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Cryptocurrency tools online

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CryptoPanic CryptoPanic is another favorite tool of mine that helps me stay on top of the news from the cryptosphere. Crypto is a relatively a small market which is highly influenced by news. This helps in solidifying your crypto strategy.

Plus, you can get the feature to follow your chosen YouTube channels, Reddit thread and Twitter accounts to accurately gauge the sentiments of the market. You have the option to these things on your mobile also as CryptoPanic provides apps for both iOS and Android. CoinMarketMan CoinMarketMan is the most sophisticated crypto trading journaling app that you can use right now.

It works with almost all the popular crypto trading exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, FTX to name a few. It also works with spot, margin, and future market. Coin Market manager automatically imports the trades from connected exchanges, and helps you analyze your trading setup and your overall win and loss. For a serious crypto trader, this tool helps in understanding which setup is working best for you, and helps you in improving your overall crypto trading setup.

If you are a beginner, you may not realize the importance of trading journaling, but this is something that you should use , and once you are accustomed to journaling, you will understand the benefit of it. All you need to understand what different metrics meant, and what kind of indicator it is.

We may do a detailed review of Glassnode studio in days to come, for now do bookmark Glassnode, as it would help you in better analyze a cryptocurrency. Just like Glassnode, it provides a ton of on-chain data, on-exchange data, social data to help you decide overall price movement of any cryptocurrency. There is a free plan, and a paid plan available for Santiment. I often use this tool to understand the coin accumulation action, as it helps in determining the future price projection of a coin.

I believe you should spend some time understanding different metrics of Santiment, and you will have more data under your disposal to make an informed decision. The same concept applies to crypto. But where to find the real rumor and news? I have been using CoinMarketCal, an evidence-based, community-driven cryptocurrency calendar for 6 months now. It is a perfect, free tool, to know the authentic news and rumors about your favorite cryptocurrency.

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