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Euranet currently offers radio programming in 15 languages through a network of 18 radio stations located in 16 EU member states. It annually broadcals , minutes approximately 2, hours of contents devoted to topics related to the European Union" Individual stations have complete freedom to determine the content of their programming. At the present time, it serves an audience of nearly L5 million listeners.

This paper presents a critical evaluation of Euranet's first four years of operations and speculates on the future of the network beyond the expiration of the European Commission's current 6 million euro annual funding commitment in It also offers an evaluation of various aspects of Euranet's operations programming, web strategy, web 2. Download Free PDF.

In the Brazilian reality, there is also a field of similar tension about disability, which can be made explicit, for example, by the contrast between the theoretical perspectives of Skliar SKLIAR, Carlos. Skliar , p. In that way, he inaugurates in Brazil the perspective that was called socio-anthropological perspective of deafness. Without getting into the linguistic argument of the defense of oral language versus sign language, since there is concrete evidence of the existence of a significant number of deaf people who make use of sign language, as well as deaf people who use and defend the oral language.

What deserves to be critically analyzed here is the perspective of the oppression listener-deaf: The fact of being a listener means having a chance of dominating and making deaf people subordinate in schools and education. Being a listener can begin with a reference to a hypothetical hearing normality, but it actually means being a speaker and being white, male, professional, healthy, normal, literate, civilized, etc.

Being deaf, therefore, means being stigmatized by the hearing loss as not speaking and thus not being a man, being illiterate, abnormal, unemployed, dangerous, etc. In other words, centralizing the entire argument in the visual-manual appropriation of meanings has the unquestionable consequence of putting in second place all these elements that constitute the identities of deaf people. From there, they conclude that deafness constitutes the founding characteristic of the social identity of these subjects since they are all included in the same community, whether they are black, poor, poorly educated or white, rich, with a high degree of education.

The community is composed by those who are characterized by the visual-manual appropriation of meanings, since they use sign language, regardless of their class, race and gender. Finally, this article is aligned with the perspective that considers issues of class, race and gender mandatory in investigations about the socialization and education processes of students with disabilities because, as stated by Skrtic SKRTIC, Thomas.

This discrimination, in the case of intellectual disability, is even more evident because, if we compare statistical data available in Brazil with studies of prevalence of this disability, we see its disproportionate representation. That corresponds to 6. If we apply this line of reasoning to current data, we will find the following situation, in , in Brazil: total population: ,, people population with disabilities 6.

Finally, if data about other types of disabilities are compatible with these estimates, the discrepancies presented above clearly show the disproportionate representation of students with ID, both in relation to the general population and to the total number of students with disabilities.

If we combine the disproportionate representation of enrollments and criticisms about the diagnostic processes these students go through Patto, PATTO, Maria Helena Souza. In view of these alarming percentages, the relevance of using statistical sources is verified, as they offer comprehensive data of a reality that unveils a problem about the identification and even about the social production of intellectual disability, which impacts all spheres of the lives of these subjects.

The Use of Statistical Data To understand the relationship between class, race and gender in the constitution of the subject with intellectual disability, we used statistical data, since they enable a comprehensive analysis of the social situation and ways to measure it.

Another aspect that justifies its use is the fact that the demographic census is the only public statistical source that presents socioeconomic data on Brazilians with disabilities. Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Londrina, Therefore, to obtain data on people with disabilities, we needed to build social indicators and elaborate graphs that would allow the comparison and analyses intended13 13 The construction of a social indicator occurs, initially, by extracting raw data from the selected source IBGE demographic census.

Then, these data are processed and organized in the way they were collected, so that, through a research question, researchers can select and decide which crossings should be performed to answer their question. According to them, we must be cautious regarding the use of data obtained through self-declaration, given that, except for ID, all other questions are not restricted to people with disabilities, as information was collected and organized according to the level of difficulty to see, hear and move around cannot do at all, very difficult to do, somehow difficult to do or not at all difficult.

This collection procedure meant that, in the field of special education, regarding sensory and physical disabilities, only people who answered cannot do at all and very difficult to do were considered as having disabilities. Due to the complexity in data organization, in the present study, we needed to use microdata from the Demographic Census, since they present raw data of the information collected, enabling the most diverse and complex crossings between variables, which would not be the case had we used only the synopses and other summary documents released by the Institute.

In this regard, see Ferraro Intellectual Disability, Income, Gender and Race Relations Our last demographic census registered a population of ,, Following the selection procedures indicated by special education researchers mentioned above, 15,, Brazilians 8. While the total percentage of students with any disability in relation to the general population is quite compatible with the most reliable estimates, the incidence of intellectual disability 73 out of 1, people far exceeds even the highest rates found in the study by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine This means we must carefully analyze this incidence.

If, in the case of other disabilities, it may be questionable to include, for example, all those who find seeing very difficult to do in the list of the visual impaired, the situation is different in the case of intellectual disabilities, whose questions are explicit. It seems unlikely that family members would have affirmed there is a person with intellectual disability in their household because they consider them so. More likely, this is official information, provided by health or education services.

That is, it seems to approach, in a much more precise way than other disabilities, the population diagnosed with ID by health and education professionals and services18 18 Santos shows that, regardless of the correctness of the diagnosis of mild intellectual disability, once diagnosed, it indelibly marks the lives of these subjects, whether due to the decisive influence on their self-image, or the impact it causes among their family members and close social environment: in short, the subject incorporates and is treated as an intellectually disabled person.

Based on these data, we verified the need to analyze the indicators that present the crossing of social marks of race, gender and income with the categories of people without disabilities, people with other disabilities19 19 Grouping of data on people with visual, physical and hearing impairments. Therefore, the analysis of the social living conditions of the population with intellectual disabilities, as we propose here, based on data from the Demographic Census, should significantly approach the actual number of diagnosed people.

Graph 1 presents data on the monthly income indices of the population without disabilities WD , with other disabilities OD and with intellectual disabilities ID. Graph 1 Monthly income of the general population: population without disabilities, population with other disabilities and population with intellectual disabilities The first finding is that the curves of the three categories without disabilities, with other disabilities and with intellectual disabilities are very similar.

That is, the fact of having a disability does not seem to be a striking mark that falls more intensely among those who have, in particular, intellectual disability. Even more interesting is the fact that the biggest discrepancy is found among the population with a monthly income up to one minimum wage, since only The difference between the population in general and that with intellectual disabilities is even more striking: we find twice as many people with intellectual disabilities in this income bracket than people without disabilities.

The majority of the population falling into the bracket of one to two minimum wages per month is a true picture of social inequality in Brazil. However, even though these data indicate that people with disabilities are more affected by poverty in Brazil a country whose population in general is already vastly affected by it , it is evident that there is no way to deal with the issues of economic consequences on this population without including it in the broader scope of income inequalities in general.

From then on, as the curve moves up to a higher monthly income, there is a similar trend, which is the prevalence of better income levels within the population without disabilities, always closely followed by the population with other disabilities and a little behind is the population with intellectual disabilities.

Finally, data on the population with monthly income above twenty minimum wages defeat, in our opinion, any argument that states all people with disabilities can be considered oppressed or dominated. This is because, even among the population diagnosed with cognitive deficits, in a complex society that demands the development of cognitive capacities for the computerized society, the high monthly income rates of 0.

On the other hand, the small difference between them proves the close and constant overlap between cognitive deficit and social position. Graphs 2. Graph 2. However, it is also evident the discrepancy regarding the indices for women with intellectual disabilities in relation to the other two categories OD and WD is higher than that of men.

That is, the mark of intellectual disability among women is more significant than that of men who have the same income. In the immediately upper bracket minimum wages there is a balanced percentage distribution among men in the three categories WD, OD and ID , like that observed in Graph 1. This proximity does not apply to data on female population, insofar as there is a significant difference of 6.

In the total sum of the two income groups with smallest purchasing power and , it appears that, although not very marked, the percentage of women in all three categories However, compared to the percentages of the other income brackets, data for this one clearly shows that the mark of intellectual disability is stronger in the constitution of the female condition within the lower income population, both in comparison with men and with other categories WD and OD.

The curves of income brackets above two minimum wages are like those shown in Graph 1. However, in all these brackets, women with intellectual disabilities are at a disadvantage both in relation to other women and to men in all three categories. Even considering the worse condition of women in these income brackets, it is evident that the higher the income bracket, the smaller the differences among the three categories and between men and women. This data shows an overlap between the conditions of disability and gender in the possibilities of access to activities consistent with these monthly incomes, which are basic, yet not unique, elements for the quality of life within modern capitalist societies.

Graphs 3. Graph 3. Data on the monthly income bracket up to one minimum wage show an increasing disadvantage of black men in relation to white men: a 9. Regarding the range of a monthly income up to two minimum wages, two significant distinctions can be seen: the first refers to the relative position of the three categories in the two brackets because, while in the first MW intellectual disability has the highest incidence, followed by men with other disabilities and by those without disabilities, the order is completely reversed in the next bracket, for both white and black men; and the second is that, although the difference in the three categories among black men follows the same order as that of white men, they are always greater among the former.

These two situations show that it only takes a small increase in the income bracket from to MW for the disability mark to be attenuated. However, even with a smaller difference, white men have a slight advantage in relation to their black peers.

In addition to that, if we add the indices of the two lowest monthly income brackets, we will find the same relative position among the three categories, but all of them with evident loss for Afro-descendants: The shapes of the curves from the brackets of two to five minimum wages, although similar, clearly show that in all these brackets, the percentage levels of white men are higher than those of black men, showing that, although they have close income possibilities, race does have an influence on this distribution.

Regarding intellectual disability, the discrepancy of income possibilities of black men with intellectual disabilities is evident not only in relation to their white peers, but to black men in the other categories, much more forcefully in the lower brackets, that is, predominantly on poor black men.

Graphs 4. Graph 4. For the purposes of this article, it is enough to compare the monthly income situation of the population with intellectual disability, in the income bracket of up to one minimum wage: Men with intellectual disabilities - These data reveal that at the intersection of race and gender, the differences in monthly income are accentuated, since the smallest is between men and women.

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Larios sunset place menu for diabetics For the purposes of this article, it is enough to compare the monthly income situation of the population with intellectual disability, in the ling crypto currency bracket of up to one minimum wage: Men with intellectual disabilities - The first news program of the network was Holders News, a corresponding traditional program of Radio Bandeirantes. Manuel Fernandez Sande From its early beginnings as a joelmir betting no jornal da band idea to its current status as an organisation of 27 member states, the European Union has suffered from the lack of a commoh cultural identity. The Euranet Project-an initiative to create a pan-European radio network-began in December as a joint pr. Data band joelmir da betting jornal no comparisons presented here show that the fact of having an intellectual disability, in general, places this population in a condition of social disadvantage. However, regarding intellectual disabilities diagnosed by traditional standardized procedures, it produced paradoxical results: on the one hand, in more qualified education systems and institutions, it is possible to verify, more and more, learning potentials that were not very evident when there was no pattern of differentiation; on the other hand, it favored the spread of diagnoses of mild intellectual disability in students who had low school performance.
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Ronaldo Rosas apresentava o jornal do Rio de Janeiro. Nos finais da noite, foi destaque o programa "Etc. Com o sucesso do programa, a emissora se tornou o "canal do esporte" nos anos Mais tarde, Gabi ficou apenas com o programa dominical "Cara a Cara", com entrevistas. Vinhetas, chamadas e os canais afiliados passam a referir a Rede Bandeirantes como Band. Ainda em , o Jornal Bandeirantes troca de nome, e passa a se chamar Jornal da Band. Em 25 de setembro de , depois de permanecer por 15 anos, Amaury Jr.

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My parents which could be also called my mothers [note 4] were always ready. A gift from God. My father never missed me even when absent by his work. I never missed him because he had that wonderful woman, Mrs. According to Mr. Joelmir, the second biggest thing in his life. Because the first one always was his love he felt for her since When they became a family. My brother and I.

Sons of the radio.

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Joelmir Beting, Self: Jornal da Band. Joelmir Beting is known for Jornal da Band (), Retrospectiva de Rede Globo () and Retrospectiva de Rede Globo (). . Joelmir Beting. Feb 22, 3 min read. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. Comment Missing: jornal da band. Jul 17,  · 1, Likes, Comments - Band (@bandtv) on Instagram: “Nota de falecimento. Morreu hoje, em São Paulo, o jornalista, radialista e bacharel em Direito ”.