the hiding place betsie quotes on love
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The hiding place betsie quotes on love investing guide for beginners pdf file

The hiding place betsie quotes on love

Then we were all singing together, the full voice of Holland singing her forbidden anthem. We sang at the top of our lungs, sang our oneness, our hope, our love for Queen and country. On this anniversary of defeat it seemed almost for a moment that we were victors. Despite this ban, Peter ten Boom plays the song on the organ after church. In May of , most Dutchmen avidly desire the restoration of the queen to the throne. With the occupation rules growing harsher every day, Corrie fears for Peter in this act of blatant rebellion against the Germans.

However, Corrie also feels the power of the voice of Holland and its hope for the future. The less connection with me — the less connection with anyone else — the better. Finally, he explains that Underground work must be individual and as self-sustained as possible. Corrie must develop her own network of people who can provide ration cards, communication, transportation, and homes for the Jews who come to them. This situation teaches Corrie a kind of self-reliance, which is foreign to her.

Additionally, Corrie learns that anonymity is paramount in the Underground. I wear a uniform, I have a certain authority over those under me. But I am in prison, dear lady from Haarlem, a prison stronger than this one. When Corrie begs Rahms to allow her to see her sister Betsie, he informs her that he has little power.

This comment reveals the nature of the German chain of command, in which uniforms do not mean power to contradict policy. On the level of individuals, the comment indicates the personal consequences of supporting an evil authority. Lieutenant Rahms acknowledges the guilt and cost of working for the Nazi regime when he calls it a prison. Here is a German man, who has learned Nationalist ideology and senses that it is wrong.

Rahms serves as a reminder that German officers were humans who could be shown another way, such as Corrie suggests. How can we thank him? We have no power to do him any service. Lord, allow us to share this inheritance from our father with him as well.

Take him too, and his family, into Your constant care. This prayer represents one of the ways the ten Booms touch the life of Lieutenant Rahms. Moreover, the ten Booms are shown to be devout and faithful people who do not rely on their own strength. I saw a gray uniform and a visored hat: Betsie saw a wounded human being. In this instance, Betsie is thinking of the German guards as people rather than the enemy.

When the Nazis invaded and occupied their country, Corrie quickly saw the need around her as Jews began to be shipped out. The ten Boom house and watchmaker shop became part of the Dutch Underground, helping those who were persecuted find a safe place, even to the point of building a small hiding place in their own house. In this book, Corrie shares much of her life before the occupation, including the faith that led her and her family to help those in needs, culminating in the arrest and imprisonment of many members of her family, and later to her time in a concentration camp alongside her sister Betsie.

This book is incredible in so many ways. Corrie herself struggled the most in this area, constantly learning from her other family members and being surprised by their heart for the oppressors. Yet she never questioned whether or not she should help the Jews around her at the risk of her own well-being.

Not many Holocaust-related accounts that I have read are from a Christian perspective, and I really appreciated seeing the little and big ways that Corrie and Betsie could see God involved in their plight.

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Corrie Ten Boom Life Changing Quotes [The Hiding Place]

Three of the best book quotes from Betsie Ten Boom. Share “Oh Father! Betsie! If I had known, would I have gone ahead? Could I have done the things I did?” Corrie Ten Boom. . The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, John Sherrill, Elizabeth Sherrill Buy Study Guide The Hiding Place Quotes and Analysis “Adventure and anguish, horror and heaven were just . "Show them that love is greater," Betsie replied. In that moment, Corrie realized her sister's focus was on the prison guard, not the victim she was watching. Betsie saw the world through a .