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Waitforexit vb

RedirectStandardOutput and read from output stream Process. You need to continuously collect the output while the script is running. The output stream has limited capacity. Once it gets filled, WinSCP hangs waiting for free space, never finishing. That means you cannot use Process.

WaitForExit on its own to wait for script to finish. Convenient alternative is StreamReader. ReadToEnd : winscp. See example below. If you need to read the log file continuously, you need to use stream-based parser such as XmlReader.

See example. CreateNavigator ; In case of error you may check for message elements to capture any associated error messages: foreach XPathNavigator message in nav. WriteLine message. WriteLine file. If you have output stream redirected, you need to first read the output stream to the end.

A good practice is to close input stream too, if you have it redirected. ExitCode of the process: if winscp. Diagnostics; using System. Xml; using System. NET Example Individual parts of this example are explained in the first chapter. Note that the VB. NET example was not tested. It is based on C example above though, which was. Feel free to fix it. Imports System Imports System. BeginOutputReadLine ; if! NET that we've set up our event and are ready to begin listening for process output.

Using the event form in this case means that we don't need to have the full process output text in memory at any one point in time. As the process writes a line of text, we will have just that line in memory, and it will get garbage-collected after we update our counter. There are two "gotcha"s in this snippet, though. The first is process.

This is a classic race condition - in between the time our process returns from process. WaitForExit and invokes process. Kill , the target process can exit.

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Ledger coin limit ethereum erc20 WriteLine "open mysession" ; winscp. You need to use. In VB. Start info. As others have mentioned, you waitforexit vb use the WaitForExit method, although you should probably waitforexit vb WaitForExit Integerwhich includes a timeout for just in case something goes wrong with the zipping process. This web site uses cookies. NET you can use the Microsoft.
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Waitforexit vb Remarks WaitForExit Int32 makes the current thread waitforexit until the associated process terminates. NET Framework 3. When executed against a Process instance the current thread is blocked until that process exits. Diagnostics namespaceso include the following using directive for simplicity: using System. WaitForExit before p. System ' ' Createe the command line. Close MessageBox.

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