pocket god episode 7 between a rock and a hard place and a rock
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Pocket god episode 7 between a rock and a hard place and a rock

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As she goes to get the papers, Sam suggests that the killer is stalking virgins, and Dean wonders if a dragon is involved. Bonnie comes back and asks them to sign the purity pledges, and Dean explains that it's too late for that. She says that if they ask for forgiveness and make a new vow of chastity then everything will be fine. When Dean makes light of the concept, Bonnie insists that it's their chance to have a clean slate and be a virgin until marriage.

They both sign and Bonnie congratulates them on being virgins. Honor wakes up and uses the light from her mini-taser to look around. She realizes that she's in a 60s fallout shelter. Figures move past her in the surrounding hallways and Honor begs them to stay away from her. Dean is busy looking at Suzy until Sam nods at him to pretend to pray. A girl, Tammy, steps up to recite a prayer but Suzy asks her to read it later. She asks Sam to explain why he joined and he says that all of his relationships with women have ended badly.

Dean wholeheartedly agrees. Suzy then asks Dean why he's there and he describes in some detail all the things about sex that he supposedly doesn't like, which leaves all the women present, hot and out of breath. Sam finally interrupts his tirade and Dean wraps it up. Afterward, Dean insists to Sam that he was purifying, and asks if Suzy looks familiar. As he goes over to talk to her, Bonnie approaches Sam and asks how he liked the meeting.

He mentions the missing people and Bonnie says that Honor was her favorite. She notices a woman taking cookies and approaches her, while Tammy, overhearing, complains to Sam that Bonnie has no idea what kind of girl Honor really is. Sam draws her to the side to get more details. Suzy tells Dean that they haven't met before and offers individual counseling if he needs someone to talk to privately.

She offers to go home to get some books for him, and Dean insists on walking with her since there's a kidnapper on the loose. He goes over to tell Sam, who is dismayed to learn that Dean plans to hit on the chastity teacher. Sam returns to Tammy, who insists that Honor is going to Hell. When Sam returns to the motel, he tells Jody that Tammy learned that Honor and the pastor were having sex on the side.

Jody has confirmed that the engaged couple were having sex before marriage, and that their mother heard a crash and a flash of blue light two hours later right before they disappeared. They both figure that the abductor is going after virgins who break their chastity vows, which means dragons aren't responsible. Suzy takes Dean to her apartment and takes off her warm-up sweater.

As Dean takes her all in, Sam calls but Dean ignores it. He lights a candle and approaches Suzy, and realizes that she's crying. She admits that she can't stop thinking about her friends, and asks Dean to pray with her for them. Dean sits down with her and pretends to pray. When he can't get through to Dean, Sam leaves a message telling him to call.

He wonders if Jody took the chastity vow, and she tells him that she doesn't make promises she can't keep. Jody explains that she just enjoys church, and after Bobby and Crowley, she needed something comforting. Sam agrees, but Jody figures that he and Dean already have each other to turn to in times of trouble.

After they finish praying, Suzy gives Dean her books on chastity and then goes to the bathroom. As Sam calls, Dean sees Spanish porn videos in a partially-opened drawer and realizes that Suzy is on the cover. Sam starts to tell him what they've discovered, but Dean hangs up when Suzy comes back. He calls her by her performing name and Suzy offers to get him another counselor. Dean insists that she's a legend, but Suzy says that she's not that girl anymore.

He assures her that she's the good dreams and that the people of Hartford don't appreciate her and all of the things that she can do. She is flattered and returns the flirting before they end up having sex. In the fallout shelter, Honor trips over the pastor, Fred, and twists her ankle. Searching, she finds a lantern in an emergency supply closet. As Honor examines Fred, he jerks awake and Neil and Barb, the engaged couple, come in.

They explain that Fred is starving to death and they'll soon suffer the same fate if they don't escape. The hatch above opens and they all hide. The blue flame fills the room and then the hatch closes. They discover that Fred is gone and hear him screaming up above. At the motel, Sam figures that the creature is going after virgins that break their vows He and Jody head out. At Suzy's apartment, no sooner than Dean opens the door, a blue flame sweeps through the room, knocking them both unconscious.

In the shelter, Honor checks her ankle while Barb claws at the walls until her fingers bleed, suffering from dehydration and desperate to escape. She licks at the blood in an attempt to quench her thirst until the hatch opens again. The killer dumps in Dean and Suzy and then covers over the hatch. Sam and Jody search Suzy's apartment and find the porn videos. The neighbors report seeing a flash of blue and Sam figures that his brother got together with the porn star.

Dean tries to get the hatch open without success. He wonders what took Pastor Fred and Honor admits that they couldn't tell what took him. Back at the motel, Jody checks the Internet and finds a reference to virgins and fire. She's found a page about Vesta , the Roman Goddess of the Hearth. In ancient Rome, six virgins were tasked with tending Vesta's hearth each year. Fire is the symbol of purity and as long as the fire was kept lit, Rome received a good harvest. If the virgins broke their year vow of celibacy, then they were buried alive.

Suzy wonders if God wants them down there because of what they did, but Dean assures her that it isn't God's work. He realizes that their captor took his phone but he has a backup. Dean tries to call Sam, while Honor notices that Neil keeps staring at her. According to the records, Vesta was enveloped in a blue flame that she could use to disorient or kill. As Jody looks for any reference to killing the goddess, Dean reaches Sam on his cellphone. They forgot that if God could part the Red Sea, He could provide water to drink.

To make matters worse, Moses asked them why they put God to the test. Moses could not get them to think about God. Moses was with them, so he was the focus of their anger. We do the same thing today. We test God. We want Him to constantly prove Himself. We want Him to be involved in the smallest things in our lives, and not just the big events. We need to remember His wondrous movements in our lives when we ask these two questions: Where has God made a way when there was no way?

Where have divine resources emerged to ensure our well-being? When we remember how God has worked in our lives, we become aware of possibilities and go from scarcity to abundance. You want food? Ask God. You need water? Do you need laws to organize your lives? Come to Mount Sinai and God will write them down for you. Do you want to worship? God will tell you how.

Do you need land to call your own? Ask God, and He will show you the spot He has saved for you. God assured Moses that He would provide a rock. This was the rock where revelation would take place. God already selected the place and the miracle. How can we receive refreshment during a dry place? It is the granting of eternal life and the glory yet revealed to us. God told Moses to use something he had-the rod-and strike the rock.

Some people claim that water can pour out of certain desert rock by striking the surface. Moses and God would laugh at this claim. The supplying of water was proof that God was with His people. He never abandons us. He gives us the life-giving water. God chose to bring water-and the life it represents-out of something that appeared to be lifeless.

God will make life flow in unexpected ways, but it will require a certain amount of trust from the people, a willingness to put faith in a God who seems not to do things in the typical way. Sometimes we wonder if God is with us. When this happens, what do we do? What do we ask ourselves? What do we tell others? Do we complain that God has abandoned us like the Israelites did, or do we ask Him to show us His glory, power, and miracles? Do we learn about His character and His attitude towards us through these difficult times and grow in trust with every single victory He grants, or do we still doubt His love for us when things get tough?

If we have placed our faith in Him, He has promised to be with us. God delivers us from bondage, refreshes our spirits, quenches our thirst, forgives our sins, and enables us to face suffering. The deepest, most profound, and unquenchable thirst of everyone is a thirst for the Holy Spirit.

God cares deeply for us and helps us move from places of fear and doubt to places of trust. God provides for us and reveals Himself to us. God knows that each and every one of us has something He and His ministry can use. A sense of our usefulness.