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It was there that he first came across the blockchain. He sees Litecoin not as a competitor to Bitcoin but as a complement to it. He hopes that people will use Litecoin for everyday purchases while using Bitcoin for large international transactions. Follow Charlie SatoshiLite. Ran Neuner Ran Neuner came to cryptocurrency from the world of marketing. You can find his videos on his website CryptoManRan. Peter Kent Peter Kent has written more than 60 books on topics covering technology, business, and online marketing.

He explains how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies securely. Jimmy Song While Peter Kent explains cryptocurrencies to mainstream audiences, Jimmy Song is a programmer who talks to other tech people. His Medium posts are a must-read. His companies have included Gyft, a mobile gift card company; Yola, a website-building firm; and more recently, Civic, a blockchain-based personal identity firm.

His personal website, VinnyLingham , is occasionally updated but a rich source of important thoughts about cryptocurrencies. He has posted apologies and even promised a triumphant comeback. They are hesitating between several avenues to bring the engineer out of hiding, said the Financial Times , and have raised the idea of cancelling his passport or asking Interpol to issue a red alert — both of which would impede the fugitive's ability to travel.

Understanding why so many took a gamble on Kwon has a lot to do with the power of social media — he managed to attract a vast network of followers. From Stanford to the ruthless world of cryptocurrencies Kwon had the profile of a computer genius. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in computer engineering at the age of 24 in and then worked for two Silicon Valley behemoths: Microsoft and Apple. The former was a " stablecoin ", a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to the price of another asset and is therefore considered "stable".

In the highly volatile and ruthless world of bitcoin and ethereum, these cryptocurrencies are considered safe havens — the most famous of which is Tether — making them attractive to investors. The price of stablecoins hardly fluctuates because they are usually pegged to real currencies with low volatility, such as the dollar.

It was the latter that was supposed to ensure the stability of the system, thanks to in-house algorithms. Ultimately, those algorithms failed, sending the two cryptocurrencies tumbling in May. But back when Kwon was developing them in the late s, algorithmic finesse didn't matter so much.

Cryptocurrencies were in vogue among unsuspecting investors, and Kwon's larger-than-life personality made Luna stand out from the competition.

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Digital is the future Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. There are several types: some depend on their users, others are more centralized networks, which also depend on companies. Bitcoin, for example, is a decentralized virtual currency. Its own users are the ones who determine the value based on use.

There is no central bank or any intermediate institution that can manipulate its price or issue more units than those that have been stipulated. Expert Experience Cryptocurrency Consultations I specialize in helping clients get started in cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support and an overview of the best security practices to keep your crypto safe. Blockchain Development I offer blockchain development services for creating tokens, smart contracts and other software solutions.

I also provide code audits and project guidance for existing applications. Look no more! Bitcoin Guru provides professional Cryptocurrencies Market Reports as needed on a weekly or biweekly basis. The Reports keep track of more than 24 cryptocurrencies pairs and are published in a comprehensive PDF format with all the data you need sentiment, levels, indicators, patterns, detailed charts, stoploss.

Daily Trading Alerts are published in a live group to ensure you are always up to date on all the cryptocurrencies being watched. Customer Relationship Management: We have extremely good relations with several leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This specialty and unique service will enable Bitcoin Guru to be your direct consultant between the our partners or industry leaders and you. The program is proven with great results.

The coaching sessions are very efficient.

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