bitcoin and hedge funds
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Bitcoin and hedge funds

Twenty-three percent of hedge fund managers plan to dramatically increase their allocations to digital assets, while 60 percent plan to increase slightly. Half of the managers are based in North America, 30 percent are in Europe, and the remaining 20 percent are in the Asia Pacific region. Thirty-four percent of the participants are multistrategy funds and 26 percent focus on equity strategies.

The survey was conducted in the second quarter of , the worst quarter for Bitcoin in over a decade. The most popular cryptocurrency plummeted 58 percent from April to June, the worst quarterly result since it lost 68 percent in the third quarter of Ethereum was also down more than 69 percent in the second quarter. This is par for the course for crypto investors, though.

At first glance, this demonstrates that investing in a cryptocurrency hedge fund could result in similar returns to a single token — with higher fees. But a deeper dive shows that there is a significant dispersion between the best and worst-performing funds, as well as other benefits to investors. MPI used a dataset of 51 hedge funds — those with track records going back at least three years and included in either the Eurekahedge or HFR universe.

The number is smaller than the total number of cryptocurrency hedge funds because MPI excluded newcomers and single-coin index funds. Within the middle 50 percent of the distribution, the lowest annual dispersion between the best and worst-performing funds was 39 percent in The highest?

Nearly percent. The analysis noted that the dispersion between these funds is even higher than that of private equity firms.

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Are Crypto Hedge Funds On The Verge Of A Comeback?

Bitcoin Hedge Funds (Cryptocurrency / AltCurrency Funds) • Hedge Fund or Private Equity Strategy. For the Bitcoin funds we have worked with, the strategies tend to be more hedge • . Mar 26,  · Hedge Funds are buying Bitcoin to get Crypto exposure as a new asset class, in a rapidly changing economy. Anyone who understands finance on a high level or . Jun 16,  · Prominent hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones bought into Bitcoin, while Brevan Howard was seen moving small portions of his funds into crypto too. Jones had .