better place cece winans lyrics alabaster
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Better place cece winans lyrics alabaster distance and displacement similarities between christianity

Better place cece winans lyrics alabaster

Winans's next release, the Gold-certified Everlasting Love, was released in and featured Winans' highest-charting solo singles: "Well Alright" and "Slippin". Later that year, Winans released His Gift; a holiday album. In , Winans started her own recording company, PureSprings Gospel.

Her first album on the label was Alabaster Box in Some production of the disc was done by Gospel singer and musician Fred Hammond. It included a guest appearance by Take 6. The concert contained songs from her previous albums.

Winans released her next album, the self-titled CeCe Winans , in Winans took a two-year break from releasing albums and returned in with Throne Room. The first 1, copies were issued with a bonus CD that contained exclusive interviews with the artist, the making of the CD, some touring footage, and the music video "More Than What I Wanted" which came from the release. In , the city tour Throne Room with the group Anointed featured free admission and was followed with a DVD release of the concert recorded in Tennessee.

I hav so much to be grateful, thank you lord for your favour. I love you father. Thank you for my brother and blessed saviour. Peace, love, joy. Add your reply elliemerc01 The alabaster box contained extremely, expensive, perfumed oil which mary magdalene used to pour over jesus' feet, then wiped them with her hair.

Alabaster in those days was made of gypsum a hydrous sulfate of calcium which crafters used to make small perfume boxes, ornaments, tombs, vases, chalices and many other items. The expression of this act that mary did was in gratitude for what jesus did which was to cast out the demons from her. What would you do to repay jesus for delivering you from prostitution?

I know that if I was mary and had the precious oil or ointment, I would have done the same thing. Praise jesus for his love and compassion and for not judging a prostitute that should have been stoned but set free by the grace of god. Is it any wonder she was blinded by her tears. Alabaster was used in those ancient days to hold many valuable oils and items.

This name may derive further from the ancient egyptian word a-labaste, which refers to vessels of the egyptian goddess bast. She was represented as a lioness and frequently depicted as such in figures placed atop these alabaster vessels. Other suggestions include derivation from the town of alabastron in egypt. Here the alabaster was crafted into many forms some used to make caskets, boxes, vases, tombs, etc.

The 'alabaster box' spoken of here in this song is a box that held very expensive oil which mary magdalene used to anoint jesus' feet and then wipe them with her hair as an expression of her joy, appreciation and so much love for what jesus had done for her.

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