kl polish ethereal garden
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Kl polish ethereal garden

Why the change? Overall, I was just very disappointed. My main point is that I do not mind paying higher prices for products that I think are superior, but when I pay a high price for the product AND for shipping, I expect the items to arrive all in one piece. Also, I keep the boxes to display, and the whole point of the box is that it is a collectors item.

I paid for that box!! I actually find this shade quite mustardy when not in direct light, so I am still unsure about it. Also, the silver microglitter does not show up at all on the nails. You can only see it in the bottle. So what was the point of adding it? Such a beautiful and girly shade for spring, or all year round! I think this mint green is so nice! It is seriously the colour of mint ice cream, and I love love it!

Selene is shown on my thumb and pointer finger, Gum Would Be Perfection is on my middle and ring fingers, and Miss Kensington is on my pinky. Two coats were applied. The shade comes off more on the blue-side to me, but I can definitely see a touch of purple in there. It is definitely a unique light blue shade, leaning on the periwinkle side.

Very pretty! Absolutely the show stopper of the collection. It runs a little sheer, but I am happy with the opacity with two coats. Charmed is on my pointer finger and Dream Boy is on the rest of my nails. One coat of Charmed on top of two coats of Dream Boy.

This definitely makes the polish come across more opaque, and it made charmed come off slightly deeper magenta. Well, with two coats, this polish is slightly sheer, but not so sheer that it bothers me at all. In fact, I really like the look of it! Two coats of Pinky with one coat of Das Esspensive XXVI Thoughts on this collection Something that I swear that I am noticing, but still not quite sure about, is that some of these polishes feel thicker than usual.

I might be imagining this, but probably not, because why would I suspect a change in the first place? This collection was inspired by Cuban Culture with rich and bright colors. I was a little nervous about wearing an orange polish, thinking it would make me look a little sickly, but I think this is a really fun color and looks pretty flattering too!

This set is full of soft and cute pastels. And a certain number of boxed collections come with a Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip! I think this is a super cute idea and I like the shades they picked to turn into polishes And that completes this KL Polish Haul! And be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this post with a like or a comment, and if you want to hear more from me you can follow because I post every week.

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As our anniversary celebration got closer, Amy, our coordinator kept detailed notes about the many changes we had made over the year of planning and re-planning. She was patient, understanding, and friendly to the family and friends she got to meet throughout our planning process.

They were great about keeping me on my timeline, without stressing me out. They knew it was a day to have fun and celebrate and they made sure that happened no matter what. I truly was able to enjoy my day without knowing about bumps along the way. Trademark truly was a dream come true to work with. And I am so thankful to have been able to celebrate at such a beautiful place. I do and will continue to recommend Trademark venues to my friends that are getting married even my maid of honor picked a Trademark venue after seeing how amazing it was!

Thank you, to all the staff that made us smile, in the midst of cancellations and postponements, we are forever grateful to you. So unique and beautiful. Angel was our coordinator and he was so attentive and day of was amazing. We had a few hiccups during covid with communicat The food is also amazing and everyone at our wedding said it was the best wedding food they had ever had.

I had no worries at all during the planning and wedding day. I had so many people say they loved the venue, and where did I find it. Amy was our savior made everythjng seamless. We had to deal with a deployment and c Everyone who worked there is so friendly. The coordinator, Amy, was a seriously the best!! She was on top o I actually got to enjoy the night because I trusted she had it under control.

If you get married here, ask for Amy!! No matter where you walk on the property you are met with gorgeous views and heavenly florals. When we selected Ethereal Gardens for our wedding we did so via FaceTime from over miles away during a pandem The first time we got to see the venue in person I had tears of happiness and relief stream down my face. We selected the Grotto for our ceremony and it was like a wedding right out of a fairytale.

The food was delicious and everything flowed seamlessly. All that being said, the day was an absolute success because of the staff and their attentive and friendly attitudes. The real Rockstar of the day and most days leading into the wedding was Emily. Any questions I had during the planning process? Emily had the answer. Freaking out about how to get my elderly Grandmother around the property? Emily handled it. Making sure I was hydrated and eating, Emily.

Need a Tylenol, help fluffing my dress, nerves before "I do," all Emily. She is the person you want on your team on your wedding day. Oh and don't skip the tasting prior to your wedding. It's a super fun date night and the food selection is out of this world! A huge shoutout to the wonderful staff that were there with us on our weddi She went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and well taken care of.

All of our guests had an amazing time and we have been getting great feedback on the day and also on the food! It will be a day that we never forget. The venue is absolutely beautiful and our guests loved it. The entire staff were friendly and accommodating. Having access to their entire team of wedding coordinators took a ton Giant open fir beam trusses adorn the ceilings over head, subtle artistically designed crosses embellish opaque glass windows offering your guests a peek of the whistling pine forests that surround.

Starry Night Meadow Abundant sky day views and then starry nights surround this wide open grass meadow, the perfect setting for a unique ceremony in the round or alfresco reception. The hillside gardens feature four seasons and the edible flora that surround each make the meadow a truly unique experience for all.

Ethereal Garden Pergola Forged bent iron pergola in an open air setting with climbing vines. Ethereal Open Air Pavillion Set foot on the lush green grass that gives the pavilion canopy a natural ambience. Imagine, elegant settings of table scapes on the grass in the shade of the peaked canopy all sides lifted wide open to a vanishing grass edge into the meadow below.

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KL Polish - Ethereal Garden (Spring 2018) - Swatch and Review

Shop the LIMITED EDITION Ethereal Garden Boxed Set, for $, NOW!!! --> bookmaker1xbet.website Feb 4, - Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do an overview of the KL Polish Ethereal Garden Collection. I have been collecting KL Polish nail polishes since the Fall collection came out, and I have really come to love them. So without further adieu, let's jump right in! About KL Polish KL Polish is a brand. KL Polish julkaisi uuden kevätkokoelmansa Ethereal garden:in jo jokin aika sitten ja tilasin omani heti lanseerauksen yhteydessä. Sain setin vihdoin käsiini viime viikolla ja nyt pääsen esittelemään teillekin nämä upeat kynsilakkauutuudet. Jos merkki on vieras, on kyseessä Kathleen Lightsin perustama kynsilakkabrändi, joka.