ethereal hdmi cable
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Ethereal hdmi cable

However to achieve these amazing super fast speeds and the best in 4K resolutions, this cable does require power, and uses a 3' Micro USB cable to achieve this. Whether your an integrator working on a new project, or a home theater enthusiast that wants the fastest speeds and best in 4K for video and audio signal transmission in your system, the EHV-HDAOC Velox Active Optical Fiber HDMI cable is definitely the right choice to ensure you or your customers are receiving the best possible resolutions and ensure compatibility between an array or source and displays.

The cable comes with two ribbon HDMI jumper cables. It does require power at both ends of the cable. Typically one end can almost always plug one end into the display. Included as well is a wall wart power supply for the source end. Student, Military, First-responder Discounts Student, Military, First-Responder Discounts DataVision proudly supports all of the hardworking students and the incredibly brave military and first responders.

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