four differences between distance and displacement quiz
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Four differences between distance and displacement quiz etika penggunaan komputer ditinjau dari sisi hukum forex

Four differences between distance and displacement quiz

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The topic difference between distance and displacement is very common in exams too. To understand the distance and displacement differences, we must know the definitions of the terms first. So, let us see what each term means. Distance: The distance of the object is defined as the total path travelled by the object.

For example, if a bus travels north for 5 Kms and takes a turn to travel east for another 5 Kms, the complete distance travelled by bus is 10 Kms. Distance is always more than displacement. The value of distance can never be zero or negative. Distance of the object gives complete information of the path travelled by the object.

Displacement: Displacement of the object is defined as the minimum distance travelled by the object between the starting point of the object and the final point of the object. For example, if we consider the last example of a bus travelling 5 Kms north and then 5 Kms east, the total displacement will be the length joining the two points. Let us check our understanding with some simple examples.

Example1: A car moves 4 kms to the east and then turns and moves 2 Kms to the south, then again takes a turn moves 4 Kms to the west and then turns towards the north to move 2 Kms and reaches the point she started. Let us find out what is the distance travelled and the displacement.

The above figure represents the motion of the car. The displacement is 0. Now, the displacement is 0 because the car covered a path of 12 km during the travel, but it was not out of place when the car finished. For all the above, we can summarize the differences between distance and displacement as: Distance Displacement It is a magnitude that measures the length that is traveled by an object from one point to another.

It is a magnitude that measures the variation of the position of a body between two points, considering a starting point and an endpoint. It is considered a scalar magnitude. It is considered a vector magnitude. It depends on the path that the object follows.

It does not depend on the path that the object follows. It is expressed by a number and a unit of magnitude frequently in meters. In physics, it is expressed by a module value , unity, direction, and meaning. It is obtained from the sum of all the lengths traveled by an object.

It is obtained from the difference in the length value of an endpoint and an initial point of an object. Related topics.

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Difference between Distance and Displacement

May 27,  · Displacement is the shortest length between the initial position and final position of the body. Distance is a scalar quantity. Displacement is a vector quantity. It has magnitude . Distance: Displacement 1. It is the actual length of path followed by the body while moving between two positions. 1. It is the linear distance between the initial and final positions of a . The basic difference between Distance and displacement is that distance is the length of a path between two points and displacement is the shortest distance between two points. .