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Ching ling crypto currency

This account could be the account of charities that need this help. The target distribution network is then determined based on the voting results of all members. One of the challenges in this network is the targeted and fair distribution of these funds between accounts.

In this paper, the first step is a complete infrastructure of a Stellar financial network that will consist of three network-based segments of the core network, an off-chain server, and a wallet interface. In the second step, a context-aware recommendation system is implemented to solve the targeted management of payroll account selection.

Bouri et al. The authors noted that if Bitcoin, for example, suffers a serious failure, other cryptocurrencies may be affected. In addition, evidence suggests a time-varying mean return equicorrelation. It also points out that the integration of markets has its causes in the volume of business and measures of uncertainty.

Schinckus et al. The authors suggested that cryptocurrencies presented short-term interdependence between them. The power of influence of each cryptocurrency varied year after year. Their results revealed a significant and increasing positive influence between energy consumption and cryptocurrency activities.

They also verified that the increase in energy consumption is linked to the increase in cryptocurrency activities. Naeem et al. The approach revealed that in downtrends, there is weaker multifractality than in uptrends. The two largest cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum were the most affected. They presented a rapid recovery from the slide into inefficiency during the pandemic period.

The authors pointed out besides Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum contribute to the stability of the connection network in the cryptocurrency market. This fact indicates the importance of other cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoin, must also be investigated during monitoring. Regarding forecasting, Markov chain models have been used for various types of phenomena, such as wind speed predictability Song et al.

Leaning on forecasting financial markets using Markov chains, Svoboda and Lukas used four Markov chain models to forecast trends in Prague stock indexes and analyze investment strategies. The authors used discrete state spaces to define the models and generate the transition probability matrices used in the forecast. Soloviev et al. The results presented in the study are very favorable and reveal the efficiency of the model. There are several works on cryptocurrency forecasting in the literature Sun et al.

However, our study is the first study that uses Markov chains from the first to the tenth order to extract rules to be used to forecast cryptocurrency returns.

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Bitcoin is likely unable to fulfill its goal as a currency for transactions. How do we address this problem? Bitcoin is deflationary. Yi I Ching, an ancient Chinese philosophy, can provide some guidance. We can think of Bitcoin as Yang or Qian. It is deflationary. Something opposite of Bitcoin is Yin or Kun. It is inflationary. Yi I means Change. Ching means Book or Text. Its origin is unknown, mostly based on folklore.

The concepts likely predated written history. People probably started writing the concepts into a Yi Ching book around years ago. The book evolves through the 10th and 4th centuries BC into its current form. Chinese philosophy traditions, like Confucianism and Taoism, have their roots in Yi Ching.

A lot of literature and interpretation around Yi Ching is about divination. Such use leads to superstitious beliefs. This impression prevents people from studying the concepts. I recently learned that the binary number system 0 and 1 has roots in Yi Ching. The system is a basis for computing and information technology. Leibniz was inspired by Yi Ching to create the binary number system.

Yi Ching points to The Way. It is a reflection of how the universe operates. When we attempt to disturb this balance, the system can malfunction in unexpected ways. When we over-rationalize a concept, we may distort reality. Hyperbitcoinzation is an example. We would put ourselves through more suffering.

Yi Ching can help us discover The Way. Important Note: Yi Ching contains interpretations. They are subjective. Yi Ching is a tool to help us understand the flow between Yin and Yang. It does not predict future events. Such claims are superstitious. Yi Ching Basics Yi Ching, at the core, is a symbolic system. Based on the symbols and interactions of these symbols, people derive interpretations. In this section, I provide a brief overview of the concepts. The interpretations are extensive.

You can read more about Yi Ching through books and online. Yang is a dash and Yin has a space between a dash. We can apply these two concepts to interpret things. You can think of Yang and Yin as light and dark, black and white, positive and negative, hot and cold, man and woman.

For a phenomenon, there can be multiple interpretations. For example, in the number system, Yin and Yang can be zero and one, zero and infinity, or positive infinity and negative infinity. People also invented more symbols for Yin and Yang. Taijitu is one. It was invented around the 11th century by Song Dynasty philosopher Zhou Dunyi. Interpretations are subjective. Yi Ching is a tool to help us understand. Here are more examples of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang Examples Yi Ching started with 2 symbols.

The world is more complicated to explain everything with 2 symbols. Yi Ching provides more. We can generate combinations of these 2 symbols. The next level up is called Bagua. We combine Yin and Yang 3 times. People often arrange these 8 symbols into an octagon shape. It looks like below. The process generates 64 8x8 hexagrams.

They are either Yin or Yang. The interactions between Yin and Yang in each symbol can help us predict the expected behavior. Yi Ching is not very popular in Western philosophy. But Western scholars occasionally made use of it.

I mentioned Leibniz and the binary number system. Carl Jung used it to derive the concept of Synchronicity in psychology. Some Western religious concepts are related to Yin and Yang. The relationship between God and Man is comparable to Yin and Yang. People derive interpretations. But they can lead to superstitious beliefs. Within Chinese philosophy traditions, neo-Confucianism rejects superstitious and mystical elements.

Yi Ching points us to a direction that follows the flow between Yin and Yang. It does not and cannot predict the exact event that will happen. Yi Ching provides a framework. We can apply it to situations. It can often help us understand why things evolve. Yi Ching provides a useful framework to evaluate governance between centralization and decentralization.

It can help us understand the trade-offs between different designs. Computing Architecture - Centralization and Decentralization We can see computing architecture has been made through cycles of centralization and decentralization. According to the flow, we should expect to see more decentralization in the next decade. I think this change has already started with the advent of Bitcoin. People often think centralization is bad or decentralization is bad.

Interpretations are usually subjective and dependent on situations. But centralization and decentralization are concepts. Misunderstanding and false promises are bad. For example, we think centralization offers more choices. It does not. With centralization, we gain efficiency but our choices are reduced.

With decentralization, we lose efficiency in exchange for more choices. Here are some opposite properties. A decentralized system will have many agents. A rule change needs consensus from all agents. To participate, one needs to be granted permission. In a decentralized system, it is hard to enforce access. Agents can grant access to new agents. We only need to update the principal agents or gatekeepers.

In a decentralized system, changing rules require a consensus of all agents. Rules can change by a central authority. In a decentralized system, changing rules is difficult and slow. Agents can verify rules and opt-out. If rules are not satisfactory to expectations, you can always leave the system.

It can optimize its operation because of fewer agents. In a decentralized system, changes need to propagate to all agents. This property leads to a lot of redundancy. People mix trade-offs and make confusing claims. For example, people can claim that a decentralized network only needs 20 - 30 nodes. You can achieve permissionless.

From a decentralization perspective, more nodes are always better more decentralized. When we evaluate a system, more decentralization means more nodes and vice versa. Therefore, a network with is better more decentralized than a network with 20 nodes. A network with k nodes is better more decentralized than a network with 10k nodes. We should evaluate these trade-offs independently. Money Money is vital to human societies. To limit the scope of our discussion, I examine the relationship between Fiat money and Gold.

This is the Gold Standard for money. Historically, humans have used other metals as money. But fiat money has been a more robust alternative to metal money. Within the Yi Ching framework, Gold is decentralized and fiat is centralized. Authorities can issue as much as they want. Gold is a natural resource. It is scarce. We want it to facilitate commerce. Gold is scarce so it is valuable. If issuance is aligned with economic development, we can achieve stability. Gold, on the other hand, is volatile.

Its supply is limited. Mining new gold becomes increasingly difficult. Gold is valuable. It is more suitable as a long-term Store of Value. If we stick with these principles, we can have a healthy economic system. There are cycles between stability and volatility. Unfortunately, humans are not good at dealing with short-term volatility. We want stability and growth.

We deviated from the Gold Standard. This deviation happened many times in the past. China has held a disdain for crypto pretty much since the start. Plus, the government has spent enormous resources patrolling the countryside for illicit mining operations, pulling them up like a Georgia farmer uproots kudzu. At this point, you might be wondering — if countries like the USA and Bolivia have warmed up to crypto, why does the Middle Kingdom hate it so much?

First, crypto trading has been directly tied to criminal activity in China. According to The Diplomat , Chinese authorities have so far discovered criminal groups in 23 separate provinces all laundering money using crypto. This signaled to the Chinese government that foreign cryptos would be hard to control — so they should stamp it out ASAP and replace it with their own.

Plus, bitcoin mining operations have placed a tremendous amount of stress on the Chinese power grid. According to Sci News , by Chinese crypto miners will take up as much energy as an entire midsized country. And for what? To them, the Chinese mining industry is like having a roommate who sucks up all the power and Wi-Fi doing sketchy stuff in his room and refuses to pay his share of the bills.

China hates Bitcoin but they love the idea China and Bitcoin were destined to mix about as well as skittles and fish. Has a mysterious creator probably American. Places an astonishing amount of stress on the national power grid. Carries the ability to destabilize the national economy. Secretly, there were actually a few parts of your presentation that they liked. What does China like about crypto? The Chinese would know — they themselves invented it 1, years ago.

Finally, unlike paper, digital currency is much more easily distributed, monitored, and controlled. Over 3, merchants have begun accepting digital yuan, including Starbucks and Alibaba. Public sector employees have begun receiving payments or subsidies as digital yuan.

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The global crypto market cap is $B, a % increase over the last day. Read More %, % Crypto Deep Dive. CBDC Deep Dive. CMC Community Spotlight. BNBChain's Web3 . Chingeling is a crypto currency, Like any other crypto currency such as "BitCoin" Alt Coin" and many more. Chingeling do not sell its coins, in making use of a Multi Level Marketing Systems. Aug 24,  · Yi (I) Ching, an ancient Chinese philosophy, can provide some guidance. We can apply the Yin/Yang concept in Taoism. We can think of Bitcoin as Yang (or Qian). It is .