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Other Bets Props and Futures Some other fun bets that can be made on basketball include prop bets and futures. How To Bet News. Handicapping Your Basketball Bets When oddsmakers set the lines, they take many factors into consideration. If you have even one loss, you lose the entire bet. On the other hand the Magic must either win outright or lose by 3 or fewer points for a Magic spread bet to payout.

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Football betting software free

More games About us Global Bet is the biggest independent provider for virtual sports, with an in-house team of renowned expert developers and award winning 3d artists. With customers on all continents, Global Bet provides a fully customised Virtual Sports portfolio of more than 15 sports and number games. Global Bet offers a broad portfolio of games, including everything from Football and Tennis to Basketball, Horse and Greyhound races.

Advanced 3D visualisation and a complex AI allow stunning effects that keep your players glued to the screen on your website, in your retail channels or on mobile devices. Our system is designed for easy integration and administration, with various customisation options and live commentaries available.

Global Bet's Virtual Sports platform is the most advanced product of its kind in the world. Virtual Sports GlobalBet offers the most realistic, reliable, and comprehensive Virtual Sports betting solutions to the gaming industry. We are dedicated to the Virtual Sports industry. GlobalBet has been a pioneer in the industry since , and we have deep experience in land-based retail markets and online.

Unlike several competitors who provide pre-recorded footage live events in their portfolio, we ONLY provide true, virtual sports products that utilize the highest visual standards, are highly customisable, and created by our employees.

Real Profits Instant Results Virtual sports matches are significantly condensed versions of an actual sporting event. Thus, they are completed within minutes, providing near-instant results and payouts. True Omni-Channel Experience Our Virtual Sports products are designed to deliver the ultimate omni-channel experience across all platforms, channels and devices through a single account and wallet.

Your explorer doesn't support video Fast Money Players wager on digital sporting events that unfold in front of them in a matter of minutes. The contests mimic the rules of gameplay of that particular sport, but they do not utilize actual team or player names. Growing Demand If a few years ago it was just another niche for creating experimental products, nowadays this is characterized by high demand and intense competition. In fact, virtual sports are in fifth place in popularity among all types of gambling.

Real world experience State-of-the-art 3D graphics and sounds, dynamic events as well as the logical behavior of virtual athletes is the main reason players constantly choose our products. All of our software solutions are mobile friendly, mobile optimized and have a responsive design. From initial log-in to payout or collection, the process requires sportsbook software.

At the very least, yours must do the following: Provide legit sports betting Provide compatibility with all mobile devices and smart phones You should also offer value betting software, meaning your players see value in logging onto your site and making bets instead of one of your competitors. What is pay per head sportsbook software?

For players, free is one of the essential words in the sports betting industry. Players who must wager through sportsbooks that charge to make bets end up losing clients and closing their doors. Bookies know this, which is why pay per head exists. For a small per month fee, you can provide sports betting software that helps you build profit and develop long lasting organizations.

What makes our sportsbook software company different? In the long run, bookmakers that provide the best sports betting opportunities win. Sportsbooks that offer free versions of platforms that include betting on live events, in ordinary bet options like crickets and darts, and possible market moving bets like Super Bowl props, often come out ahead.

When you become a PayPerHead agent, you develop a complete sports betting establishment. Only by offering it all can you become a PPH sportsbook winner. You must not only provide value betting software, but you must also offer a live betting platform and other bet alternatives. The more bets your players make, the more action you generate. Your user interface.

By user, we mean both you and your players. On the sports betting software side, players must find it easy to construct bets, which means you must offer plenty of bet options. Your overall sportsbook software must also be friendly to you. Players want to lay down dollars on unique options. They also want live results, so you must grade their options as soon as events end. The Internet has made the world much smaller, which is why your complete PayPerHead organization must offer every option under the sun.

Sticky Live Betting Software Platform When we say value betting software, we mean seeing value in the betting software you provide. An in play betting market, or live betting, is an excellent way for players to see the merit in your business. A place where players can check out odds and make a bet via their smart phones on events happening in real time provides stickiness. The longer players stick to your site, the more bets they make, which equals more action. Action is sports betting revenue.

Live Plus offers your players necessary features like game trackers for informational purposes and video streams on football and other sports. Any game your players can think of is likely part of the Live Plus platform. With Live Plus, you take a further step to developing a complete bookmaking business.

Top 3D Gambling Software Casino Games For your sports betting enterprise to compete, you must provide 3D casino games that offer up to date bet options. Sportsbooks that allow players to make 3D game bets through the same sportsbook software platform generate mass action. When you become a PayPerHead agent, you can consistently offer customers up to date BetSoft 3D games just like larger offshore online operations.

Two Live Casino Platforms Live events are all the rage. But players are interested in more than sportsbook game options and classic sport offerings. Website features and free live casino platforms are big revenue boosters. We believe so much in helping you spawn as much action as possible that we provide two platforms.

Both platforms showcase dealers with industry experience. Sportsbook Betting Software Props Platform One of the fastest growing sportsbook market segments is bets on major sports star performances. Through your Premium Props platform, you can offer prop sports betting odds. Your betting software provides fair odds at a cost-effective rate. Also, your customers can bet on sports performances outside of the big three. The props betting market should grow exponentially year over year, making Premium Props necessary for any serious bookmaker.

Your players can view live results through multiple sites, making horse racing an attractive option. Running a sports betting outfit is more than just taking bets in your sportsbook. Every bet a player makes involves risk. Pay Per Head Risk Management Tools A complete sportsbook requires not only value betting software but a way for your company to mitigate risk.

Mollifying bottom line threats is the key to making currency. Sometimes, the threat could come in the form of steam bets. Other times, a single, massive bet can take down your book. Running a sports betting organization is rife with risk, which is why no matter the betting markets, the following PayPerHead tools, and features help you keep more of the hard cash you make.

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