what is stale shares ethereum
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What is stale shares ethereum pre flop betting rules

What is stale shares ethereum

What commission does the pool hold? Currently, the pool doesn't hold any commission. Besides, we completely cover the transactions. How can I check the payout info? This is the transaction number in the network. This identifier is unique for each transaction, like the transfer number in the bank. Using it, you can always track any transactions within the coin network. If you click on the number, you will be taken to the transaction browser, where you can see your transaction and all its data, including the wallet number from where the transfer was made, the wallet number to which the transfer was made, as well as the date, time, commission and other data.

Can I change the payout amount? Withdraw whenever you want and change the payout amount! Set your own threshold and gas price limit and cover the transaction fees yourself through Mainnet. When ordering payments via Claim, the application will not be processed instantly, but instead will be placed in a queue and will be handled as the queue is processed. Are there payouts for stale shares?

A valid share is contributed before the winning block. In turn, a stale share is a share that was sent after a block was already solved. If the problem of high stales persists for 24 hours, the wallet is blacklisted and payouts are frozen until further notice.

Such radical measures are related to the fact that fraudulent miners abuse our stale shares payout system. Thank you for understanding and thank you for using our ecosystem. How to reduce stale shares? It should be noted that the number of Stale Shares mainly depends on the quality of connection between your miners and the pool servers. Also to a large extent it depends on the quality of work of network equipment between the network nodes.

Unfortunately, the pool's technical staff is not able to affect the quality of your provider's equipment and the routing of network packets from you to the pool and back. If you are absolutely confident in the quality of your own network equipment and if you are an honest miner, but regularly get blocked payouts, in this case - we are very sorry, but there's nothing we can do.

Why is a large amount of stale shares bad? For regular pools, where stales are not paid for, only the miner himself is at a loss if there's a large number of stales, because he simply loses income. Stale shares are lost profit. In the case when stale shares are paid out as is the case on our pool , it lowers the pool's luck, because stales don't participate in finding a block, thus they'll have to be paid out at the expense of internal means of the Hive ecosystem.

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What Causes Stale or Rejected Shares and How to Reduce Them (Mining Ethereum)

Stale shares are usually a result of poor/slow connection. Rejected shares are usually due to too high OC. What is a stale share? What is a Stale Share? When mining crypto your computer will solve certain algorithms. Once solved, you get shares of whatever crypto you are mining. However, . Jun 01,  · A share is the miner's portion of the reward block that is (generally) proportional to the amount of work they contributed to the overall effort of mining that individual block. This is .