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Sanderson , a Scottish zoologist. Similarly, Sanderson published a series of books that assisted in developing hallmarks of cryptozoology, including Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life Wall in the summer issue of the International Society of Cryptozoology newsletter. My suggestion is 'cryptid', meaning a living thing having the quality of being hidden or unknown Lack and Jacques Rousseau note that the subculture's focus on what it deems to be "cryptids" is a pseudoscientic extension of older belief in monsters and other similar entities from the folklore record, yet with a "new, more scientific-sounding name: cryptids".

Most famously, these include the Loch Ness Monster , Bigfoot , the chupacabra , as well as other "imposing beasts that could be labeled as monsters". In their search for these entities, cryptozoologists may employ devices such as motion-sensitive cameras, night-vision equipment, and audio-recording equipment.

While there have been attempts to codify cryptozoological approaches, unlike biologists, zoologists, botanists, and other academic disciplines, however, "there are no accepted, uniform, or successful methods for pursuing cryptids".

Adherents often misrepresent the academic backgrounds of cryptozoologists. What is rarely mentioned, however, is that he had no training that would qualify him to undertake competent research on exotic animals. This raises the specter of 'credential mongering', by which an individual or organization feints a person's graduate degree as proof of expertise, even though his or her training is not specifically relevant to the field under consideration.

This may occur during a closer examination by experts or upon confession of the hoaxer. Science writer Sharon A. Hill observes that the Young Earth creationist segment of cryptozoology is "well-funded and able to conduct expeditions with a goal of finding a living dinosaur that they think would invalidate evolution. Card says that " Creationists have embraced cryptozoology and some cryptozoological expeditions are funded by and conducted by creationists hoping to disprove evolution.

He observes that "[p]eople who actively search for Loch Ness monsters or Mokele Mbembe do it entirely as creationist ministers. They think that if they found a dinosaur in the Congo it would overturn all of evolution. It wouldn't. It would just be a late-occurring dinosaur, but that's their mistaken notion of evolution. Thomas comments that, "while the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter are flirting with pseudoarchaeology , coquettishly whispering pseudoarchaeological rhetoric, they are each fully in bed with cryptozoology" and observes that "Young-earth creationists and cryptozoologists make natural bed fellows.

As with pseudoarchaeology, both young-earth creationists and cryptozoologists bristle at the rejection of mainstream secular science and lament a seeming conspiracy to prevent serious consideration of their claims. Media coverage of purported "cryptids" often fails to provide more likely explanations, further propagating claims made by cryptozoologists.

Card summarizes cryptozoology in a survey of pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology : Cryptozoology purports to be the study of previously unidentified animal species. I feel like it's a unique course and I'm proud to have this certificate in my profile now!

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At this time he described the creature as having a 20 foot long neck with a head that looked like that of a horse. At least three hundred sightings of Champ have been made and many of these people believe that Champ is a species of prehistoric marine reptile that managed to survive extinction, much like the Loch Ness Monster. Chullachaqui Chullachaqui is native to the jungles of Brazil and Peru and was first sighted in Sightings of Chullachaqui have been made recently.

This small creature is described as looking like a small boy with the face of an old man, small eyes and mouth, a curved nose and just one foot. No odor or noise has been associated with this crypto-zoological creature.

The Chullachaqui is believed to live in the Chullachaquicaspi tree that has some similar characteristics to the Chullachaqui spirit. According to legends that surround the Chullachaqui spirit, this creature kidnaps children in order to turn them in to Chullachaquis as well. Some believe that Chullachaquis are simply mischievous and responsible for making travelers lose their way in the forest. The creature is most known for attacking livestock and drinking their blood — most commonly this livestock is comprised of goats.

The physical appearance of Chupacabra varies depending on the eyewitness description. Many believe however, that this creature is approximately the size of a small bear and it has spines that begin at the neck and follow through to the base of the tail. While there have been many claimed sightings of the Chupacabra, most reports within the United States and Mexico have been found to be canines affected by mange.

Doyarchu The doyarchu is also referred to as the water dog and is commonly seen on the Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland as well as in Sraheens Lough Lake. The doyarchu is a water dweller and is said to have a body akin to that of a dog and an otter hybrid but is as large as a crocodile.

The skin or fur of the creature is said to be closely held to the body like that of an otter and have almost a slimy appearance. Those who have seen doyarchu note that it has large hind legs much like other aquatic animals and very large paws as well as an otter like head. Doyarchu is also said to have a long neck and a long tail. Some researchers in the area believe that the doyarchu could actually be a juvenile Loch Ness monster or perhaps simply a seal of unknown species.

The doyarchu are believed to travel in pairs and are said to be particularly aggressive towards humans as well as dogs. The doyarchu is said to be a monogamous creature that will seek out any man that kills its partner to attack him even if it means the creatures own death.

According to those who have seen it, this creature stands between 3 to 4 feet tall and has a large watermelon shaped head with two bright orange and green glowing eyes. The creature also reportedly had no nose or mouth. No scent or sound has been associated with the Dover demon. Those who have seen the creature say that it appeared to move much like a child when it walked or climbed but when humans approach it, it runs away faster than any human could.

Some believe that the Dover demon is the same as the mannegishi described by the Cree Indians. These humanoid creatures were very thin with long arms and legs and no nose or mouth as described by those who have seen the Dover demon. According to the legend of the Cree, the mannegishi communicate through telepathy and breathe directly through their skin. The creature was first sighted in ancient times and was last seen in the late 19th century.

Those who have seen depictions of Ebu Gogo describe it as looking much like a little gremlin. According to noted sightings the Ebu Gogo is a small creature that has a hair covered body. This small creature has disproportionately long arms and a large belly as well as quite large ears. The Ebu Gogo walks bipedally and appears to have an uncomfortable pace. No sighting of this creature has ever noted it as talking to anyone; however, they have been noted as repeating words that were spoken to them or muttering indistinguishably.

Fast climbers and strong creatures, the Ebu Gogo are capable and willing to eat anything and everything according to legend, including people. According to local legends however, the Ebu Gogo is a formidable creature and is used to scare children much like the boogie man is used to scare children in the United States.

At one point the island of Flores was believed to have belonged to a small race of people not unlike the Ebu Gogo. Once the humans noted this destruction they drove the Ebu Gogo away by hunting them which angered the Ebu Gogo and caused them to become vengeful. At one point it is said that these creatures even stole a baby from a local village! No very recent sightings of this creature have been noted.

Elmendorf Beast The Elmendorf beast has been sighted in Elmendorf, Texas and has only been sighted in According to the sightings of the beast it was similar to a coyote in size and had bluish skin but no hair. Locals believed that the creature was responsible for feeding on chickens of local farms and for a while many believed that it was the Chupacabra. One witness to the Elmendorf beast described it as weighing around 20 pounds and looking like a malnourished dog, he shot the creature and found that it had scaled skin and an overbite.

Upon research of the skull of the animal at the San Antonio Zoo it was concluded that the animal was likely a canid of sorts and had suffered from sarcoptic mange which caused it to lose all of its natural hair. One researcher believed that the creature was perhaps a coyote and dog hybrid.

At the time of its sighting the eyewitness said the monster appeared to be between four and five feet tall and had a grey body. Unusually the monster is said to have had three legs and two short arms that came out of its chest rather than the sides of its body. The eyes of the beast were described as being red. The eyewitness of the Enfield Monster said that it made a noise as if it were a cat.

With the sighting of this beast being at night and being described in such an unusual manner, many believe that the eyewitness was either confused or caught up in the hype of a considerable number of UFO type sightings that were taking place in the area at the time.

Others are inclined to believe that the creature was actually a new type of animal that had not been discovered previously because of the incredibly dense woodlands. People who have sighted Fear Liath describe it as looking like a giant Bigfoot, standing between 15 and 20 feet tall.

All over the Fear Liath is a coat of short brown fur or hair and its head is described as being overly large when compared to the rest of the creature. Perhaps one of the scariest features of this creature is its very long fingers and toes that have sharp talons tipping them.

Fear Liath is also noted to have pointed ears. While no smells have been connected with sightings of Fear Liath, some witnesses have noted sounds of echoing footsteps and crunching of branches that seem to follow them. Noted as the highest mountain peak in the Cairngorms Mountains, Ben MacDhui is often tackled by mountain climbing enthusiasts but it seems as though the Fear Liath is not too keen on sharing its territory as it seems to scare away every mountain climber in the area.

Some who have encountered the beast in their climbs even state that the creature has the ability to manipulate the mind, leaving them with terrible feelings of desperation, dread and depression. According to eye witness reports, the monster is about twenty feet long and has a body that is whale like in appearance. The head of this monster is said to have the appearance of a bowling ball.

Most reported sightings of this creature describe it as a whale or a large fish. At one point a monster sized Sturgeon was pulled from the lake and many thought that perhaps that would be the end of the Monster sightings; however they continued. One sighting of the monster in however, did liken the head of the creature to that of a sturgeon but that same sighting gave it the body of an eel.

While the Flathead Lake Monster is frequently compared to the Loch Ness Monster, it is actually a completely different type of monster based upon physical descriptions by eyewitnesses. Although it was only sighted one a single day it was sighted by a number of people who all described it as being almost ten feet tall.

Multiple reports said that the creature looked like an alien with a rounded face and very large round eyes. The facial skin color of the monster was described as being red where the body was lacking color. The body of the creature was described as looking like the monster was wearing a dress. The Flatwoods Monster carried with it the smell of burning metal and made a hissing noise.

Many believe that the creature had actually been an alien due to the fact that a number of UFO reports had been made earlier the same day. The Fouke monster is still sighted today! According to those who have seen the creature it stands between 7 and 8 feet tall and weighs between to pounds. The appearance of the Fouke monster is often described to be much like that of a gorilla as it has a wide chest and walks in a slouched position with its arms dangling down and its shoulders slouched over.

When it runs, the Fouke monster is said to gallop. The body of this creature is covered in hair and it has two eyes that are said to shine red. Those that have encountered the beast say that the creature has a terrible odor comparable to that of a skunk. The Fouke monster is also said to have a blood curdling roar which sounds like something between a cow bellowing and a panther screaming.

Some believe that this creature is a cross between a man and a great ape. It is believed that this creature commonly feeds on animals and local farmers have found their animals strewn close to their pen and many had been ripped open and their pen had been destroyed. A number of encounters with the Fouke monster have been noted including one in which a young man was taken from the porch of his home and slammed in to the ground. The young man later went to a local hospital with scratches along his back as evidence of the encounter.

Whether or not this encounter was genuine, many locals have found evidence of the beast in large three toed footprints that have been sighted numerous times. First spotted in , the Honey Island Swamp Monster continues to be sighted today. Eyewitnesses of this creature have seen it walking both bipedally and quadrupedally and it is described as having wooly fur much like that of a mammoth.

The creature is said to stand at nearly seven feet tall when it stands on two feet and weigh around to pounds. Most characteristic of this large creature are its piercing yellow eyes. People who have seen the monster in person frequently describe it as having a smell of decay and death about it. Issie Issie is native to Lake Ikeda on Kyushu Island in Japan and was first sighted in and is still sighted today. Those who have seen Issie compare it to the Loch Ness monster in appearance.

Local legend tells of a white mare that lived with its foal by the lake and when its foal was kidnapped by a samurai the mare jumped in to the lake and transformed in to Issie. Locals say that when Issie surfaces in the lake she is searching for her lost foal in despair. According to eyewitnesses, Issie resembles a Sauropod or a sea serpent and measures in at around 30 feet long!

Some believe that Issie is actually a species of large Malaysian eel however, they would measure just one sixth of the reported length of Issie! There are many various accounts of just what this creature looks like but most commonly it is described as being bipedal, able to fly and as having hooves. So strange is the combination of features that are described on the Jersey Devil that there really is no explaining it away. According to a culmination of eyewitness reports, the Jersey Devil has a forked tail, bat like wings, clawed hands, bat like wings and a head like a dog.

The story of the Jersey Devil states that the devil was born as the thirteenth child to Mother Leeds who claimed after her twelfth child that the thirteenth would be the devil. Legend tells that the devil was exorcised for one hundred years but after that it would return.

With a large owl like head, Kikiyaon is said to have massive talons and huge sharp teeth as well as spurs that tip its large wings. The hair of Kikiyaon is said to be grey green in color and it is said to smell like a rotting snake carcass. Kikiyaon makes a screeching sound as well as a deep grunting noise. This mysterious creature is believed to stalk its victims in the darkness of night, emitting a terrifying screech before it grabs its prey with its sharp talons.

A physical attack from Kikiyaon is not the only thing to fear from this mythical beast however, many believe that this monster can attack people through their dreams. Kongamato Kongamato is native to Angola, the Congo and Zambia and was first sighted in and is still sighted today. This strange looking creature most commonly represents the appearance of a Pterosaur from prehistoric times but is red in color.

Researchers looking for the Kongamato have gone in to the jungles looking for this creature and spoken with locals about sightings. While locals were not able to identify any other prehistoric creature from its picture, they would always point to the Pterosaur and refer to it as Kongamato.

No sounds or smells have been associated with the Kongamato. According to legend, the Kushtaka takes on the appearance of a human being as well as the shape of various animals most particularly the otter. While no odors have been reported with sightings of the Kushtaka, the creature has been said to be able to make any noise that a human being can make and they can also imitate any other sound they hear. Some believe that the Kushtaka trick sailors to their deaths by imitating loved ones in trouble.

Other people believe that the Kushtaka use their mystical powers to help others. In cases where the creature is malevolent however, it truly is evil, using the crying of a child to lure humans to their death in freezing rivers where they are killed and torn to shreds. Occasionally, the Kushtaka will turn the victim in to another Kushtaka. Miners, who were in Alaska looking for gold, were often claimed as having seen the creature and comparing it to a longhaired creature that was covered in sores.

Many people who saw the beast were also reported to have gone mad after their sighting. Elsie is native to Lake Elsinore of California. The creature was first seen in and is still reported in sightings today. Ever since the first sighting of Elsie in , those who continue to sight it claim it to look like a hybrid between a plesiosaur, a serpent and a creature from the dinosaurs.

There are no smells or sounds recorded by eyewitnesses that are associated with Elsie. According to a report by eyewitness Bonnie Play, Elsie is around 12 feet long and 3 feet wide. Play also states that the creature swims in an up and down motion.

Some believe that the Lake Elsinore Serpent is a spiritual creature because in Lake Elsinore went completely dry and no creature was found. Still sighted today, the Lake Murray Monster is described as looking like a large snake with fins and measuring in at between 40 and 60 feet long. No one who has sighted the creature has ever described it as being accompanied by a scent or a sound. Many researchers have attempted to catch and study the Lake Murray Monster; however, rather than catching the monster in a net they would repeatedly find huge holes in the net.

A lot of controversy has surrounded the Lake Murray Monster particularly since a number of UFO sightings have been made over the lake. Many who have encountered the Lake Norman Monster state that it resembles a large pile of mud with a head that comes out of the mud and resembles that of a Sauropod dinosaur.

The head of this creature is quite large and its neck measures around 10 feet long. The Lake Norman Monster is said to have a particularly foul smelling odor and to make its home somewhere in the depths of the foot deep lake. Many residents that live near to the lake have sighted the monster and while each description of the creature differs slightly they all compare the monster to a prehistoric creature of sorts.

The first sighting of this creature was in and it is still sighted today. Those who have seen the Lake Tianchi Monster compare it to a giant buffalo that lives in the water and has large fins. No sounds or smells have been associated with the Lake Tianchi Monster. The monster is said to attack those who come close to the large mountain lake but in one account when the monster was shot at it retreated back in to the water.

The Lake Tianchi Monster is said to swim very quickly and smoothly in the water and according to one sighting it is an animal that travels in pairs with as many as six creatures being sighted at one time. Over the past twenty years it is said that more than thirty reports of the monster have been made.

Those who have seen the creature describe it as lake creature that has both hair and scales. The Lake Worth Monster is described as standing at around six feet tall and having characteristics of a goat and a man as well as having scales. The creature is said to howl and have a very pungent odor that no one can quite describe but all say that it is a very disgusting smell.

The Lake Worth Monster is said to be very strong and is said to let out a howl when it feels threatened. Lizard Man The lizard man is native to South Carolina in the United States and was first sighted in and is still sighted today. According to eyewitnesses, the lizard man walks bipedally and stands between 7 and 8 feet tall. The skin of this creature is said to be green and scaly and have glowing red eyes. Those who have seen this creature say that it resembles a hybrid of a snake and a human and has a ridge that begins at the top of the head and goes down to the snout.

The lizard man is said to have long black claws on the end of each of its three fingers of each hand. People in the area claim to find three toed footprints all around the sighting areas of the creature. The majority of sightings of the lizard man were made in the summer of ; however, some eye witnesses report seeing the creature more recently. The body of Lobizon is said to be particularly muscular and hairy and its teeth are very sharp.

Unlike many mystical creatures that are only seen briefly or in a couple of encounters, Lobizon is spotted all over the country throughout various areas of the country. According to local beliefs, the Lobizon can only be created from the seventh son of a family. So strong is this belief that the government requires all families to get their seventh son baptized in order to avoid the potential for the creation of a Lobizon! Loveland Frog The Loveland Frog is native to Loveland, Ohio and was first sighted in and is still sighted to date.

Standing approximately four feet tall this frog has green skin and has webbed feet and hands and walks on two feet. The Loveland frog, simply put, looks like a giant bipedal frog. A number of sightings of this creature have been made, including two by police officers.

No scent or sound has been associated with any Loveland Frog sightings. Lusca Lusca has mostly been sighted in the Caribbean however other sightings of the beast have been made in other large bodies of water. The first sighting of Lusca was in and the creature is still sighted today. According to those who have seen it, Luska resembles a giant octopus that varies in length from 75 to feet. Most sightings put this giant octopus at around 75 feet long.

Those who have seen Lusca also say that it is capable of changing color like the average octopus. The Lusca lives under the sea and in sea caves where it feeds on crustaceans. The first reported sighting of this sea creature goes back to when two local boys found Lusca washed up on the shore at Crescent Beach in Augustin, Florida. Researchers could not identify the creature as any known biological entity. There are those who believe however, that the carcass of the creature was nothing but a colossal squid or a segment of sperm whale.

The swampy region is purported to be the home of a giant fifty foot crocodile that is known locally as the Mahamba. This giant crocodile is said to be a freshwater descendent of mosasaurs that long ago went extinct. Aboriginis in the area tell of the giant lake reptile that is known to devour entire canoes and rafts.

Mamlambo Mamlambo is said to live in the depths of African rivers. This cryptozoological creature is said to have first been seen several hundred years ago and to still be seen today. The body of Mamlambo is said to be up to 60 feet long and look like a hybrid of a snake and a fish with a horse-like head.

Those who have seen this creature say that it measures around 67 feet long and is a solitary creature. No sounds or smells have ever been associated with this mysterious creature. The first time that this creature was observed it was in the Mzintlava river in Southern Africa and since this first sighting it has been feared by various cultures in the area ever since. According to those who have witnessed the creature, the Mamlambo thrives in wetter weather and has been said to drag both animals and people underneath the water to drown them before eating them.

According to local legend, the Mamlambo has taken the lives of nine victims to date, the last of which was a young girl whose body was found buried in the dirt beside the river. Perhaps the most gruesome thing about this creature is that it is said to eat the faces of its victims before eating their brains. Some explain the Mamlambo away as being an Elasmosaur or a type of Archaeocete; however, to those cultures that have seen it, the creature is simply a gruesome monster to be feared.

Those who have seen the creature describe it as looking like a grey cat with tabby like markings, which stands as large as a donkey! Those who have heard the creature liken its sound to that of a lion and a leopard. Some African natives refer to the Mngwa as the Nunda, but regardless of how they call it this beast is one of the most feared creatures of legend.

Some researchers believe that the Mngwa is simply a discolored variety of a known species; however, existing footprints of the beast do not match to any currently known species. Mokele Mbembe Mokele Mbembe is a creature of Congo folklore. A number of explorers have traveled out to Africa in search of this crypto zoological creature however; none have yet to discover the beast. Legend tells of a large creature that looks much like the large Sauropod dinosaurs that are now extinct.

Mokele Mbembe is said to be herbivorous and is believed to live in and around Lake Tele. Other sightings of this great beast have described it as being similar to an elephant or a rhinoceros; however, the majority of sightings liken it to a Sauropod. Bonaventure was a French missionary who noted in his book to have found a giant footprint in the Congo River region.

The problem was though, that no creature was actually spotted. Many argue that the giant creature known as Mokele Mbembe could not exist without physical proof of it being in the area. Further support for this argument claims a lack of vegetation to support life as large as Mokele Mbembe; if such a huge creature did exist it would have decimated surrounding areas of vegetation by now.

Biologist and Cryptozoologist, Roy Mackal however argues that there is plenty of unexplored land in this area that is capable of sustaining large creatures such as elephants. Morgawr Morgawr is native to Cornwall in the United Kingdom and was first sighted in and is still sighted today. The Morgawr is an unusual looking beast that is said to measure approximately 40 feet long and have bristles down the length of its back. The head of this creature looks like a beak and it has a hunched back appearing similar to a Therizinosaurus without the large pot belly and knife like digits.

Some believe the Morgawr to be a species of the plesiosaur since this creature is seen most often in Falmouth Bay. Others believe that Morgawr is actually a species of seal. To date no clear images of the Morgawr exist, only a few blurry images have been taken leading researchers to believe that this creature is yet another myth.

Those who have seen this humongous beast however, will beg to differ. Murphysboro Mud Monster The Murphysboro mud monster is native to Murphysboro, Illinois and was sighted in but has not been sighted since. The creature is said to walk on two feet but to be hunched over and covered in a matted brown fur that has leaves and plants trapped in it.

Some who have sighted the monster also claim that it has glowing red eyes. Approximations put the Murphysboro mud monster at around lbs. Those who have seen the creature associate it with a terrible smell and shrieks and growls. The creature was sighted multiple times by different parties and each time it was close to a muddy river.

Those who have seen the creature have estimated it to be anywhere from 25 to 45 feet long! No sounds or smells have ever been associated with the creature. Unlike some areas where such crypto zoological creatures are feared, the Nahuelito is treated with respect by the Argentineans who believe that the creature should not be disturbed.

Despite this respect however, a number of expeditions have been launched in the past against the Argentinean government, to seek out the Nahuelito. This creature was first sighted in and is still sighted today. Many who have seen the creature in modern day times liken it to a furry Golem the character from Lord of the Rings. The Nain Rouge is child sized but has black and red fur as well as startling red eyes and protruding and rotten teeth. Those who have heard the Nain Rouge describe its cries as those of a cawing crow and like crows sometimes are, the Nain Rouge is associated with being a harbinger of doom.

For whenever the creature is spotted, something awful is said to happen. Nain Rouge sightings have been associated with the Detroit surrender in the war of , the great fire and the battle of the Bloody Run. Due to the association of the Nain Rouge with tragic or negative events, those who see the creature are generally terrified and left wondering what is going to happen next. The earliest sightings of this creature date to early Native American settlements and the creature is still sighted today.

Legend tells that the Nimerigar often show themselves to children however, they are reluctant to be seen by adults and if seen they would promise allegiance to the family in return for secrecy of their existence. While many believe that the Nimerigar are harmless but mischievous creatures, there are also many Native American stories that tell of the Nimerigar being violent and destructive beings that would not hesitate to attack human beings.

There was much skepticism associated with the NImerigar until, in , the remains of what is believed to be a Nimerigar was discovered. However, as of late August , the page is password-protected. What Makes CryptoZoo Unique? In the five days since the announcement, CryptoZoo already has been able to rack up already 5, holders.

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Nov 01,  · Unlike some areas where such crypto zoological creatures are feared, the Nahuelito is treated with respect by the Argentineans who believe that the creature should not be disturbed. Despite this respect however, a number of expeditions have been launched in the past against the Argentinean government, to seek out the Nahuelito. The Cryptid Zoo: A Menagerie of Cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the study of animals and other creatures that have not yet been accepted by science as real. In other words, it is monster . Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience and subculture that searches for and studies unknown, legendary, or extinct animals whose present existence is disputed or unsubstantiated, particularly those popular in folklore, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, the chupacabra, the Jersey Devil, or the See more.