small scale investing in schools in uganda
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Small scale investing in schools in uganda where can i legally bet on sports

Small scale investing in schools in uganda

Teams will be able to tap into and leverage our strong network of public, private, and government partners to accelerate implementation. How It Works Apply for an Innovation Bootcamp Our Innovation Bootcamps are five-day, high-intensity workshops to help your team dive deep into challenges, ideate solutions and refine your project plans. Twice a year, we source up to 10 teams based on a competitive application process with a one percent acceptance rate, offering a life-changing experience with expert mentors and facilitators.

Over 50 percent of participating teams go on to receive funding and support. Take the stage to tell your story and compete for non-dilutive cash awards. We provide dedicated coaching and mentorship to help you develop and refine your winning pitch. Sprint from idea to impact Our Sprint Programme is an intense six-month acceleration programme that matches innovators and startups with exceptional support to sprint from idea to impact.

On average, our Sprint projects hit 69 percent of their targets within six months. Zero in on what works, pre-scale The pre-scale phase is a period to retool and prepare your project before full entry to the Scale-Up Enablement Programme. We provide access to best-in-class mentors and experts to help you zero in on what works and map out your path to scale. Scale-up for global impact We select high-impact innovations for our Scale-Up Enablement Programme, featuring tailored strategic planning, fundraising, communications, knowledge management and mentorship support.

We scale-up innovations that have the potential to significantly disrupt hunger by improving the livelihoods of over , people, increasing efficiency and effectiveness across multiple countries. Graduate within and beyond WFP We match projects with sponsors to enable their sustainable graduation, internally or externally from WFP.

Internally, we provide dedicated support to integrate scale-up projects into relevant WFP divisions or business units. Externally, we provide matchmaking support to help find the best partners and develop exit strategies to help projects become standalone, profitable businesses. Eligibility Requirements If you are a start-up Your start-up must be incorporated at the time of application. It can be for profit or not-for-profit.

Once you get the flywheel going and your job board becomes established with return customers, you can count on a large part of your income to be passive. Platforms like Appy Pie , Adalo , or Bubble make it possible to get started in an industry that got billion downloads in alone. Try using that knowledge to write digital guides for passive income. What you will need to invest is time.

Take the time to research what people are searching for. Google suggestions can be a great place to start. Tools like Ubbersuggest can give you insight into what keywords have high search volumes. You can make passive income through your unique inventions. If you want to outright sell your invention, sites like Invention City and InventMyIdea can help you get started.

To successfully make passive income from audiobooks, there are a few things you need to master first. Some platforms make it easier to get started and land your first few gigs. Check out sites like ACX to learn what you need to make it in the industry. The owner of those machines is earning semi passive income from your snack and soda cravings. You can get in on the fun too with a little research. Starting a passive source of income through vending machines does require an upfront time and money investment.

This is a great guide with tips on how you can get started with your first vending machine. Once you secure areas where you can install them, a route of vending machines makes for a great cash-flowing source of largely passive income. Pair a Shopify storefront with the Digital Downloads app and you have yourself a passive income stream ready to earn money.

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The incentives that are available to investors include both tax incentives and non-tax incentives. The incentives are not giveaways but rather necessary and strategic interventions to catalyse, stimulate and grow investment in the country. An incentive can hold more value than the capital committed initially, with longer-term benefits including raised employment, exports and tax revenue. Incentives are also be used to boost specific sectors of interest for the country.

A key incentive is the Government of Uganda, through the Uganda Investment Authority, offers serviced land in industrial parks and agricultural lands to domestic investors. Major incentives offered in the tax code under the different categories include: Agro-processing percent exemption from tax on income from agro-processing percent exemption on expenditure on scientific research. Exemption on export processing zone on imported raw materials and intermediate goods, machinery and equipment, spare parts for exclusive use in the Free Zone.

Accelerated deductibility of initial allowance in respect of industrial buildings. Machinery and spare parts for direct and exclusive use in mining, are exempted of all import duties under the fifth schedule of the East African Community Customs Management Act.

Exempting the supply of earth moving equipment and machinery for development of free zones and industrial parks. The provision exempts the supply of earth moving equipment and machinery for development of an industrial park or free zone to a developer of an industrial park or free zone. Hence starting your business in Uganda will be quite easy and favorable. This is an advantage for you to start your business here and grow it. Uganda has a highly regulated economy where there are options for free movement of capital within and outside the country.

Hence you can start a business in Uganda at your convenience. Business ideas need good planning and management. You have to research the demand and find out the potential customers of your business. This is a collection of business ideas that have a good demand in Uganda. Hence it is a prospective business idea for you. You can provide IT services that include software installation, data back-up, and recovery, cybersecurity, system maintenance, removal and protection against viruses, troubleshooting, etc.

The advantage of this business is that you can serve several customers at a time and provide many services from your end through remote control software like team viewer etc. You need good online marketing to get more clients. Computer Repair and Maintenance The digital system of Uganda is in constant need of repairing services. If you have the skill, you can start your computer repair and maintenance business in Uganda.

This service is necessary for office set-up as well as homes. You can enter into annual contracts of repair and maintenance with your clients. Correct and prompt services are the keywords of this business. Personal contact along with online and offline marketing is necessary for the growth of your business. Mobile Phone Repair Smartphones have wide popularity and usage in Uganda. Therefore you can start a mobile phone repairing business in this country. Find a busy locality for your shop.

Personal contacts and word of the mouth publicity are important for the growth of your business. App Making Uganda is a fertile market for different kinds of apps. Hence it will be profitable for you to start an app-making business. You can make various apps related to online business, beauty care, fitness, road or vehicle tracking, etc. Health care and pharmacy apps have great demand in Uganda due to the scarcity of doctors.

Online publicity of your app-making company along with a website is important for the growth of your app-making business. Web Designing Websites are much in demand for business enterprises in Uganda. If you are skilled in programming and coding, you can start a web designing business and earn good profits.

You have to understand the business and the mission of your clients to design their websites. Apart from that you must provide content and SEO support and design the website for maximum views and profit maximization of your clients. Digital Marketing Digital marketing services have a good demand in Uganda. Hence it is a good business idea for you. In digital marketing, you have to provide services like online advertising, social media marketing, SEO services, digital ad making, and content support for websites and advertisements.

Good online marketing, as well as personal contacts, are required for your digital marketing business. Computer and Accessories Shop Computers and smartphones are much in demand in Uganda. Therefore starting a computer and smartphone shop will be a profitable business idea for you. Make your shop a one-stop destination for all kinds of computers, laptops, smartphones, and computer accessories.

A good location is very important for your shop. You have to invest in online and offline marketing and advertisements. Mobile Money Transfer Mobile money transfer is gradually becoming popular in Uganda. You can use this popularity and provide mobile money transfer facilities to the people and get paid for each successful transaction.

Find a busy place where people have demands for this service. Your contact and networking will play an important role in getting you more clients. E-Commerce E-commerce is becoming very popular in Uganda. Hence e-commerce can be a viable business idea for you in Uganda.

You can start an online shop of different types of commodities according to your investment and choice. There are options like online shop for grocery and food items, clothing, medicine, electronic goods, and many more items. You will need a good app for your online shop and good logistic support. Online Teaching In Uganda, the demand for education is very high and there is a scarcity of enough educational infrastructures.

If you are an academic person and can invest in a long-term project, you can start an online school in Uganda. Apart from that, there are plenty of opportunities in online private teaching and the students may range from the school level to the college and university level also.

You can even start professional or grooming courses online. Good teaching and well-planned marketing are the main points of success in your online teaching business. Solar Panel Manufacturing Uganda has great potentials in solar energy. The government also gives a lot of priority to the solar energy sector. Hence you can start a solar panel manufacturing business in Uganda. Provide installation and maintenance services along with manufacturing.

Your clientele will include both offices and residential buildings. Proper marketing and publicity will make your solar panel manufacturing business more profitable. Watermelon Farming Watermelon is one of the most favorite fruits of the Ugandans.

Hence watermelon farming is a very lucrative business idea for you. The fertile soil of the country is very good for growing watermelon. Start your watermelon farm on a big plot of land, using good seeds and fertilizers. You can also do organic cultivation for better profits.

Create a good network of sales of the fruits either locally or arrange for quick transport in the markets. Dairy Farming Dairy farming is a lucrative business in Uganda due to the high demand for dairy products. Therefore start your dairy farming business with cows as well as goats and sell the milk. However, instead of selling directly, you can send the milk to a processing unit.

You can also set up a processing unit along with your farm and sell the processed milk. In that case, you need a good sales network.