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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

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Sport betting result explained take

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You see, the sports betting industry these days has a line on much more than just winner picks. You can wager in innovative markets that have been invented recently and fan-favorites that have brought many bettors joy over the years. Point Spreads Points spreads are special bets that allow you to wager on the margin of victory.

The result of this bet will be provided sometimes in the future, unlike moneyline bets placed today. Futures are just as popular as any other bet type as they tend to have pretty high odds. Also known as outrights, they give you a chance to wager on for example who wins the NBA league this season.

Parlays Parlays are bets placed on multiple outcomes. Usually, these wagers usually 2 or more are tied on a single bet slip, with their odds multiplied by your bet. Parlays can pay dreamy sums of money, but only if you win them all.

Even if one loses on your slip, you lose the whole bet. They are quite the adventurous and rewarding wager, but luck plays a big factor in winning parlays. Prop bets are prevalent during big sports events such as the Super Bowl. They can also be quite lucrative.

Almost any bet except moneyline, point spread, or totals, is sometimes considered a prop wager. Teasers are similar to parlays, but you can adjust the lines for each of the best this time. Just like parlays, each of your selections must win for your bet to win. Pleasers are the opposite of teasers. The good news is that if you manage to get everything right, the payouts are big. What Types of Odds Are There? Of course, the value is the same.

If you want to learn more about online sports betting and how it works, you must first learn about American, decimal, and fractional odds. Favorites are always displayed with a minus sign in front of the odds. American odds are also known as moneyline and are most popular at US online betting sites. Decimal Odds Decimal odds are the most widespread odds type, and for a reason. Read any guide on how sports betting works, and most of the examples will be in decimal odds.

For instance, if the odds are 2. The decimal odds are common at European online sportsbooks and the preferred type of odds for new bettors. They represent the amount won profit ratio to the stake. The good news is that modern bookmakers such as DraftKings or Bovada have a simple odds switcher that allows you to pick the preferred type. In the past, punters at gambling shops could only bet on fixed odds.

The best could only be placed before the event begins. Once it does, every wager is off-limits until the match is finished. Well, not anymore. The online betting industry has introduced live betting, which has been a dream of millions of punters around the world. For example, if the Giants draw the game, then they have not covered the spread by three points. Round Robin Bet A round robin bet is similar to a parlay in that it combines the probability of numerous events into one wager. However, where a parlay bet pools many bets together.

A round robin bet can combine as many as fourteen different wagers into doubles. In-Play Bet An in-play bet is one that takes place while an event is actually taking place. However, you think they are going to make a comeback and win the match. Therefore, with in-play betting , you can place a bet on them to win after the game has started.

Cash Out Betting Explained Cash-out betting is a way to get paid immediately on your winnings. Cash-out betting happens when you bet on an event and then decide before the actual outcome of that event is determined, to get paid now rather than waiting until the end. On the other hand, it can be a way to minimize your losses and recuperate some of your money if your bet is losing and you think it is going to lose.

Betting Odds Explained Knowing how to read sports betting odds and understanding what those numbers mean is a key to sports betting success. Essentially, sports betting odds represent the probability of the event occurring, but odds can be displayed in three different formats. Fractional Odds Fractional odds are sports betting odds that use a fractional number to represent the sports bet odds.

Decimal Odds Decimal odds are sports betting odds shown in decimal form. Decimal odds are more commonly used across Europe. Sportsbooks Explained Online Sportsbooks Online sportsbooks are betting sites that accept sports wagers online. The main benefit of an online sportsbook is that they make it easier to place a bet instantly. Retail Sportsbooks Retail sportsbooks are physical locations where bettors can place an in-person sports wager. Where online sportsbooks focus mainly on speed and price, retail sportsbooks offer a great social betting experience.

This allows people to socialize while watching sports and betting on the outcome. How Do Sportsbooks Make Money? As a result, the sportsbook will set a line, and then adjust it as bets are made to ensure the books are balanced. However, the level of legalization varies from state to state.

For example, some states, like New Jersey, have legalized in-person wagering and online sports betting at licensed bookmakers. Other states, like Delaware, have made it legal to bet on sports in person. But online betting is not legal. And some states, like Tennessee, have legalized online sports wagering, but not legalized in-person betting.

Sports Betting Strategies Explained There are many sports betting strategies that sports bettors can use to improve their chances of winning and make money. The sports betting strategies that are listed below have been shown to be effective, but you should do your own research before starting because each person has different goals and preferences.

Be Consistent If you are consistent in your bets, then it will be an easier transition to put money on the line. If there is a pattern that bettors can follow, they might find success more quickly than if they were trying something new each time. It takes discipline but consistency is one of the most crucial aspects when betting sports online. Research In order to have a chance at making money, bettors must research the teams and players.

This can be done in many ways but one of the most effective is by watching games or highlights from previous events. Be Objective Odds work for a reason and the sportsbooks have an advantage. Betting with emotion will only lead those who do it down a path of losing money, so place bets from a logical 4.

There is no point in going crazy with bets because this will only lead to too many losses and a loss of too much money. Instead, take your time before placing each bet so that you know exactly how much you can afford to lose. Remember, betting should always be fun and not a way to increase your income.

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