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Johnpaul77 forex broker

I knew their history was false but I couldn't figure out how they did it. So I looked into every corner and uncovered the following facts. They own the brokerage Futures Galleria - you will see they were stupid enough to put the same address on both Traders Family and Futures Galleria. They will probably change this now that I have trumpeted about it. I have saved screen shots of that though, as well as all their mugshots. They were also stupid enough to do a great newsarticle about themselves on MQL5 to try drumming up some more business as their trading headed south.

In that newsarticle they showed 4 of the traders??? One of them is on the Futures Galleria front page photo gallery and the caption says "3 of the team of 8" Bold as brass and twice as dumb but they have succeeded in pulling off this stunt. They managed to get quite a lot of the subscribers to this signal to change brokers into their little bucketshop. So all of those people would have donated half their account to these scammers. I am not sure whether they meant to sacrifice the signal in order to fleece the customers in the brokerage or whether it was an accident caused by not having a decent trader on the team.

They made good money either way. I am worried that they might try to revive this signal so am keeping a close eye on them. They are currently looking for a new trader on their team - its on their TF homepage under career. Just now they have thrown their brokerage under the bus but it is probably only a matter of time before they re-emerge with some of the losses magically erased or written over and with a new broker who has bought out their old one and renamed it and then it will all be on again.

Next time they won't make it so easy for me to spot them because they will have learnt from their mistakes First allow me to say I brought JP on to Simpletrader. Unfortunately as like many of the signal providers on this Site and the others Mereka sebagai penyedia signal menerima imbalan berupa biaya bulanan dari para pengguna signal.

Mereka lalu memanfaatkan teknologi social trade dengan menyambungkan portfolio trading mereka ke sebuah situs social trade MyFxbook menggunakan nickname Johnpaul Dan ternyata portfolio trading Johnpaul77 kerap berada di ranking pertama penyedia live signal. Jumlah pengguna signal terus bertambah, akhirnya Traders Family memutuskan untuk menyambungkan portfolio trading ke website sejenis, seperti MQL5, ForexSignal dan FxJunction.

Portfolio trading selama 3 tahun diterima dengan baik oleh seluruh dunia, dalam sekejap Johnpaul77 menjadi terkenal dan banyak trader dari berbagai belahan dunia datang untuk menemui mereka untuk sekedar bersilahturahmi atau berbagi strategi trading. Ruang diskusi di website mereka selalu dipenuhi oleh para trader dari mancanegara. Portfolio Trading Forex Jhonpaul Kami tetap kukuh dengan pendirian kami untuk tidak mempercayai broker, baik itu asing maupun lokal.

Selanjutnya, visi dan misi kami untuk menyadarkan para nasabah akan busuknya para broker tidak mereka lupakan, malah sebaliknya kini mereka bersedia untuk membagi ilmu trading, pengalaman, dan pengetahuan kepada siapa saja yang berminat untuk menjadi bagian dari Traders Family International.

Dengan semakin besarnya komunitas trader Indonesia, misi Traders Family selanjutnya adalah melegalkan fund- manager di Indonesia yang diharapkan dapat mulai berjalan di tahun nanti. Anda bisa terhubung dengan Traders Family dan selalu update halaman website resmi untuk mengecek kabar terbaru dari Traders Family International dengan cara melakukan registrasi terlebih dahulu.

Sunter Griya Utama Jakarta Utara.

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Seeing so many and so serious mistakes, how could anyone trust them again? Just as an analogy: How could an airline let a pilot fly another commercial flight after he had made the same many 'pilot' mistakes as trading mistakes JP did? Yes, right! Because people tend to repeat the same mistakes again and again. Which is why HALF of the people released from prison end up in prison again.

What about the other half? Probably most of them just get 'smarter' not to be caught again. They are also small enough to get away with not lodging tax returns or are not being used. Now lets compare this company with what Johnpaul77 would like us to believe.

You can see the copyright at the bottom. This is a very amateurish web presence for a company that has supposedly been in business since and has Billions under management. A company of that size would have certainly lodged tax, even have their own team of accountants, and most certain of all, they could afford to have a proper web page.

Below is the nonsense found on the property page - how many people would find this believable? Maxrich Group manages an office portfolio of 1. We builds and maintains strong relationships with its tenants to understand their needs and delivers service excellence. This is not credible considering the simplicity of their web page and the fact that you will find no mention of this "largest institutional owner of office buildings in Hongkong and China" anywhere else on the net.

Yes, that is right. You will not find any ads for vacant properties or anything else along that line. The only evidence we have that they exist is on the Futures Galleria Blog webpage. We are now supposed to believe that they exist because Futures Galleria Blog says they exist and they can give you a link to prove it.

They can even show you the registration document of another company with a similar name. Would you believe this flimsy attempt at deception? No prudent person would. Orion77, You asked me to look at the Trader's Family webpage as though that were somehow evidence of Johnpaul's competency at trading.

Have you been around long enough to know that only 6 months ago the page was completely different?

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Jul 11,  · IronFX has been known as the best insurance that they are not going to seem to provide best forex no deposit for the people to concentrate on article source a strategy, connect forex johnpaul77, focus on the and and Forex Bonus Free Deal for the trading countries is available at XM Forex free to trade in the best possible way. AdHave More Questions? Connect With A Schwab Specialist And Start Investing Today. A Full-Service Experience Without The Full-Service Price. Open An Account In 10 Minutes. The JohnPaul77 strategy is one of the most followed paid signals in Myfxbook. Being reasonable successful and safe for three years now we decided to take a closer look at it. JohnPaul77 is a real manual strategy using leverage of Its broker is Futures Galleria, a fairly unknown Indonesian forex broker registered with the Registrar of.