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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

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Betting in football

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Push — Your wager ended in a tie. If you bet on a 7-point favorite and they won the game by seven, you're getting your initial wager back. If you bet on the game going over 40 points and it finished , you're getting your initial wager back. Future Wager — Betting on a long-term event.

Future wagers can be team-related, such as winning a division, conference, or league championship. Or, they could be for an individual to win an MVP award, lead the league in passing, etc. Parlay — A parlay is a multi-wager bet that requires all of the legs to win in order for you to cash your ticket. The more teams you include, the more money you can potentially win. Teaser — A teaser is a special kind of parlay where the bettor gets assistance on the point spread for a decreased payout.

The most common football teaser is a 6-point, two-team teaser. The bettor selects two teams, and gets six points added or subtracted from each of their point spreads. If you are looking at a 3-point underdog, a 6-point teaser would now give them nine points in the game. If you are looking at an 8-point favorite, a 6-point teaser would now require them to win the game by more than two points instead of eight. Each leg of the teaser has to hit in order for the ticket to cash.

The Hook — Winning or losing your bet by a half-point. In football, games finishing with a final margin of 3 or 7 are most common. The rotation number is a 3-digit number that you'll see in front of the team names. Ticket writers speak in numbers, not team names. They rely on that rotation number to eliminate all confusion between themselves and the bettor. Know the rotation number of the game that you are interested in betting. The point spread: When looking at the odds board, the favorite will be displayed with a minus sign in front of the spread.

That is the number of points that team has to win the game by in order to cover the spread. You won't see a number for the other team, the underdog, because it's understood that they are receiving the same number of points. The underdog can lose the game, as long as it's not by more than the points they are being given. Betting on the moneyline means that your team just needs to win the game. There are no point spreads involved. Who would want to bet on a football game between the best team in the league and the worst?

The outcome gets a lot more interesting when you give the bad team a point head start. Betting on the favorite with the point spread requires that team to win the contest by a certain amount of points. Betting on the underdog with the point spread will allow that team to lose the contest, as long as it's not by more than the posted number. You are wagering on how many total points both teams will score in the contest.

Bonus offers can also affect payout times dramatically. If you have a pending claim to a promotional deal, you likely need to play it through first before you can withdraw. Otherwise, debit options like Visa and Mastercard bank cards and eWallets like Skrill and PayPal offer the fastest online payouts. If you want to avoid wagering requirements, read this article on BetRivers NY sportsbook , which famously has a 1x playthrough requirement for its welcome bonus.

Now, states are free to legalize and regulate sports betting as they see fit, with over 30 states and Washington, D. Part of the reason for the sudden change of heart was the rapid growth and booming success of daily fantasy sports DFS sites. FanDuel pioneered the industry in , while its main competitor DraftKings entered the fray in Both companies now have online casino and sportsbook properties throughout the USA.

However, the immense amount of revenue it generated in the 41 states where it's legal convinced both leagues and states of the potential revenue legal sports betting could generate. In the years to come, the best legal football sportsbooks in the US will continue to try to gain footholds in new markets as states legalize football betting by offering huge welcome bonuses and generous perks for sports bettors. Learning how to make online bets on football can go a long way toward your overall success.

We created a football betting strategy guide so you know what the basics look like. There are several bet types to become familiar with, and knowing the popular leagues and teams is a must. Before you bet football games with any of your hard-earned money, it's worth taking a few moments to learn common terms and house rules and what they mean.

Plus, it helps you understand how bookmakers set their lines and what to watch out for before you place bets on football. Choose a Football Betting Site Pick some football sportsbooks using links on our list. Open an account Create your online betting accounts.

Make a deposit Choose a payment method and deposit your funds. Consider the Bonus Offer Decide which football betting bonuses are worth claiming. Choose the type of bet Consider the types of bets available for each matchup. Place Your Bets Decide how much to stake and make your bet. Wait for the Results Watch the game or follow live stats updates.