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Gator oscillator forex

A green bar reflects a rise in the difference the bar is larger than the previous one , while a red bar is formed when the difference declines the bar is smaller than the previous one. As with the Alligator oscillator, the Gator also has four different stages of everyday life.

Because both Gator and Alligator oscillators depend on readings derived from moving averages, they will logically be most effective in trending market conditions. In general, positions are opened as the Gator awakens and are kept through the trends exhaustion phase until both sides of the indicator turn red.

A more conservative way to trade is to lock in profits and exit positions in the third phase gator is sated , when one of the sides turns red. This of course will reduce the return level, but will diminish risk as well. Sated running out of momentum Green bars indicate strengthening of a trend, red bars weakening The Gator oscillator appears in a separate box underneath the asset's price chart as a histogram made up of green and red bars.

Each time period is represented by two bars, one on top of the other. Sometimes they are both green, sometimes both red and sometimes they are both colours. A green bar indicates that a trend is stronger than previous price action, while a red bar indicates it is weaker than previous price action.

The image below shows how the Gator oscillator appears on a chart: A green bar indicates that a trend is becoming stronger than the previous price action, while a red bar indicates it is becoming weaker. The gator's four phases The following shows you each of the four phases: Sleep phase During the Gator sleeps phase, both bars are red. The chart below shows this in action: The Gator sleeps phase Awakening phase The Gator awakens phase follows the Gator sleeps phase and can be recognised when one of the red bars turns green.

It does not matter whether the red or green bar is above or below the zero line, as long as there is one of each. The chart below shows this in action: Eating phase During the Gator eats phase, both bars turn green again. The chart below shows this in action: Sated phase The Gator's sated phase follows the Gator eats phase and occurs when one of the green bars turns red.

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It removes lag by using multiple Exponential Moving Averages EMA , making it more valuable as a moving average indicator. It is unclear how this moving average does this, but it does tend to work. Visually, you would notice how this moving average tends to hug price action much closer compared to other moving averages.

Gator Oscillator The Gator Oscillator is an oscillating indicator developed by one of the most popular traders Bill Williams. This indicator is part of a set of indicators which he uses for his trading strategy. The Gator Oscillator is a unique kind of trading indicator as it is able to measure trend strength. It does this by printing vertical lines on its own window, which changes colors whenever it detects a change in trend strength.

This indicator proposes four market phases: sleeping, awakening, eating and sated. The initial market phase, which is the sleeping phase, pertains to when the market trend is still weak. The indicator shows this by printing a solid red line. Then, as the market starts to awaken, the line then becomes divided into two colors, red and green. The bottom bar depicts the difference between the red teeth and the green lip line. The GO calculates and shifts the balance lines into the future according to the amount set by the traders.

If the moving averages get plotted on the charts, the jaw will be blue, the teeth will be in red, and the lip will be green. A green bar depicts the rise while the red bar indicates a fall. It has also four stages that are also important to know about in order to interpret the indicator. How go interpret the Gator Oscillator? The interpretation of the Gator Oscillator demands traders to know about the four stages of the oscillator.

The Gator Oscillator is in sleeping mode when there are red bars on either side of the naught line. The GO indicator is in awakening mode when one sidebar turns green while the remains red. The indicator is in the eating phase when there are green bars on either side and hence the difference between the two sets of moving averages also grows. The Gator Oscillator is a sated mode when one of the two sides turns red again. It generally indicates a decelerating trend and also preceded an upcoming reversal of the trend.

How to trade with the indicator? The Gator Oscillator is most effective for trading in trending market conditions.

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Most professional traders make profitable returns consistently. To become a successful trader, you must invest time in learning forex and develop a profitable trading strategy that suits your trading style. You can find hundreds of forex indicators like Gator Oscillator Indicator on our website that can help you in building your trading strategy. If the trades are profitable, stick to that strategy.

If not, then move to another strategy. You can go to our forex strategies section to explore the latest trading strategies.

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Gator Oscillator - Forex Indicator

Description The Gator Oscillator comprises two histograms showing degree of convergence/divergence of Williams Alligator study plots. The upper histogram represents the difference between values of Jaw and Teeth plots, the . AdTo create a Forex trading robot, there is a much simpler alternative, the FX-eTrader tool. It allows to quickly create a trading robot without any programming experienceAutomated Trading · Any Time · 24 Hours · High Success Rate. Gator Oscillator Indicator Forex. Thank you to all those nice people who help us to make money as I had lost everything, with this system I too can have a dream, thank you, may god be with you.