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Value investing blog singapore food forex trading tax uk salary

Value investing blog singapore food

How are you, man? Good, good. So Michael has a very interesting substack called Asian Century Stocks. And on that substack, he just finds all of these companies all over Asia, mostly East and Southeast Asia, and writes analyses on these companies, and he has a portfolio, etc.

So just as an example, some recent reports he wrote, he wrote about a Japanese railways company, some Chinese instant noodles company, a goldmine in the Philippines, a casino operator in Singapore, some Indonesian baby diapers, a conglomerate in Hong Kong, some palm oil plantation in Malaysia. But the main focus seems to be value. So Michael, why value stocks in that part of the world?

And there are many ways you can justify investing in the region. And they are in completely different industries. And what percentage of your own portfolio is allocated to these Asian value stocks? I came here The first time I came to Asia was as an exchange student to India of all places. And that was a great experience. I ended up wanting to go back. I did so by studying Chinese in Peking University in China. And after that, I found a job in Shanghai working for a fund.

And then I spent over 10 years working on the buy side for different funds, family office, hedge fund. I spend a lot of time analyzing and thinking about them, and I want to have the greatest portion of my assets in stocks that I really have conviction in. So my learning is that a lot of these stocks are value traps in many ways. So what are your thoughts on this and how do you avoid investing in such stocks?

Because if a stock is really undervalued and the management cares about it, they can easily just repurchase shares, and that undervaluation will go away in a few months. So those are the situations that I will look for. And in terms of these cheap stocks that are just mismanaged, what you can do is you can invest in companies that have activist investors in their shareholder register, and they may be able to affect change in them.

So if you are a minority investor in these companies that are currently targeted by activist investors, then you could potentially make money in these, you know, stocks that have been cheap for a very long time. So I would say always look for a specific catalyst. That makes sense. And how are you— because I mean, the whole situation right now is very complicated in the world with the energy crisis, with the food crisis.

Prices are shooting up for the two. And quite a few countries in your region are net importers of both. So how are you— is that impacting your portfolio? Are you reallocating? How are you approaching the situation? And you can also see the high commodity price as a catalyst, because some of these companies will have amazing dividend yields. But I think definitely double digits, I think. So pretty attractive. They used to have a PE ratio of 11 times, roughly. The Yen has been weak for different reason.

But it is an importer, and the Philippines is often an importer, the currency has also weakened. So if you want to have exposure to countries that benefit from the current commodity boom, then you probably want to have exposure to Indonesia and Malaysia, to be honest. For some reason, this has been a calm, you know, in a global sea of volatility.

I see the same with my shares on various small African exchanges, and in Uzbekistan, as well. And then the high dividends keep coming in. So when I look at China, and I look at Chinese stocks, and I look at some of these, especially the value ones that you mentioned in your substack, that are very attractive, very well managed, they have operations all over the world, etc.

Western retail investors are going to get immediately locked out of their Chinese stocks, not just by the Chinese, but also by their own governments in the West. And this potentially could apply to Hong Kong as well. Because as soon as something happens, boom, you get frozen, and you get punished.

And I mean, Russia is just, you know, the most vivid example, but there are many countries that have imposed restrictions on capital outflows. And if there is an Iron Curtain being erected or, in Asia, they call it Bamboo Curtain, it could well happen. Otherwise, it will be stupid to keep all the money in bank accounts, you would lose purchasing power.

And I agree with you, you probably do not want to have too much exposure to Chinese equities as a foreigner versus as a Chinese, yes, of course, you should invest in your local market. And then I will probably not reinvest in Chinese equities. Because I think the private companies are increasingly at risk of being targeted by the states.

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Value investing blog singapore food Cheap things can continue to remain cheap if the stock does not have a stable operational business or they have an execution problem. Satisfying such a constraint is made easier by sector diversification and a tilt towards the most profitable and least risky value stocks. Past performance is no guarantee for future returns. However, the let down was the Indonesia and china operations. So what are your thoughts on and how do you avoid investing in such stocks? Huat Ah!
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Betting betfair promotions The little battler tackling the job with their head down, not seeking attention, and overcoming adversity. Alpha male primate can even get cookies! Please note that articles may contain technical language. Email Value stocks have underperformed severely in recent years, leading many read more to question the relevance of value investing or even to contemplate its demise. And in terms of these cheap stocks that are just mismanaged, what you can do is you can invest in companies that have activist investors in their shareholder register, and they may be able to affect change in them. Value stocks trade at low prices relative to their fundamental values.
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Man uses bitcoin to buy pizza It is imperative, biologically and socially. The Yen has been weak for different reason. Prices are shooting up for the two. Free cash-flow continue to decline and remain unstable during this period. The SGX Orb Awards was first launched in to recognise excellence in financial journalism and content in an evolving media landscape. Current yield is around 3. Second rule: don't forget the first rule.
Value investing blog singapore food Overall, we find that our sustainable US value multi-factor equity strategy has outperformed the non-sustainable US traditional value index in the last few years. That makes sense. Malaysia constantly has oversupply. So those are the situations that I will look for. Whether Food Junction becomes a great play will depend a lot on this 2 factors. Huat Ah! This document does not constitute investment advice.
Bitcoin mit technology review Sector-diversified value strategies with small or no sector biases have significantly outperformed more traditional value strategies that tend to tilt their exposures toward sectors with lower absolute valuations. And the other markets in Asia are not easy to get access to. Further reading. Rest of the expenses are climbing but the main issue have to be these 3. Not so much for revenue, for it was able to increase at a slow growth rate.

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You also need to understand what makes each company unique. For instance, one company might manufacture widgets while another manufactures steel beams. Both companies produce goods but only one produces widgets. Successful value investors read books, magazines and newspapers to get information about the economy, politics, technology, etc.

Also, talk to people who work in related industries. They can give you insights into the trends in the industry. What are the key characteristics of value investing? The key characteristics of value investing are that value investors believe that investors are irrational, there is intrinsic value in the selected stocks, abide by a margin of safety, and have patience. To start off, they believe that investors are irrational and that stock prices do not accurately reflect its fair price.

Therefore, creating opportunities for the value investor. Value investors believe that there is an inherent value in the selected stocks. They also believe that there is a margin of safety built into the stock. The margin of safety refers to the difference between the current price of the stock and its intrinsic value.

The larger the margin of safety, the higher the returns. How do I choose my investments? Before choosing any particular stock, you must first decide what kind of investor you want to be. Do you prefer to buy individual stocks or unit trusts? Are you interested in long-term investments or short-term trades? In addition, you need to consider your risk tolerance. Some people like to play it safe and avoid risks, whereas others enjoy taking big gambles.

Finally, you need to think about your time horizon. A person who wants to retire in 20 years may not care as much about returns as someone who needs the money now. Once you have decided what type of investor you are, you can start looking for potential investments.

Here are some questions that will help you: 1 What is the market capitalisation of the company? Market capitalisation refers to the total value of all outstanding shares of a company. It is calculated by multiplying the number of outstanding shares times the share price. Profits are important because they indicate whether the company is able to generate enough revenue to cover its costs. Competitive advantages come from factors such as lower production costs, better technology, or greater brand awareness.

These advantages allow companies to charge higher prices and sell their products or services to customers at a higher margin. Strong managers tend to make good decisions when confronted with tough situations. They also know how to manage their own resources effectively. Track records show how successful a company has been in the past. But today we have blogs, which can make the learning process a whole lot quicker. There are lots of blogs out there on the subject of value investing , and the quality and content vary widely.

Here are the 10 best value investing blogs for you to follow, and what you can learn from them. The other is the wonderfully eclectic nature of its content, veering from insightful analysis of popular stocks like Apple and Amazon to musings on Tchaikovsky. Expect multiple posts a day, as well as useful resources like a list of books recommended by Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and other gurus.

We believe this to be partially true, but believe that value investing can outperform the market. The draw here is the supremely detailed posts analyzing individual securities , taking extracts from annual reports and investor presentations and explaining what they mean for investors. He looks both at individual stocks and more general investing principles, and his posts are full of detail but easy to follow.

But even if the companies are unfamiliar, the methods are classic value investing, picking over the numbers and trying to uncover value other investors have overlooked. And the breezy writing style makes it fun to read! His posts often introduce interesting research on subjects like negative enterprise value stocks, and present them in a way that the rest of us can understand.

And the worth of this site lies not just in the blog posts, but also in the stock screens to help you find investments that meet the criteria proposed by famed value investor Benjamin Graham. Owner Jae Jun also writes very detailed posts analyzing particular stocks using a variety of valuation methods to show you how value investing works. Creating Your Own Investment Strategy is our flagship course in getting you started on the right track towards building a profitable investment strategy.

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Mar 04,  · Things to look at as a value investor. A value investor seeks to find undervalued stocks by analysing a number of factors such as: 1) Earnings per share – how much cash a Missing: singapore food. Oct 14,  · SGS bonds: Is SGS bonds a good investment to beat inflation? October 11, No Comments. In the latest Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) offering for November that Missing: singapore food. Value Investing is an investment strategy used by valued investors to buy stocks for less than their intrinsic values or in another words, they actively looking to buy undervalued stocks. Value Investing Singapore educates Singaporeans to apply on these value investing strategies through fundamental analysis. This involves the calculated risk to identify the market entry regardless of the current market news and to exercise profit taking when the stock price is much overpriced.