cryptocurrency hedge fund trading strategies
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Cryptocurrency hedge fund trading strategies progressive football betting strategy

Cryptocurrency hedge fund trading strategies

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Contact Us Leave your contact info and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. Sixty-eight percent of the funds also said that crypto assets are outside the scope of their current investment mandates. More than half of the fund managers surveyed said they don't know enough about digital assets to invest in them. Anticipating that these intriguing investment opportunities can arise outside of their usual area of expertise, hedge fund managers give themselves a small amount of wiggle room to invest opportunistically," Lebowitz Hughes said.

Also, managers can set up separate accounts or co-invest agreements with select investors, who often approach the fund requesting exposure to an out-of-box asset class or private investment outside of the flagship vehicle. Strategies used by traditional funds investing in crypto The firms asked traditional hedge funds that invest in digital assets what investment strategies they use.

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