real estate investing course seminars
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Real estate investing course seminars crypto oracle news letter

Real estate investing course seminars

Not only will you walk away with practical knowledge, but you'll also have your real estate investment certificate and the confidence to use it. Our pro coaches and teachers investment experience to teach students the skills they need. See the faculty line up below.

How to Find and Purchase Income-Producing Properties Spot undervalued properties before they hit the market Learn real estate investing from a "buy low" standpoint. Find the property that fits your investment goals best Identify trends in property values, rent levels and appreciation Attract the ideal tenants 2.

Real Estate Finance Creative ways of financing Assess a property's net operating income and determine the amount of income you can expect from it Estimate the market value of a rental property Analyze a property's expected ROI Perform financial due diligence on a property you are considering 3.

The Best Ways to Negotiate Profitable Real Estate Deals 15 negotiable gambits: how to use them and how to recognize them when they are being used on you Checklists and steps for preparing for any negotiation How to write basic contracts, legal documents, offer letters, sales contracts and more Determine which terms are worth fighting for and which aren't 4.

Entry and Exit Strategies for Savvy Real Estate Investors Execute a wealth creation plan Make money through amortization, cash flow and appreciation Find and profit from discount properties and foreclosures Determine which geographic location is best or the kind of investments you want Plan your exit before you enter a situation Predict your ROI Profit from advance strategies like condo conversions 5. Teaches advanced business analytics and Tableau skills. Capstone student projects are evaluated by real estate experts Teaches advanced financial modeling Content can be too technical for some beginners Time-intensive to complete This real estate investing course does not have any requirements for admission by itself.

This course aims to teach real estate investing from a data-driven and analytical standpoint. Students who take this online course will learn numerous subjects such as: Analyzing various business problems Extracting relevant data from MySQL databases Using extracted data for financial modeling and data visualization Estimating cash flows and profit margins Building analytical dashboards in Tableau None of the subjects mentioned here are specifically about real estate investing.

Watershed is a well-established residential real estate investing company, and its executives are true experts in the field of real estate investing. They can give you highly informative feedback, which you can use to improve your financial models and increase profits. All of these topics centered around data analysis might seem unnecessary for a simple real estate investing plan.

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