reddit should i mine ethereum vs zcash
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Reddit should i mine ethereum vs zcash nj sports betting ruling pens

Reddit should i mine ethereum vs zcash

CPU mining also includes mobile mining… which is definitely not worth it. We discuss the best CPU miners in this article. Wanna see more content like this? Solo Mining Just like the name suggests, solo mining involves the miner acting solo, without any type of support from others.

This can be anything from a newbie farming coins on their phone to a large-scale mining operation that involves warehouses full of mining rigs. Pool Mining Pool mining is done by using the collective power of several devices working together to mine a single block. Although the costs and power consumption are reduced, so are the profits: the block mining reward is divided between everyone in the pool.

Pool mining requires you to have your own mining rig. There are a lot of different mining pools out there, and we recommend researching them thoroughly before joining one. If you want to find a good Bitcoin mining pool, read this article. Cloud Mining Cloud mining allows you to mine crypto without owning a mining rig or having to pay for electricity.

Conversely, if you already own a mining rig, you can rent it out to help pay for the various expenses and costs — but then your profit will be reduced, too. Usually, the miners you rent belong to large-scale mining companies that incur much lower costs than individuals with one or two mining rigs.

What are the Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine? Most Profitable Coins to Mine The main thing people are looking for when choosing to mine is profitability. You also have to consider the costs associated with running a mining rig for said cryptocurrency, consider how much of it you will be able to get per day, the number of blocks that you need to mine to make a profit, and so on. A good way to calculate the profitability of your future mining operation is to use a mining calculator.

Input the crypto you want to mine, your hardware, hashing power, and so on to see how much profit you have the potential to make per day. Alternatively, you can also use a website like whattomine. Ethereum ETH As its blockchain has switched to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, Ethereum can no longer be mined. Instead, you can opt to stake it. Ethereum Classic is, just as the name suggests, a slightly modified and upgraded version of that original, pre Ether. It can be mined using CPU and graphics cards.

With a market cap of around 6 billion USD, Ethereum Classic undoubtedly has a lot of fans, albeit less than its younger cousin. Overall, it can be thought of as a nice alternative to Ethereum — the reduced complexity of mining Ethereum Classic is balanced out by its less stable and lower price.

As this is a lesser-known cryptocurrency, it is a lot easier to mine than ETC or ETH, making it a little more profitable. Vertcoin VTC Block time: 2. This was done to ensure a more equal distribution of the coin, as ASIC-compatible cryptocurrencies are often mined by centralized ASIC mining firms and pools, making the whole process a lot less democratic.

Vertcoin creators made the coin ASIC-resistant to boost decentralization — one of the cornerstones of the original ideas behind crypto. The company that created it also focuses quite heavily on privacy, which made this coin popular in the crypto world. Each minute, a block of 60 grins is mined, creating one coin every second, forever. Such linear emission with a fixed block mining reward creates a constant increase in supply but decreases the rate of inflation.

This design not only ensures the long-term security of the blockchain but also makes the mining process a lot more fair and democratic. Grin is by no means a popular cryptocurrency, but it has a dedicated community of users that believe in it. Being less popular, it is easier to mine and can bring in steady profits despite its low price.

It is based on the CryptoNote protocol and uses the RandomX hash function. This is yet another ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency. It has promising long-term prospects. Overall, Monero definitely is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to mine using GPUs, making it good for beginners. This coin is ranked within the top by market cap, making it a worthwhile GPU mining venture. DigiByte, based on the UTXO technology, uses five different independent algorithms to process transactions on the network.

It is aimed at solving the scalability and security problems that many cryptocurrencies face. Aeternity is currently one of the most profitable coins for mining due to the unusual approach to the network and the speed of operation. The coin runs on the Ethash Proof-of-Work algorithm. The most profitable way of mining ETP at the moment is to participate in a large and reliable mining pool with the goal of combining the hashing power of all miners participating.

However, LTC transactions are cheaper and four times faster. The mining reward of LTC can be very high. Yet, please note, that LTC mining requires a powerful hardware setup that consumes a large amount of energy. The higher a player is ranked, the larger their share of the rewards pool.

Could you be next big winner? Furthermore, TAMA already has a confirmed listing on the LBank exchange, meaning that once the presale is over the token could explode. By appealing to casual gamers as well as crypto enthusiasts, Tamadoge has the potential to capture a massive audience for its game. As most crypto games tend to neglect casual users, this could help Tamadoge to build up a huge user base. Tamadoge is an extremely promising project that could be the best crypto Reddit.

Check out the Tamadoge Telegram for more information admins will never message first. The project has been a massive hit with investors selling out its presale, raising 16, BNB. The Battle Infinity ecosystem consists of six primary features. Update — IBAT exploded 4. The project uses blockchain technology to create a fair and efficient system.

Each day, the holder will receive a portion of the rewards pool, giving each NFT both immediate and long-term value. This has enabled the project to be listed on centralized exchanges. A new listing on Gate. With a stream of listings planned for the future, Lucky Block is perhaps the best crypto to buy right now Reddit.

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I've looked at several videos of people disclosing some numbers and they seem ridiculous sums. You can remember it by one l at the end. Or you hodl everything? Disable Windows update from the registry. Submit a new link. I'm talking about 2x 3x vega56 rigs with my cost estimate with essentially all new-in-box parts. They are ways to automate many thing but sometimes you won't wake up to the notification and you miner can you mine monero on laptops reddit should i mine ethereum vs zcash have missed 6 hours of mining profit for no good reasons.

What is your expected outcome? OP is mentioning impressive returns and I don't know were, when or how the return might be impressive in the present situation. Thanks for the input. Personally I got in on this one in late May but missed out on 2 weeks of revenue due to technical issues of building such a large farm compared to the past. With zcash it's the opposite with s. You can then set up an uptime monitor from either your most stable rig or a home server.

You will also need to check, and register with the mining pools that mine the coin you want to. You haven't offered anything to backup your statements. The hope was that knowing they are actually dual core with the second core turned off, I could turn them back into dual cores mobo settings supported itbut turned out all the secondary cores would give me issues as you'd kind of expect so i kept them all as monero cryptonote mac claymore zcash Newcomers, start with reading this thread: Last one I made was aaand two s.

These cards are made specifically for miners and offer a hash rate and efficiency bump over their gaming orientated counterparts, without the need for you to do much tweaking overclocking and undervolting. Do not waste people's time.

Hopefully that will save a miner with an Asus Router hours of relief trying to figure out why he can't connect and playing with every firewall option. One of the most simple to use calculators palm beach confidential xrp vitalik buterin website the Crypto Compare calculator.

It doesn't matter one bit in this argument. No point wasting money on a quad core or extra ram when Best Bitcoin Gambling Game Ethereum Movie not even going to be used. Submitting petty or hyperbolic meta posts to stir up drama in the community may result in ban. I've commented on some of your points, but I feel your expectation is unrealistic and once you answer these questions there won't be a need for discussion. That's because there's no difference in clock cycle generation due to differing voltages from two supplies.

Instead of sticking with nicehash? Unless I am misunderstanding something or miscalculating somewhere, then as a matter of course, my rig becomes less and less profitable, without ever paying for. Albeit buying hashpower and trading BTC doesn't necessitate a large upfront payement like mining is, it doesn't means it is less risky. How were you able to take that plunge? Monero Price Is Up 9.

Post navigation Less than is possible too if you're lucky with local sourcing. I just have a laptop right now. This is close to the stat of the future Eth Miner of bitmain, albeit more expensive than the first batch but at least I have a better warranty on the equipment should it fail. This doesn't seem right all of a sudden, it is set to Yes at the time of this writing things are headed downward Why doesn't monero still doesn't have a decent mobil wallet?

Now I'm still on a daily payout shy of 0. Remember, we were all newbies once. You will be prepared to understand the changes that are, and will be occuring in various industries due to the revolutionising aspects of this technology. My personal recommendation is to keep full control of your wallets and not in the exchanges since exchanges can be hacked and you run the risk of losing your coins forever.

It's worth it in the end though I've rarely had to touch mine the past couple months. With ETH it's all about memory latency and speed. You simply choose the currency you would like to mine then input your hash rate along with the wattage of your system and power cost, then the website will show you what your profits are every day, along with the amount of the currency you will mine.

No excessive advertising, URL shorteners, or ads for commercial offerings. Log in or sign up in seconds. Guidelines Anybody caught violating the rules will be banned. You are losing Feel free to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid. Wouldn't recommend you get into mining it's pretty shitty. My Thoughts on the Canaa Ignore all that and pick coins based on market cap like picking coins in a portfolio?

Buying used is a gamble, I know. That RX rig you always wanted to build seems like a good idea until you consider the cost of each slot. Also, even though I didn't say to do that, buying current gen next-gen hardware wouldn't be a bad investment. I've yet to really go into the trading for any substantial amount of money because I've already invested too much to my taste in the mining gear and crypto related stuff a HW crypto wallet lately.

I don't have the time research where to point my rig at new coins when they might be profitable for a short amount of time. I recently discovered the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies. If you do not allow these cookies we will not know when you have visited our site, and will not be able to monitor its performance.

This is exactly what I did, I have a gaming rig with two sli ti's mining at about 0. Lastly, the course reviews several key tools, websites and research applications that will guide you through your career as a successful trader. Lots to choose. I hope you can fall back on gaming on it or do some video encoding or deep learning shit on it. I was really lucky when I jumped into crypto.

CPU doesn't matter in mining. Now that you know how to use the profit calculators, you now need to know how to find the hash rates of your. They don't cover you if you burn the warehouse. List of BitCoin Exchanges: I hope you have the nerve to ride out those waves until you break-even if you ever get to. Another benefit of PoS is that the computers are not very expensive, nor do they draw lots of power, making PoS a far greener alternative to PoW. No referral links in submissions. W is the amount you will be spending on kWh every month.

There's hope on the horizon but i'm sure Bitmain will adapt and start dumping asics into the market again shortly after bitshares ether proof of stake date change over but we'll see. I don't know how to build one, and I'm still learning what all the components. The reason I got it is because I started an actual warehouse mining farm with cards right.

Not some stupid number on a application. Can you mine monero on laptops reddit should i mine ethereum vs zcash, molex is better. I don't remote in out of principle. Yeah OP, listen to this guy. They are ways to automate many thing but sometimes you won't wake up to the notification and you miner would have missed 6 hours of mining profit for no good reasons.

This course will help you learn everything you need to succeed in trading Crypto-Currencies and provide you with the best possible start to trading in this developing market This course pack starts by discussing the origins and importance of the crypto currency markets and reviews basic concepts every trader needs to know. I think the reason you went with TI's is availability. After you calculate the amount of kWh you will be using every month, multiply the kWh per month by the amount you pay for electricity in your country, and then you will find out the cost.

There's really no end in sight. What I have learned from mining: Do not beg for donations simply for lending a helping hand. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our how do i send xrp to gatehub ripple coin moon. Put it this way, if you take whatever you're willing to invest into a rig and put it in any coin and trade it when you see different trends, you can increase your total far faster than you can make with current gpus.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen is a thought leader and speaker for blockchain and monero pool list dash coin worth in usd technologies. How to Trade Cryptocurrency. Use of geonosis mining coin why is my hashrate decreasing site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Now that all that is out of the way, we work hard to make this a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere.

How would I go about recovering an xmr wallet from a ledger without the ledger? Yeah prices are completely off the wall, GPUs are double what they cost 3 weeks ago. Is there any reason you couldn't run if you could get your hands on them? Economics Gazette Full coverage The Ledger Nano S is another useful multi-wallet, however it is a hardware wallet, so you will have to spend an extra portion of your budget on this.

The Ethereum Stack Exchange community is another useful one where you can find out about graphics card hashrates as well as ask questions. That would have been absurd. You can use services like Shapeshift. Did you start out small? You cannot project these gains to the future because of the rapid decrease of profitability. It would be a safety net allowing him to abort and at least break close to even.

I mostly just trade, dealing with FIAT to crypto is a pain. They don't cover you if you burn the warehouse down. Want to add to the discussion? Minergate Mobile Miner Wallet what is mining. Though it is still useful to know that your mining income will decrease every month due to difficulty. By then I was only mining at night to maintain some profit and considered selling the equipment while the price of GPU was still high. Just buy Bitcoin or whatever decent crypto interests you. You intentionally read my comment wrong.

Linux is awesome but limited tools to tweak cards. If you do not allow these cookies, you will experience less targeted advertising. Why not one for monero for day 2 day usage. This only applies after you have adjusted your fan curve. Does that make sense? Sometimes a rig reboots and fails to detect one or more video cards. Too easy to use and keep track of earnings. Even one Year is great. He just wrote an awesome post, and now he's gotta back it up?

HP server power supplies are amazing, but can cause stability issues. Thankfully, I didn't listen to them. No Referral Links or Codes. Submit a new text post. Much more than just ETH out. I only state what I see on my cards. See also: Can Ethereum 2. Hardware Times It should be noted that the third project, hawk, is another initiative with the same goal of making ethereum transactions untraceable by using the underlying zcash protocol to hide both sender and sender addresses.

While there is no straight answer to this question, zcash has performed quite well since its inception. Furthermore, the teams behind these ever-evolving blockchain networks are reinventing and redefining their value propositions. You have to make that decision yourself. At the very least, you can buy both zcash and ethereum to create a long-term diversified portfolio.

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Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Aug 15,  · Zcash vs Ethereum: How Do They Compare? Best Investment? () amajon August 15, 0 15 3 minutes read. chapter 6. zcash vs ethereum – mining, projects, & . Aug 9,  · Eco-friendliness. You can mine for.a short period of time to reduce energy consumption thus contributing to the green future. Dual mining support. It’s enough to mine .