probetec strand displacement amplification becton
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Probetec strand displacement amplification becton ufc 155 fight card betting odds

Probetec strand displacement amplification becton

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All urine specimens were collected and transported to the Provincial Laboratory overnight and were processed within 24 to 48 hours after collection. The urine specimens were divided into 2 portions; 1 portion was processed for DNA extraction according to Roche Amplicor package insert instructions. The remainder of the Roche Amplicor sample was saved to be used for in-house polymerase chain reaction PCR studies when discrepant results occurred. The manufacturer's protocol was strictly followed.

Briefly, a urine processing pouch was added to at least 20 mL of first-voided urine and left at room temperature for a minimum of 2 hours before proceeding. In this study, we left the specimens overnight for next-day processing. A 4-mL aliquot of the treated urine was then transferred to a sample tube and centrifuged at g for 30 minutes at room temperature. The supernatant was then decanted, and the pellet was resuspended in 20 mL of diluent and then vortexed for 60 seconds.

Positive and negative controls were processed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Priming and amplification microwells for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and the amplification control were placed in appropriate plates. One hundred fifty microliters of lysed specimen and controls was then transferred into each of the corresponding columns of the priming microwells and incubated at room temperature for a minimum of 20 minutes. After incubation, the priming microwell plate was placed into the priming heater The amplification microwell plate was then sealed and immediately transferred to the instrument for testing.

The amplification control microwell was included for each patient sample. The amplification control microwells contained nucleic acid target that is amplified in the presence of the sample matrix. The microwells are designed to identify samples that contain amplification inhibitors. A predetermined cutoff value is used to indicate presence or absence of amplification inhibitor.

An internal DNA control provided with the Roche assay was added to the master mix to monitor inhibition of the PCR assay and to ensure the validity of negative results in each run. Aliquots were typically extracted the same day as the commercial assay was performed.

Any samples determined to be inhibitory with the in-house PCR internal control were silica purified, based on the purification procedure of Boom et al. Three primer pairs and 3 probes were included in 2 multiplex PCRs, one for detecting the presence of C trachomatis and the other for N gonorrhoeae.

Both PCRs were performed on a single extract and included an internal control to detect the presence of amplification inhibitors. Primers and probe for C trachomatis were designed from the genetically conserved cryptic plasmid, pCHL1. Materials and methods: Eight hundred twenty-five male and female urine specimens were tested for both C trachomatis and N gonorrhoeae with the BDProbeTec ET system, and results were compared with those of the Roche Amplicor Cobas system.

All urine specimens were processed on both assays on the same day they were received, according to the manufacturers' instructions. Discrepant results were resolved by in-house polymerase chain reaction assays. Internal or amplification controls were also used in each specimen assay to monitor inhibition. Results: The overall sensitivity, specificity, positive predicative value, and negative predicative value for for detection of chlamydia were The overall inhibition rates for both strand displacement amplification and Roche Amplicor were less than 3.

The BDProbTec ET system was able to produce results each for chlamydia and gonorrhea and the internal control within the 8-hour shift.

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Strand Displacement Amplification - DNA Strand Displacement -

Strand Displacement Amplification Based Bd Probetec Et System, supplied by Becton Dickinson, used in various techniques. Bioz Stars score: 86/, based on 1 PubMed . An alternative nucleic acid amplification method utilizing Strand Displacement Amplification (Becton Dickinson ProbeTec) was evaluated in our laboratory in May/June METHODS . Jan 01,  · The BD ProbeTec strand displacement amplification (SDA) system for the diagnosis of pulmonary and non-pulmonary tuberculosis was evaluated. A total of .