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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

Uk horse racing betting rules basketball baylor point spread

Uk horse racing betting rules basketball

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If you want to bet on the entry just indicate number one. It would be unfair for an owner to have two horses in the same race and be able to bet on one and not the other. Even worse would be an owner entering one horse to aid another, but jeopardize its own chances. That is why we have entries; if an owner wants multiple horses in the same race that is okay, but they are a coupled betting entry: bet on one and you get both.

Bet by Race Number Even if you are planning on betting the Kentucky Derby, if you are phoning in a bet, talking to a teller in person, or wagering online, each race is identified by number. There are multiple tracks and races running on the same day, so pay attention! On weekends there can be a couple of dozen tracks running on the same day, and half of them at the same time.

Knowing that you want 3 in race 6 is not good enough, you need to indicate which track you are wagering on. If the Kentucky Derby is race 11, make sure you are betting the right horse in the right race at Churchill Downs. Make sure to do your due diligence. For health reasons, the track veterinarian can decide to scratch a horse as well.

If you bet on a horse that scratches in a multi-race bet a parlay style bet you either receive a refund, consolation payout, or in some instances your wager will shift to the race favorite when the gates open. Dead Heats Ties may not happen in the NBA or baseball, but sometimes two or more horses hit the wire at exactly the same time. In the event of a tie, known as a dead heat in horse racing, bets on tied horses are all declared winners. However, since there are more winning tickets than if just one horse wins, the payout goes down based on the odds.

The final odds still matter in dead heats. Dead Heat rules apply with regard to finishing positions. SP place only bets are not accepted with the exception of certain speciality bets. Where place only bets, or bets where the place part is in excess of the win, have been accepted in error, the difference will be void.

For the purpose of settling each way doubles, trebles etc. Settlement of Bets. In the event of no SP being returned from horse race winners, then the last industry price given will be used for settlement purposes. In the event that no industry price was used then the Tote eturn will be used for settling purposes and vice-versa. If neither price is declared bets will be void. Tote is a dividend paid out from the betting pool.

The betting pool is generated from individuals placing money on a Tote bet. Cash out is not available on racing. Favourites and Numbered Selections. The favourite is the horse quoted at the shortest odds in the official starting price, the second favourite is the horse quoted at the next shortest price.

If two horses are quoted at the shortest SP, then they will be joint first and second favourites. Bets on 1st or 2nd favourite are accepted win only at starting price. Each way bets on unnamed 1st or 2nd favourites are not accepted and if taken in error, the place part will be settled as a win stake. Early Prices or Board Prices cannot be taken on unnamed favourites. If a customer has backed an unnamed favourite and two or more co favourites are returned, the stake will be divided equally among them and paid at full odds.

If a favourite is withdrawn, not under starters orders and no new market is formed, that favourite will be treated as a non runner. When a horse is withdrawn, before coming under starters orders, or is deemed by the starter to have taken no part in the race, stakes will be refunded on that selection. However, should a new market be formed before the 'off' of a race, then only bets with a price taken prior to the time of withdrawal will be affected.

Early Prices. The same applies for Early Prices with the exception that the value of the Tattersalls Rule 4 will be decided by the price of the withdrawn selection at the time that the bet was placed. Restarted Races.

In the event of a false start etc. The number of runners taking part in the re-run governs place terms. Information and rules for racing in other countries. Bets are accepted for all races abroad where we advertise acceptance. In races where an industry SP is made available, all bets will be settled at these prices, unless requested otherwise.

Win and Each-way for foreign pools: Horses in the same ownership are generally coupled on the win pool only. In certain countries, e. USA and Belgium, horses are coupled for all pools. The place part of each way bets will be settled in accordance to the returned place dividends. Bets will be settled in accordance to the rules in place at each track.

Place only bets are not accepted and, if taken in error will be void. In countries where bookmakers operate and an official SP is returned, bets are accepted in accordance with our Horse Racing Rules and we will advertise any additional rules, applicable to the country concerned. Unnamed favourites are not accepted in races abroad, unless an official SP is returned.