quinella betting strategies for march
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Quinella betting strategies for march betdaq mobile betting app

Quinella betting strategies for march

The Kentucky Oaks has drawn 15 entries — 14 in the main body of the field, plus one also-eligible. Six short weeks ago, 7 Echo Zulu was shaping up as clear favorite to win the Kentucky Oaks. The 90 Brisnet Speed rating Echo Zulu received was lower than the figures in the range she posted at age 2.

The question is, was Echo Zulu short of peak fitness in her first run of the season? Or has she lost the talent advantage she held as a juvenile? And can she bounce back with a stronger effort in the Kentucky Oaks, or is Echo Zulu vulnerable? This effort produced a strong 98 Brisnet Speed rating, and Nest is eligible to keep improving with distance and maturity. If Kathleen O. A punter is required to select two horses which will finish first and second in a race, in any order.

A quinella is a form of pool betting. Punters make their selections, and all stakes are combined in the betting pool. The operator the TAB in Australia takes out their commission called the takeout , and the remaining pool is split between all punters with the winning combination. It's important to note that the more the winners there are, the less the dividend will be. The quinella bet is popular with punters because it usually offers better priced dividends, then say a win bet.

Quinella vs Exacta A quinella and exacta are very similar, with one basic difference. A quinella requires the punter to select the horses that will finish in first and second, in any order. An exacta also requires the punter to select the horses that will finish in first and second, but in the correct order. What Does a Quinella Cost? Punters can of course stake more if they wish, and their return will be multiplied based on the size of that stake.

How are Quinella Odds Calculated? Quinella odds are simply a result of how much is in the betting pool. Once the takeout is removed by the operator, the remaining pool is divided by the number of winning combinations. The resulting amount is the dividend paid to all winners.

The final quinella odds won't be known until after the race, as they're constantly changing due to the amount of money in the pool and the different combinations that have been entered by punters. Therefore it is not possible to work out the actual quinella odds until after the race. Quinella Betting Strategies There are a myriad of different quinella betting strategies that punters can use. As the quinella requires you to select the first two placegetters, punters will often target it when they feel two horses are well clear of the rest of the field in quality.

Or perhaps, when one is clear and there's some value to be had with another runner. How To Bet a Quinella Betting a quinella is simple, and you can do it with any online bookmaker. Just head to your race, and there'll be a quinella option under exotics.

Make your selection and get betting! That's totally up to you! Like all betting, quinella betting is risk versus reward. You should bet in line with what you perceive your chances of winning to be, and only bet more when you believe there's a greater chance of winning. Is a Flexi Bet Available on a Quinella?

Yes, flexi betting is available on quinellas. Your flexi percentage will increase the more you stake on your bet. How Much is the Quinella Pool?

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Keeler Johnson November 7th, All of the different wager types in horse racing, one of the most underappreciated is surely the quinella. The quinella requires bettors to select the top two finishers in a race, but without identifying the exact order of finish. As a result, some folks view the quinella as a redundant wager. Quinella wagering strategies So how should you play the quinella? If you feel two horses in a race are clearly best, but have no opinion on which is superior, the quinella is good bet to play.

You can spend your wagering budget on a single ticket, which maximizes your return on investment without spending a dime on backup combinations. You can also use more than two horses in a quinella. You can combine an entire field into one Quinella box if you like, although this would likely be a highly unprofitable wager.

Many casual bettors will play three or four contenders in a Quinella box when their handicapping fails to turn up a solid win play, or simply because they want to make sure they cash a ticket. To calculate the cost of a Quinella box, you multiply the number of horses in the box by the number of horses in the box minus one. This may be true in theory, but it is not always true in practice, especially at tracks where the betting pools are small.

A Quinella wager, in this case, would be the more profitable and smarter bet. While the above may seem like simple math, it is missed by most casual bettors and many seasoned handicappers who have resigned themselves to thinking that Quinellas pay only half as much as Exactas.

It is these same players who will also bet Quinella boxes when they cannot determine the winner of a race from among three or four contenders. Because Quinella boxes result in the same amount being bet on each possible combination in the box, when in fact each combination does not have an equal probability of winning, they create inefficiencies in the wagering pools. Checking the probable Quinella payoffs and comparing them with the probable Exacta payoffs can offer additional insights into inefficiencies in the pools.

Combinations of favorites and combinations of longshots are generally overbet and pay less than they should.

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