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Ethereal auroras skyrim se

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If you give the Crown to a follower, its stored effect will not work on the follower. This item is fully permanent. If you are wearing or carrying the Aetherial Crown when you meet Taron Dreth , he will notice it and ask where you found it. The player is given a hidden Aetherial Crown perk xx00D00A at the end of Lost to the Ages quest, which is required for the crown to function.

This means that the crown spawned via console will not work unless the quest is completed. Since the said perk is scripted into the crown, taking it via console will render the crown useless, and the player will be able to take two standing stones even if they don't equip it. Bugs[ edit ] The Aetherial Crown can be tempered with a Dwarven Metal Ingot , but since it has no armor rating, tempering increases only its value.

This issue has been addressed by version 1. If you are an Argonian or a Khajiit and have the Ancient Shrouded Cowl or the Worn Shrouded Cowl, you can equip the crown and the Cowl, then switch the crown with another item, the crown's effect will stay active. If the Lord Stone is stored, sometimes equipping and unequipping the crown will cause the armor increase to happen after the crown is removed, and decreased returned to normal when equipped. You can use Become Ethereal to take aim.

This is particularly useful in situations where you are outnumbered, as it gives you a window to aim at whichever opponent you prefer, without being staggered or damaged. The visual effect of the shout is virtually identical to the night vision abilities of vampires Vampire's Sight and Khajiit Night Eye , making it viable as a short-term night vision ability.

You can run without draining Stamina. Notes[ edit ] You cannot activate this shout while airborne. If you want to use it to survive fall damage, you have to activate the shout before jumping off the cliff, not right before you land. Sprinting while ethereal doesn't drain stamina. Most potions won't work while ethereal. Nothing combative can be done in this form, but even a few seconds of reprieve from a difficult situation can be useful. It is necessary to start, but not necessary to finish, The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller in order to have all three words.

It is possible to waste certain powers if they are used during this shout.

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