instance—reflects that artists are investing and advocating for crypto, and some are even starting their own coins. But it had crashed to near zero by Wednesday morning. But it then quickly plunged in value, which he claimed was potential evidence of a "rug pull" — when those behind a scheme suddenly pull out funds and let it collapse.

Gunna's fans slammed him online after the collapse. Many echoed his own catchphrase, saying: "That ain't P. Gunna deleted his earlier tweets about the crypto, and has not commented on the collapse or the fan backlash.

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