como usar forex tester 2
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Como usar forex tester 2

When you stumble upon a range of losing trades all of us do while trading with real money, statistics from years of backtested data and thousands of profitable trades within Forex Tester will give you courage to proceed. Without Forex Tester there is no way you can be confident in your trading method.

We sincerely understand the importance of the qualified support service and constant feedback. Top-notch features of our support team: The assistance of our support team is absolutely free — always and for everyone — no additional payments or subscriptions needed to contact us; We are happy to assist everyone and provide any information needed about our product - no matter either you are a registered client or the newbie; Our support team works hard to make the assistance fast and easy in order to provide an comprehending information for any of your query; For your comfort, we have designed several sources of the connection and we are still improving them — contact us via e-mail, chat, and contact form at our site or via Team Viewer.

Despite of being a demo-version with some limitations, it contains the main features of the full Forex Tester version to give you an exact idea about the benefits of the backtesting process. Once you reveal the benefits of backtesting with the Forex Tester in the trial version, you will definitely enjoy the advantages the full version can provide. You can be sure that the full version will boost your trading skills with the broader variety of features and opportunities included.

Save your time on performing several strategies simultaneously — we brought this feature of our software to life to simplify the process of backtesting for our clients. Test your strategy on several currencies and time frames at the same time. Once you save the created project, be sure our program will save it with all the settings, indicators, orders and charts inclusively — so you can pick it up from the point you have stopped with no worries about the safety of the research amount, you have carried.

After opening the project, it will bring back all the data about the project with all features and elements. Moreover, in the case you want to focus on some particular trading patterns of the same strategy, you have the opportunity to save as many parts of it as you need to.

Return to your saved projects, analyze your strategies, reveal interesting trading points at any time you need! Make excerptions from your trading experience using this function of Forex Tester software. Yes, you can. Forex Tester allows you to open any number of charts for any currency pairs after downloading the data and creating a project.

You can also learn how to download the data on the Importing data page. The charts for these pairs will be moving simultaneously. Can I test data on several timeframes simultaneously? Forex Tester allows you to open any required number of charts on any timeframes. The charts for these timeframes will be moving simultaneously.

For example, you can add multiple charts of the same currency pair and select a different timeframe for each chart. All these charts are synchronized in time during testing. Do I have to run statistics manually? Forex Tester provides detailed statistics during the test, and after the trades have been closed, so you no longer have to waste your time on manual analysis! If you are a Forex Tester 4 or 3 owner, please click the View tab in the top horizontal menu, hover the cursor over the Show Panels option, and select Statistics to display the data.

How can I get aggregate information about this particular bar candlestick? You will see all you need about each bar in the window. What is the profit chart, and where can I find it? The Profit chart is a great instrument for analysis of your strategy performance. It shows the balance, equity, margin, and dropdown in a comfortable visual way. In Forex Tester 4 and 5, you can export the Profit chart to a text file or Excel via right-click. Can I use Forex Tester offline?

Yes, you can use the Forex Tester program in offline mode. Our software needs an Internet connection only for downloading historical data from our servers. Also, you can download data from our site: datasources. I purchased 1 license, and I want to install the Forex Tester on my home computer and my work computer.

Can I do this? The license allows you to install the software on your PC at home and, say, on a laptop at work. Working with the Forex Tester on both machines simultaneously is not possible. Your Forex Tester 2 registration key will work for one machine only. The software is attached to your computer and cannot be registered with the same key on another device. Can I have a discount? Yes, you can get a discount on the second license.

Please contact our support team to get the information about the best discount options that we offer now. What can I do? If you have a Forex Tester 5 license, download the software to the new PC. Enter your name, email, registration key and activate the software. If you have a Forex Tester 4 or 3 license, download the software to the new PC and install it. You can also transfer the data. If you installed the software into another folder, please replace the data in it.

Do the same steps if you own the Forex Tester 4 or 3 license. If you own a Forex Tester 2 license, please do the following: Download Forex Tester 2 to your new computer and install the software. Run Forex Tester 2. Fill in the key request form in the next window. We will generate the registration key for you and send it via email within the next 24 hours usually much faster.

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Forex Tester 5: The Best Backtesting Software for Forex Traders (By Far...)

Download Latest Version for Windows Forex Tester - A Safe and Proven Way For Testing Forex Trade Operations 1/9 Forex Tester is an exceptional software which is used to test the . среда, 16 мая г. Como usar forex tester 2. Metatrader custom programming x1. Direct forex. Como usar forex tester 2. ipirogov 2 Comments ipirogov 2 Comments.