glycol ethers europe
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Glycol ethers europe

Glycol ethers belong to a very common group of chemical substances known as volatile organic compounds VOCs. This group of substances includes more than 80 derivatives used in a wide range of everyday products and solvents due to their specific amphipathic physico-chemical properties i. Examples of VOCs include benzene, styrene, and toluene. Some of them are found in products such as water-based paints, wooden floor varnishes, cleaning products, hair dyes, cosmetic products, etc.

About 30 of these substances are currently used in industrial applications. Occasional and long-term exposure to certain VOCs may pose a risk to human health. Glycol ethers can be divided into two chemical subtypes: the ethylene series e.

Within this framework, the Agency was tasked with: evaluating public exposure to glycol ethers by measuring: the most common glycol ethers in indoor air; glycol ether emissions during application of paint in realistic conditions; documenting release of glycol ether vapours from building materials and furnishings; determining the current status of scientific knowledge on glycol ethers: analysis of the actions taken following the recommendations of the collective expert appraisal carried out by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research Inserm in , study of new toxicological findings published since this appraisal, and drafting of an overview concerning exposure of the population to glycol ethers by all routes.

The Agency was also called on in and to respond to other requests concerning glycol ethers, particularly those made by the Directorate General for Labour, in order to: broaden ongoing research activities to include the occupational population; review current substitutes for glycol ethers; issue an opinion on the health relevance of the 0.

This impurity is classified as a category 2 reprotoxic substance and its concentration must therefore not exceed 0. On the basis of the data collected, the Agency requested that its Expert Committees examine possible new recommendations in view of the summary on exposure of the general and occupational populations to glycol ethers. A summary of the data was compiled based on the literature and the results of studies carried out since The results were published in December For one of the studies, the Agency requested that CSTB characterise glycol ether emissions during application of paint in a residential room.

Because of the oversupply situation, the prices of commodity glycol ethers such as EB and PM have been decreasing significantly. As many countries have restarted their industrial activity following the lockdowns imposed during the first half of , demand for glycol ethers is expected to start recovery in and to reach the level some time before The glycol ether market is a relatively concentrated one, with five major companies, operating mainly in the United States, Western Europe, and mainland China, accounting for more than half of global production capacity in The following pie chart shows world consumption of E-series glycol ethers: The start-up of the new E-series glycol ether capacity in Saudi Arabia operated by Sadara, coupled with the slowdown in demand that started in , has led to an oversupplied market.

However, as only minor new capacity additions have been announced so far, the market is expected to recover in the next few years and reach a better balance by Future growth will be driven mainly by architectural and industrial coatings, as well as in brake fluids applications. The following pie chart shows world consumption of P-series glycol ethers: Western Europe is the major producer and exporter of P-series glycol ethers in the world, but mainland China is now the largest consumer, having surpassed Western Europe in Future growth in mainland China will be driven mainly by architectural and industrial coatings, as well as in brake fluids applications.

In the rest of Asia, the market for P-series glycol ethers is not very developed.

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The Eastman has increased the price of Glycol Ether in the region, further pressure on the product. Regional capacity for Glycol Ether cannot meet the demand and depend on the import of the product. The cost pressure from the upstream Ethylene Oxide remained high, which strengthened the domestic manufacturers raise the Glycol Ether price in the region.

Asia Pacific In the second quarter of , the market sentiment for Glycol Ether witnessed an upward price trajectory throughout the quarter. The surge in crude oil and natural gas prices internationally affected the local market of the region. In the war between Russia and Ukraine, western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia, putting further pressure on the product and disrupting the supply of raw materials.

Europe The market sentiment for Glycol Ether in the European region persistently increased throughout the second quarter. The uncertainty in crude oil and supply disruptions in the European region strongly affected the downstream commodities. The cost pressure from ethylene oxide also contributed to the surge in prices of Glycol Ether. The Russian authorities' firm stance on trading the Ruble Russian currency has put pressure on supply disruptions to stabilize demand in the local market.

Demand from downstream industries further increased the price of Glycol Ether. Such market developments were majorly caused by the international crude oil market fluctuations that kept the gyration on the commodity cycle active and discussions for Glycol Ether sturdy in the US domestic market. The cost support from the feedstocks remained high that strengthened the will of the domestic producers to raise the offered quotations for Glycol Ether in the US domestic market despite the muted demand throughout the quarter.

Improved inquiries were observed, as the temperature started to rise and the building and construction activities were ramped up by the quarter ending March Asia Pacific In the first quarter of , market sentiments in the Asia Pacific region observed mixed opinions for the Glycol Ether.

The major setback enforced due to the quiet market movement in China, followed by the resurgence of COVID, suppressed the market sentiments as the domestic PMI index dropped to an all-time low in March. Whereas, in India, the demand paced up by the quarter end as the building and construction activities improved and the inquires from the paints and coating industries increased. Although in mid-quarter, the Indian market was tightly gripped by the wait-and-see sentiments as the rising energy values concerned the domestic players over the uncertainties hovering over the market.

Europe During the first quarter of , the European market remained impacted by the commodity gyrations in the international market. The geopolitical conflict in the eastern European region added upstream value pressure to the producer's quotations of Glycol Ether in Europe. Whereas during the first half of the quarter, the region witnessed a severe shortage of natural gas, which weighed over the operational rates at the production facilities and impacted the overall PMI of Europe.

For the Quarter Ending December North America In the fourth quarter of , the Glycol Ether market in the North American region remained consolidated due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ida which disrupts the freight movement after making itself a category 4 hurricane.

Its impact prevailed into the fourth quarter kept the production level depressed throughout the first half of the fourth quarter with a dropped of 0. Whereas the demand outlook witnessed mixed sentiments as the inquiries from the aviation industries soared for antifreeze-related applications and the discovery of the omicron variant of COVID 19 presented new uncertainties in the domestic market. Asia Pacific Overall the market sentiments for the Glyco Ether in the Asia Pacific region varies in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, although the market remained consolidated throughout the fourth quarter of Whereas, the power rationing in China soared the offers to an all-time high due to the curtailed operational loads and tightened availability of freight vessels in the Asia Pacific market.

As a ripple effect, the offers for Glycol Ether remained buoyed throughout the quarter and the Ex-Mumbai discussion for Polypropylene Glycol Ether was assessed at INR per tonne, during the quarter ending. Europe In the fourth quarter of , the European Glycol Ether market remained consolidated throughout the quarter amidst the ongoing energy crisis in Europe which proportionally weighed on the production cost due to the hike in the charges of electricity.

In addition, the demand for upstream from the aviation sector and resurgence of COVID diverted the feedstocks supplies towards antifreeze and sterilization purposes. Therefore, due to the tightened availability against the adequate demand the producer's quotations for Glycol Ether remained buoyed in the European market. For the Quarter Ending September North America In North America, Glycol Ether market experienced an upward trend owing to the constrained supply in the North American region amidst firm offtakes from the downstream buyers during Q3 of Besides, spike in the values of upstream Ethylene Oxide also supported the pricing trend in the region.

In the Gulf Coast of US, many manufacturers were compelled to shut their production plants and petrochemical refineries as a repercussion of the Ida Hurricane which eventually resulted in the scarcity of the feedstock. Besides, Dow and BASF, renowned manufacturers of Ethylene Oxide, imposed a temporary turnaround at their EO production plants in August end which affected the overall availability of its downstream in the region.

Hence, a constant increment in the prices of Glycol Ether was observed during this timeframe. In Asia, Glycol Ether attained tremendous gains throughout the quarter backed by several factors such as limited supply of the product following the Ida Hurricane in USA and congestion on several ports in China. In India, Glycol Ether prices soared during this quarter backed by the delayed imports and spike in the Ethylene Oxide values.

In addition, exorbitant freight charges and shortage of shipping containers further sent ripples to the prices of Glycol Ether in this timeframe. However, the demand from the downstream sectors including personal care, cosmetics and others remained firm in this quarter.

Europe In Europe, Glycol Ether market sentiments remained volatile during the third quarter backed by the tight supplies and lower production rates due to the natural gas crisis in this quarter. Moreover, tremendous hike in the freight charges and shortages of shipping container also contributed to surge the prices of Glycol Ether in this timeframe. Unprecedented hike in the feedstock values further pushed the prices of Glycol Ether. However, an improvement in the offtakes from the downstream manufacturers was observed in this quarter after the revival in the industrial and commercial activities.

For the Quarter Ending June North America Supply in the North American region improved in comparison to the previous quarter as refineries increased the production margins to improve the overall availability of materials. Overall, the market outlook recovered from the impact of the winter storm. Demand was exceptional throughout the quarter as orders from domestic and overseas market were piled up since the previous quarter. Offtakes were also consistent from various downstream manufacturing facilities, especially from the paints and coating industries as the region observed a seasonal hike in construction activities.

Asia Pacific Supply of Glycol Ether in the Asia Pacific region remained tight during the second quarter of , owing to scheduled turnarounds in several plants in Northeast Asian region. However, the condition improved proportionally in the later half, as export volumes to the western region were curtailed by significant margin as the production in US Gulf Cost considerably recovered. Assessment of the global industry trends, historical data from , projections for the coming years, and anticipation of compound annual growth rates CAGRs by the end of the forecast period.

Wide-ranging company profiles of leading participants in the industry. The composition of the market, in terms of dynamic molecule types and targets, underlining the major industry resources and players. The growth in patient epidemiology and market revenue for the market globally and across the key players and market segments.

Study the market in terms of generic and premium product revenue. Determine commercial opportunities in the market sales scenario by analyzing trends in authorizing and co-development deals.

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The Global Glycol Ethers Market report provides information about the Global industry, including valuable facts and figures. This research study explores the Global Market in detail such as . Products are supplied to customers in over 80 countries through a network of sales offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The products of our . AdHigh Quality Glycol Ether with Competitive Price. Safe Trading Glycol Ether on Leading B2B PlatformLeading B2B Portal · SGS Audited Suppliers · China’s B2B Impact Award.