green investing seattle
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Green investing seattle best investing strategies

Green investing seattle

Upon request by the Board, the ACSRI will review prior approved Board actions related to socially responsible investing for their continuing appropriateness. Member selection will be made in the following numbers and from the following groups: Two faculty members; Two members closely affiliated with the University, such as staff, alumni, or donors; and Two members external to the University.

Two ex officio, non-voting senior staff members from the Board Office and the Office of the President will serve on ACSRI, providing contextual guidance and management and administrative support. The personnel convened to evaluate a proposal or proposals to divest shall sit until the evaluation is complete. If the divestiture is implemented, the University will appoint a third-party provider to identify targeted companies, and conduct ongoing monitoring and research on the targeted companies.

For activities believed to cause social harm but not on the level of moral reprehensibility, The Board may consider avenues other than divestiture such as shareholder engagement. In such instances, the criteria provided here in Sections 4. C and 4. D must be met. Educational initiatives, sustainability initiatives, or targeted research may also be pursued but those activities are outside the scope of this guideline. The Governance Committee, on the advice of the Board Office and the Office of the President, will review the proposal to ensure that it meets the criteria specified in Section 4 for consideration.

The ACSRI may decide to bring in experts to provide additional information and education to committee members. A two-thirds vote six voting members is required to move a recommendation forward to the Board. If there are insufficient members present to meet the quorum when the vote is taken, votes may be taken by email to the ACSRI Chair.

Sponsors may elect to resubmit the proposal revised or not for future consideration. To satisfy its fiduciary duty, the Board will request that the Finance Office provide an in-depth analysis of the financial impact of the recommended divestment on the endowment. The divestment proposal will initially be reviewed by the Board, or its appropriate subcommittee, as an information item. Resilience Hubs are an innovative approach to help ensure communities are supported in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from climate change related emergencies such as extreme heat events and wildfire smoke.

The city is working to address community needs at nexus of resilience, emergency management and response, climate change mitigation, and social equity. The City of Seattle owns buildings, including 27 public libraries which are increasingly on the front lines of community care during climate emergencies.

In addition to supporting the decarbonization of all municipal buildings, these investments strategically invest in providing heating, cooling, and clean air at the NE and SW Library branches to support communities during times of climate crisis. Investing in multi-family affordable housing electrification avoids installing new fossil fuel systems that will lock newly created affordable housing — and its residents — into decades of climate pollution.

As the City continues to make exciting investments to address climate change, Seattle is developing the infrastructure to track our impact.

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We want them to have a community here. It is good to bring the program participants to a place of nature — trees, water, plants, flowers. Their mood positively changes. The other day I was speaking to someone who is physically ill — the program here has helped her mental health. She feels better now. We want them to have a good time. It is a very kind and welcoming atmosphere. During my tour, children were watching live displays of food preparation and gathering around different program volunteers.

The number of seniors is growing, and we now have a social worker from Sound Generation, as well as a social worker program coordinator. We give the seniors stipends to show appreciation for what they do and encourage the seniors to come and walk around with their kids and grandkids. This is a safe and beautiful place for community members, especially the elderly.

You can hear the birds singing, and the community tells us the air here is fresh. The EJ Fund has given us a chance to help people intergenerationally. There are younger people coming and working. We have day camp for the children and they really enjoy the environment.

Everything is done by the seniors — growing food and restoring the wetland — and they learn about the environment including the birds, insects, and trees that grow in the Northwestern United States. Growing food and harvesting is very inspiring for them. We have a deep knowledge now about different plants, birds, trees; we learned about pollinators and how they help the environment. There are trees that we can use to make our own necessities, like shampoo, conditioner — there were people who visited here to teach us these kinds of things.

There was a guy that came here the other day and taught us about different birds here, which was very inspiring. He showed us which birds live in this wetland. Many years ago, there were no buildings here, nothing. We started working hard with planting and cleaning the wetlands. Now, we see the trees and it gives us hope, and inspires us. We have a trail that moves through the wetlands where we welcome everyone to bring their loved ones, and the children also love picking the blueberries that we grow here.

Above, seniors draw different plants and trees, labelling their art in English, Amharic, or Tigrinya. In negative screening, a mutual fund or financial manager filters out companies that have a history of polluting or using unfair labor practices, for example.

With positive screening, investors might favor a company developing renewable energy resources. Although some investors have employed negative screening for decades, positive screening has become more common recently as many companies introduce green products and improve their environmental and social practices. A: Shareholder advocacy has been the fastest-growing SRI trend in recent years.

More than of these types of shareholder resolutions are filed every year, according to the Social Investment Forum, a Washington, D. Q: How has shareholder advocacy been used in green investing? A: A proposed shareholder resolution is believed to have been a main factor in persuading Whole Foods Market to stop carrying baby bottles containing the controversial chemical Bisphenol A, or BPA. Shareholder resolutions also have asked corporations to address climate change and improve their accountability and reporting on sustainability issues.

Few green or social shareholder resolutions win majority support, but even resolutions that attract the support of 20 percent of shareholders will get the attention of management and may lead to additional dialogues and changes. A: A review last January by the Social Investment Forum of mutual funds that are Forum members found a majority of those funds outperformed the average for non-Forum mutual funds. However, the mainstream investment community still has not fully embraced socially responsible investing, with some experts saying they need more evidence SRI investments can perform strongly over the long term.

Q: How do I learn more about socially responsible investing or begin making those investments? A: The Social Investment Forum website www.

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