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Ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen ufc das trader pro forex

Ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen ufc

Ortiz won their first bout back in , but has gone in his last eight fights. Griffin is since winning the UFC light heavyweight Championship in Both previous matches between these two fighters ended in a split decision. Dong Hyun Kim , who has only one loss on his record, is favored over Demian Maia. The last seven fights for Maia have ended in a decision, where he has gone It looks like a toss-up in the fight between Ivan Menjivar and Mike Easton. Menjivar has won his last three fights, while Easton is on a seven fight win streak.

The bookmakers predict that The Spider will earn an unprecedented 11th consecutive title defense and repeat his victory over Sonnen, despite the beating he took the last time the two fighters entered the octagon. Sonnen may have left that match without a title courtesy of a triangle armbar from the champ , but he certainly left an impression on Silva — broken rips meant the 6-foot-2 striker was out of contention for a year after their bout.

Accusations of performance-enhancing drugs, along with run-ins with the law outside of MMA, mean that Chael has had issues outside the cage. Despite the distractions, he won his last two fights, going three rounds with Michael Bisping. Silva has successfully defended his title twice since his last bout with Sonnen, and the ex-boxer will hope to increase his knock-out tally to 19 on July 7th. That said, Sonnen got strikes on Silva the last time the two met — more than he received in his previous 11 matches.

Ortiz was victorious when they first met in , leaving judges with a tough decision split and fans with the Fight of the Year.

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Griffin pushes the pace and Ortiz will have trouble keeping up with that pace for 3 rounds. Patrick Cote vs. Le lost to Wanderlei his last time out and Cote should beat Le. Dong Hyun Kim vs. Kim is my top pick this weekend on the main card after looking at all of the fights. Kim is a tough welterweight and his only loss was against Condit last year. Maia is making a drop from middleweight to welterweight and this is his debut at the new weight class.

Maia was threatening in the past, but not anymore. Chad Mendes vs. There is really no betting value, but I think Chad should win by decision. Silva is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under the Nogueira brothers, so he is not out of the fight if the action hits the ground—not by a long shot. He can also work his hips up for a triangle choke—his best offensive weapon from the guard.

Despite his ground proficiencies, Silva will be the first to admit that he wants no part of fighting from his back against a grinder like Sonnen. That means he needs to get Sonnen out of there as early as possible in order to avoid winding up on his back.

Thus, I expect Silva to counter with vengeful punches, just like he did against Griffin, when Sonnen attacks. The keys to victory, therefore, are very straightforward for each man. Silva must aggressively counter on the feet and use good lateral movement to try and keep Sonnen from cutting off the cage and tying him up.

Even the best wrestlers have terribly difficult times trying to deal with the expert in the Thai clinch. If he finds himself on the ground, Silva should remain active with his transitions because Sonnen is very susceptible to being submitted. All three of his UFC losses and 70 percent of his career losses came by way of submission. There is no doubt that Silva has the game to take an over-extended arm and roll into an arm bar or slide up his hips for a triangle. Sonnen has never submitted an A-level fighter in his career.

So, there is no real risk for Silva opening his guard and working feverishly to get back to his feet in order to avoid losing round after round on the cards by fighting from his back. Sonnen has but a single key to victory: takedowns. He knows that he cannot out strike Silva.

Sure, he may land a lottery winning punch and score an improbable knockout. Anyone can do that on any given night. In order to maximize the odds of getting a takedown, Sonnen should charge forward like he does in every fight, but he should not wildly throw punches while closing the distance. Silva will destroy him in that scenario. The better approach is to feint while rushing in. Silva will continually reload his counter and circle in the face of feints. As soon as Sonnen sees that Silva is within a step of the cage, he should fully commit to exploding for a takedown or a Greco-style clinch.

If he steps backward into the cage, it will cause him to hesitate, even if only briefly, as his mind processes the change in the environment and recalculates how to counter. Sonnen must take advantage of that hesitation by finishing the takedown, if he is to have any chance at all of winning. He needs to avoid unnecessary changes like the bubonic plague.

Sonnen needs to stay aggressive on the ground, if he is successful at transitioning the fight to that position. Staying aggressive, though, does not mean attacking recklessly. The goal is to win by unanimous decision or, alternatively, to seek a stoppage in the championship rounds after battering Silva for plus minutes on the ground.

He is the rightful betting favorite. Sonnen will be wading into the heart of darkness each time he presses forward with his nascent standup in search of a takedown. That is not a comforting thought for anyone, including the challenger. Yet, if Sonnen is able to avoid a fight-ending counter, he should be able to execute takedowns after closing the distance.

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Uk horse racing betting rules of texas The bookmakers predict that The Spider will earn an unprecedented 11th consecutive title defense and repeat his victory over Sonnen, despite the beating he took the last time the two fighters entered the octagon. Silva hasn't lost an MMA fight since January 20,and it looks like the Las Vegas odds makers feel that he is going to win again. Good luck, Maniacs. Since that correspondence, the line moved again to Silva. We also heard "The Spider" blow his lid from the pressure on a conference call and get in Sonnen's face at the pre-fight press conference before reportedly telling him, "you're going to die. The last seven fights for Maia have ended in a decision, where he has gone

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6/23/ · Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen. bookmaker1xbet.website Odds. Silva () Sonnen (+) bookmaker1xbet.website Odds. Silva () Sonnen (+) Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves. . 7/6/ · ADVERTISEMENT: Bet on Silva vs Sonnen odds at shops such as 5Dimes which offer the most lines and best prices. If you think that Sonnen can get the job done and stay out . UFC Silva vs. Sonnen odds & betting lines. UFC/MMA odds comparison service. Compare the latest UFC/MMA fight odds and betting lines from the top online sportsbooks.