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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

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Football asian handicap betting todays date

However, if the Reds only manage 4 or less goals, they would have lost you that bet. Furthermore, if Liverpool leads , but Burton finds the net, this would again result in a lost bet. The handicap expresses the margin by which the favor has to win in order for your bet to win as well. There are slight varieties when it comes to handicaps.

The one we just covered features a 0. In short, when the handicap is. No tie means that there are no voided bets and returned wager, rather you win or you lose. However, there are also rounded up handicap margins. If we take our example and change the handicap from Liverpool —4. If the Reds win the game by 5 goals, this would mean that a handicap bet of —5 will mean that the fictional score is , thus a tie.

In this case, your bet loses, but would not have lost if it was an Asian Handicap bet. With a Classical handicap, you can also bet on a tie. If we go back to our example match, a winning handicap tie bet would be Tie —5. In this scenario, Liverpool will have 5 goals deducted from their tally and the score then becomes a tie.

Asian Corner Handicap betting So now that we are aware of both handicap betting as well as Asian corners, we may continue with the very tempting Asian Corner Handicap market. In fact, it may even seem simpler than classical handicap betting to a lot of people. Asian Corner Handicap betting lets you wager on which team you believe will make corners during the full-time of the match. Here the Reds have scored 9 corners while Burton has managed just 3.

In this case, a handicap of Liverpool —5. This is the most significant difference between Asian handicap and classical handicap. As we previously mentioned ties in Asian handicap markets result in a voided bet and a returned stake. If the handicap is set at —6. Why should I use Asian Corner betting?

All you need to do is do a little research before wagering in order to tip the scales in your favor. Check out league corner statistics for each team, as they are often the most up to date, as well as the most accurate. Avoid betting on teams that play extremely defensively and rarely get to the other side of the pitch.

The favorite may still win the game, but not cover the handicap margin or get awarded with more corner kicks. All in all, Asian corner betting offers a wide variety of possibilities for you to capitalize on, but you should always remember to bet smart and responsibly. When you are assessing the betting options for a game, there are usually indicators that point towards this market being a good choice.

In that match, those who believed that Liverpool would put up a good performance against Arsenal without being convinced that they would be able to win the match were able to place bet using Asian handicaps knowing that only in the event of a defeat for the Anfield men would their bet be a losing one. Asian Handicaps allowed them bet on Liverpool not losing the match. Asian handicap betting also provides a far more viable betting option for punters in games where the teams are badly mismatched.

With Asian handicaps, however, punters could take a view on how dominant Manchester United would be in the match. The likely Asian handicap betting would be: Man Utd Whether you fancy a whitewash or a close game, with both options likely to be priced at just under even money, Asian handicap betting offers the opportunity to take a view on even the most one-sided of matches. Asian handicaps also offer a valuable additional option on matches between more evenly-matched sides.

Fixed-odds punters could split stakes between a Newcastle win and the draw, while exchange punters may consider laying Arsenal on the spreads. Say the match finishes to Arsenal. For those who had bet on any of the options above, it would be close, but not close enough. But for punters who had supported Newcastle on the Asian handicaps, an Arsenal victory by just a single goal would see them get their money back, as the match would be level on the handicap.

So in effect, punters who think Newcastle will do better than anticipated are able to use Asian handicaps to support their opinion with the added sophistication of a return of stakes if they are nearly right, but Arsenal sneak a victory by a single goal. This is where the handicap appears, for example as: Fulham 0, In truth, split balls are nothing more than a simple way of allowing market makers to produce more accurate handicaps. In a match between Fulham and Aston Villa, Fulham are slight favourites, and so would be conceding a small handicap to Villa.

But in the opinion of the market maker, their advantage is less than half a goal. The Asian handicap might therefore look like this: Fulham 0, Winning half and losing half your bet is often a difficult concept for fixed odds punters to get to grips with.

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