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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

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Future sports betting

To learn more about how sportsbooks use futures bets to dupe squares and secure a profit, read on! What Is a Futures Bet? In essence, futures bets allow you to bet on events far in advance. Futures bets are most common just before the season starts, or right at the start of it.

The odds attached to futures bets ebb and flow throughout the season right up through the playoffs. Odds attached to futures bets are merely a way for sportsbooks to spread out the money being wagered on each team. This way, when a team or player wins a championship or a trophy, sportsbooks are able to pocket a hefty profit from their season-long bookmaking efforts. The answer is simple. Futures odds can change quickly. They typically fluctuate at least once a week due to factors like teams going on hot streaks and sportsbooks balancing lines in response to incoming bets.

Bookmakers seize these opportunities afforded to them by the notorious volatility of futures odds to charge enormous juice on their futures lines. Additionally, sportsbooks charge colossal juice on futures to manage their risk. As such, sportsbooks respond by charging colossal juice. With no shortage of future odds options available, there's plenty to keep bettors enthralled with on-court action.

Start-studded teams are spread throughout the East and West Conferences, which is sure to produce unforgettable matchups all the way through the NBA Finals. NBA fans and bettors alike are always treated to a spectacle when the best team from the East tips off against the best team from the West. In a decade-plus that has been dominated by a few dynasties, the season feels more wide open than ever before. Will they be able to repeat, or will the like of the Golden State Warriors or another foe out of the West reclaim the title.

Here are the latest NBA Finals odds for every team left in the playoffs. NBA Playoff Odds With the expansion of the playoff field thanks to the play-in tournament, 10 teams now get a chance to vie for a spot in the postseason. And what is the play-in tournament but another event to wager on?

The drama and volatility of the play-in tournament offers bettors some of the best end-to-end action with NBA Playoff glory on the line. Points, rebounds, assists and more will come from individual stats, of course, but how a player's team performs over the course of the season will play a large part in how the odds change as well. Nothing says summer like going to the ballpark. The Braves look to face an uphill battle to repeat as the likes of the Los Angeles Dodgers look to steamroll their way back into the postseason.

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Future sports betting The Rise of AI, Robots, and Cryptocurrencies It goes without saying that huge advances in technology will power the future of sports betting, but there are some provocative and exciting new ways the industry could utilize existing technology to take online wagering to wild new places. Even if you liked what you saw from them a few months into the season, you could have gotten a decent payout because bettors remained skeptical Leicester would sustain their play throughout the season. Experienced bettors prefer win totals to futures. Recreational bettors are moving the odds, and since the betting limits are low so that they can protect themselves, the market is not frequented by sharps. Betting the above example, if Houston star Jose Altuve got injured early in the season, the Astros might not be significant favorites anymore. Search for the sportsbook offering the best odds for each selection. As it becomes clear which teams have a better chance of winning big at the end of the season, the potential payouts betting futures for those teams gets lower.
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Superstars, young talent, and the underrated are out on the field, on the court-- and in the betting industry. The industry is ripe with household-name companies that have long dominated the betting space, many of whom were previously involved in fantasy sports and other daily competitions before the repeal of PASPA. DraftKings began offering daily contests spanning several professional leagues, and ventured into the realm of sports betting after launching DraftKings Sportsbook in in, you guessed it, New Jersey.

Socializing spectating The legalization of sports betting did more than give states a new source of tax revenue. It gives teams and leagues a new way to connect with fans and an added element of competition when watching games. Sports are best enjoyed with the company of friends and family, and new sports gambling startups are capitalizing on this social aspect that makes sports so special.

P2P sports betting creates a new sports betting environment, in which users take on new roles as a bet maker or bet taker. Some apps provide an even more casual atmosphere to bet against friends. The more personal feeling of betting against a friend, as opposed to an invisible online sportsbook, gives casual sports fans an opportunity to enter the betting world. The influence of blockchain Blockchain technology has seeped into everything from manufacturing supply chains to cryptocurrency, and sports gambling is no different.

The increase in security enabled by using blockchain technology simultaneously boosts transparency, valued by sports bettors who want to know where their money and bets are being placed. Founded by ex-FanDuel executives, UK startup BetDEX looks to utilize blockchain technology that gives users a streamlined, inexpensive process to engage in sports betting. Much of the appeal that blockchain technology holds in sports betting is that there is no such traditional bookie, who almost always wins the bets.

Both blockchain technology and P2P betting promote an environment that allows friends to interact with one another, without worrying about a middleman who takes a cut and holds an advantage. Bethereum combines social aspects and blockchain in their social betting platform, which has taken over , bets. Blockchain grants a feeling of fairness that many prospective, but skeptical, sports bettors are searching for.

Artificial intelligence and real-time data coincide to give sports bettors advanced sports analytics to implement when predicting and betting games. S program, users gain access to almost all forms of predictive data and live updates on players and teams, and can even look into post-game player performance and trends. In the immediate term, we will see sports betting and online gaming serve as vehicles for human connection.

Historically, virtually every other market has evolved and matured without this being the case. Currently, if one person places a wager with DraftKings , for example, but all of their friends place wagers with FanDuel , the whole group can still enjoy that game and interact seamlessly.

However, if one person posts pictures exclusively on Facebook and all of their friends post exclusively on Instagram, there is an issue. Functionalities such as peer-to-peer wagering, competitive video gaming, and social casino play, as well as loyalty programs that resemble those of airlines and hotel chains, may serve as conduits for the breaking of this trend. There are also a number of types of consolidation that are expected to take place in the space.

Relevant here is the merging of content and functionality. Below, we see a screenshot of a trial run by NBC Sports Washington, where a betting-type proposition along with the box score are found on a single screen, right alongside the game itself. Innovation is important to all businesses, not being afraid to fail, check out NBC Sports Washington for a fun test.

There are a number of compelling trends worth noting, with the caveat that they are all impacted by a different combination of challenges, some of which we discussed above. Alternative Asset Class One major area of interest is in sports betting as an alternative asset class. Placing a sports wager and buying a traditional security are said to be mathematically isomorphic in that both have the shared objective of maximizing risk-adjusted return.

Sports betting strategies can be proven to provide returns that are uncorrelated with any other asset class, which is a compelling prospect for portfolio managers seeking to diversify risk. For example, the following correlation matrix shows the relationship between the returns provided by major asset classes and a betting strategy that places wagers on all NFL underdogs playing against teams coming off an against-the-spread ATS loss.

Graphic by Lloyd Danzig In addition, the potential inefficiencies found in illiquid, nascent markets that often contain information asymmetries offer further allure to those attempting to generate alpha. However, the liquidity challenges and execution risk are massive. In addition, the house edge charged by books requires an even greater performance threshold for long-term profitability.

Rather, B2C operators are customer acquisition and retention engines that leverage economies of scale and make use of the law of large numbers to ensure profitability over the long run. Though the barrier to entry may be steep, the opportunity for disruption in the space of pricing and risk engines is tremendous. Scalable enterprise solutions for setting odds and managing risk rely on sophisticated predictive tools, advanced mathematics, and cutting-edge software.

This amounts to a substantial barrier to entry, insulating many incumbents from innovative competition. Successful ventures would allow operators to benefit tremendously from improved profitability and an enhanced user experience. The holy grail for building a platform like this would be obtaining a revenue-sharing agreement with operators who utilize it, though these are often difficult to secure.

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There is a growing interest in applying lottery mechanics to sports betting, because the model is much lower-lift from a consumer perspective and facilitates acquisition, while also mitigating risk and offering more predictable revenue streams for operators. Free-to-Play F2P Free-to-Play games and contests are those which do not require real money to play or enter. Because obtaining a gaming license is such a costly and burdensome process, many startups choose to operate under this framework.

In fact, since most states in the U. Going the F2P route allows startups to acquire users, prove their product-market fit, and then decide on the best way to continue monetizing their Unique Selling Proposition. A nice alternative, at least for now, is monetizing a user base via affiliate marketing, in an industry with insanely lucrative CPAs. One challenge with F2P, however, concerns game mechanics and properly incentivizing users.

Generally, F2P contests draw a large audience and offer prizes of value to just a small minority of participants. A number of tactics are being used to combat this, but artificial restrictions on markets also come with drawbacks.

Moreover, general interest in gaming and the surrounding communities has skyrocketed. Still, the young age of participants and fans gives rise to integrity and match-fixing concerns. In addition, obtaining reliable data feeds and properly setting market odds is generally new territory for many. Shutterstock Competitive Gaming The increase in competitive gaming interest is occurring among a gambling-age and soon-to-be gambling-age population at the same time that sports betting and, adjacently online casino, are growing more popular than ever.

A number of startups are attempting to monetize this trend by providing peer-to-peer wagering platforms that allow individuals to wager against others on their own video game performance. The regulatory and logistical hurdles are robust, but the user base may be largely untapped and of particularly compelling value. Scalability, and the liquidity that comes with it, may also be challenging while adoption is slow. Hobby Gamification It is possible that competitive video gaming is only one component of this corner of the ecosystem.

The home wellness and health tech craze that often overlaps with the sports industry paves the way for an interesting market opportunity. One of the best things about sports is the simultaneous camaraderie and competition that it fosters. To this end, there are ongoing discussions about the gamification of hobbies where, for example, two people place a wager on who can complete a 5K more quickly from the comfort of their respective homes and Peloton bikes.

While a plethora of challenges remain, the untapped user base would be a source of enormous value, perhaps even in excess of the competitive video gaming demographic. Startup Verticals It is unclear exactly which technologies that shape the future of sports betting will be organically developed here in the U. There is a great deal of Private Equity interest in assembling vertically integrated portfolios of turnkey sports betting assets, however there will need to be a great deal of expertise and tact used in maximizing profitability within the U.

That said, there are a few areas that seem to be attracting a bulk of the startup talent and investment capital. As players can take part in the comfort of their own homes, there are no risks associated with the industry. More people are at home which has meant that the gaming industry as a whole has never been more populated.

For punters, wagering on eSports popular games played professionally is nothing new but there are now more games, events, players, and betting opportunities than ever before. While they expect traditional sports to return to normal at some point in , many are still tipping the eSports industry to continue to flourish.

Those who like to bet on traditional sports are now moving over to eSports at an increasing rate. The lack of sporting action has meant that punters have had to look elsewhere for opportunities to potentially win money. After being introduced to eSports, it is understandable that these punters have enjoyed what they have seen and become fans.

Source: The Times of Israel More In-Play Betting Markets With so many sporting events cancelled around the world in , there has been fewer opportunities to enjoy in-play betting. For those who do not know, this is a form of betting that takes place as they play an event out live. Traditional betting options require bets before the start of the event but in-play betting gives continuously changing odds of certain bets during an event. Football is one sport where this form of betting is incredibly popular.

Punters can bet on which team or player will score the next goal, who will win the next corner, throw in, or get booked. There are so many in-play betting options and these can make watching a sport far more fun.

The odds will change as the matches are played depending on the performance of those taking part. In , as lockdowns and other restrictions loosen, it is fair to say that many sports will return to action. This will lead to more in-play betting markets becoming available. Until then, punters can use sites such as freebets. Source: Mercado e Consumo An Increase in Live Streams at Sports Betting Sites Of course, as more sports return to normal around the world, there will naturally be an increase in the number of live streams we can watch on sports betting sites.

However, even without the outbreak, it has been widely expected that live streams are only going to increase. As more partnerships are put in place, many leading sports betting sites will be able to attain the rights to show live streams of sporting action to their punters. Live streams have had a major impact on the online betting industry.

Many popular sports books already have the rights to show certain football matches and other sporting events but we believe it that this will become more widespread in Sports betting has grown into an enormous industry in recent years and with the development of in-play betting, watching sports has never been more fun.

Official data shows that we are now betting on more events than ever.

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Sep 27,  · The Future of Sports Betting Traditional sports betting companies cannot and will not adapt to new technologies that place user interests ahead of their own Tokenized . Oct 24,  · Official betting is a way for sports fans to better understand the odds of a game. There are many factors that affect the odds of a game. NFL has partnered with three . Sportsbooks call these odds a futures bet because you place a wager on an outcome that won’t be decided in the near future like a single game would be. Instead, you bet on future events. .