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Forexyard newsweek

Prior to joining NYU Stern, Professor Brenner served as a Chief Executive Officer and board member of public and private companies in a wide variety of industries including consumer products, food, healthcare, medical technology, service and industrial products. She served in the dual role of chairman and chief executive officer of two public companies and has chaired several board committees at numerous other public companies.

Professor Brenner received her B. Courses Ethical and Legal Challenges in the Modern Corporation This course addresses the ethical and legal challenges of the modern global corporation. The class will be cross registered with Stern and will include students and faculty from both schools. The course will be divided into two complementary sections. The emphasis in the first section is on the individual's legal and ethical responsibilities in interacting with the corporation- navigating real world market pressures considering moral and social psychology, ethical norms, and legal imperatives.

The second section of the course addresses these challenges from an institutional perspective, including organizational and cultural norms. Students will be asked to consider the role, design, and institutionalization of ethics and compliance cultures and programs in global business. Subjects of study include - professional dilemmas and moral accountability, truth and disclosure, conflicts of interest, agency and fiduciary duty, global compliance and risk management systems, whistle blowing, corporate social responsibility and global business issues.

The class is heavily discussion oriented, based on the issues raised in the readings. Grades will be determined by four short papers, a team presentation and class participation. The emphasis in this section is on the interdisciplinary legal and business aspects of corporate governance. You've also removed some genuinely good links to independent information and commercial services. I think we should allow links to commercial sites if the linked page is not trying to sell anything, i.

I've actually found some of the links to commercial services quite useful. As long as we keep everything in appropriate sections, we should be able to control and avoid linkspam. I'm adding some of the deleted links back in, at least the ones I know to be reputable or useful.

Please do not re-add them to the article. They are not necessary for the understanding of the subject. Having a link to a currency convertor from the article about FX makes perfect sense. Feel free to re-insert it. The others all needed a subscription to view data.

Does that sound OK? Even the converter does not belong. It is merely one of thousands and its only use is to draw people to the site for the ads and links shown all around the converter. Perhaps we should include a link to this, rather than the basic convertor? It doesn't violate any policy. Is not a forex broker and it doesn't sell anything.. There are just pure informative articles written by Romanian people in Romanian and English language. I will add this link back because I think it was removed without a reason.

Industry insiders can confirm this, but since the currency market is largely unregulated, this practice may not in fact be illegal. I've tried to rewrite the above before, and believe more-or-less what it says is true. Nevertheless, it seems here to be a sweeping generalization, using weasel terms.

This should be done right, with good sources, in a believable manner. I've searched and only found fairly iffy sites where one broker or advertiser for a broker accuses all or most other brokers of fairly general things. I'm starting to smell a con. Can anybody find a reputable source giving hard facts? If so it would be good to include it. I'll delete the above for now.

Smallbones , 7 January UTC Reply [ reply ] Integrating new material on market participants I like the new material on market participants and have tried and failed? There is still a lot of duplicated material. I will say however that the earlier material is better sourced, more fact based, and some of the new market participants material looks like opinion, argument etc.

I think we can go through it and tighten up the material and the article will be much better than ever. Smallbones , 10 January UTC Reply [ reply ] Moved some material to new Forex scams article There's been a lot of material added recently about forex scams. This was threatening to take over the page, and retail forex trading really is a very minor part of the market, so I moved most of this to a new article, while keeping the basics on this page as well. I can assure you that I am not a broker and don't work for Saxobank.

The forex scams article should prove that! I'd like to see your opinions of and additions to that article over there, rather than here. Perhaps those folks with criticisms of FX speculation could put all that material in 1 paragraph and it could go neatly under speculation. A neutral point of view means that one presents all the different opinions on a subject.

The section may need linguistic fine tuning though. Fact is, speculative currency trading is highly controversial, and every time the subject is covered by mass media it arouses a lot of controversy and attention. Take for instance, a look at the George Soros versus Mahathir bin Mohamad case.

By deliberately ignoring or censoring this fact, one does in fact take a non-neutral stance. Since most parts of the article is probably written by currency traders, and some of them may have a political or personal agenda against this presentation of a more fair and broad view on curreny trading, some will consider the section inappropriate.

To be neutral, this article should represent all views on currency trading, and the viewpoint of traders and some economists have already been presented. Likewise, no one, not even Nixon supporters, would argue that he was a controversial president.

Like it or not, it is a fact. Fact, while most financial instruments were designed to fulfill specific economical roles, currencies are - currencies. For instance, while speculators or investors purchasing bonds perform an important economical role, currency speculators more or less gamble with a financial instrument currencies - that is money which was never created for this purpose". Fact, as just a few cases has shown, National Bank of Sweden versus speculators, Soros versus Bank of England, and Soros versus Malaysia, to name a few of the most famous examples.

Just because a note is ABOUT politics, it doesn't mean that it is political itself, or that the writer or the article adhere to the viewpoint presented. It merely presents the fact that even many free market, pro-market, pro-capitalism policymakers dispise currency speculation. I speculate in currencies myself, but I still feel that this topic should be covered objectively, and fact is, currency speculation IS considered controversial by many.

Fxman , 16 January UTC Reply [ reply ] Speculation section rewrite and name change I did a rewrite of the Speculation section, and placed the sections "Hedge Funds" and "Individual currency speculators" in a more logical and eye friendly order. It looked bad. Also, I changed "Controversy" to "Speculators and controversy" as this is more accurate.

I hope my main page entry helps calm down rather than fire up the controversy controversy. The article should be about facts, it should not serve as a forum for political discussions. Economists agree that speculation indeed does not contribute positively to an economy.

The argument that speculation would benefit anyone but the speculators is political - it is not economical. Disputing the views of Mahathir Mohamad on the ground that he was responsible for the collapse of the Ringgit, and not the speculators, is rather far-fetched although it may be used as a political argument for defending the speculators.

Mahathir Mohamad did not force the speculators to take positions in the Ringgit. Source for "Economists agree that speculation indeed does not contribute positively to an economy. Ultramarine , 28 January UTC Reply [ reply ] On the Series 3 examination,has as a correct answer - Speculation adds liquidity and creates a more efficient market place.

The National Futures Association NFA generally requires an individual to successfully complete the Series 3 in order to be qualified to sell commodities or futures contracts. Please sign comments with 4 tildas. While I agree that this might happen addition of liquidity , I wouldn't bet my house on what the NFA exam says!

The original question above seems mute now. Smallbones , 12 October UTC Reply [ reply ] Recent errors I reverted a number of small changes the most important of which was saying that the minimum trade size is , currency units. I'd think you'd find this pretty hard to do in the bank market. Maybe not very hard for GBP, but certainly for yen! Of course if you can find any documentation of the lower amount and it distinguishes between pounds and yen!

The original "no inside trading" paragraph seemed a lot better than the newer version. What do you mean by "improper manipulation? I've taken out the name of the broker he says he uses. Smallbones , 18 June UTC Reply [ reply ] Arbolitos I come here for help on the topic of illegal exchange of money a sort of black market. I want to write an article about the emergence of illegal money changers in Argentina in the s.

These people trade dollars for Argentine pesos and speculate on that. They conduct their operations in the streets of the large cities' financial centers, simply standing there and shouting Cambio! The press termed them arbolitos "little trees" by an association of dollars with green leaves. Is there another article, or good sources, that cover the general topic of "black" money changing? None of the above discussion should be interpreted as saying that all unregistered forex retail brokers are unethical or criminal.

I think I originally put it in, in its present form with some prompting and have defended it against minor changes. It is indeed a debatable issue, but ultimately a securities lawyer with experience in FX and futures might have to be brought in to make a "precise" call.

I figure we should err on the side of not calling anybody a crook, and not offer legal advice. The issue as I see it: The CFTC wants to prevent forex scams in the US, but the FX market is world-wide and they don't want to be put into the position of regulating banks around the world e. So the law as written doesn't force them to register everybody in the US who trades FX futures or forwards very close instruments.

The dealer has to be regulated "by somebody," e. In short, I think you can drive a fleet of trucks through the loopholes in this "regulation" requirement. It does pain me not to be able to tell people - "these guys are ok, but these guys are not" but that call is beyond me. However, I'd like there to be some direct language in the retail section and in the forex scams article , simply because I think there are a lot of unethical retail brokers out there, and they seem to have targeted this page, from time to time, as a place to recruit customers with their linkspam.

If there are any wikipedia policies that apply here that I've missed, please let me know, but I think this is extremely delicate. Perhaps a clarification would be in order, something that would cite CFTC's advisory regarding forex dealings in the United States. The way it reads right now, readers may come away with the idea that the legality of unregistered dealers is a universal debate.

It clearly isn't at least in the US. Mcduffodonnell01 , 4 April UTC Reply [ reply ] Forex mechanics There is zero information of internal mechanics behind forex quotes. How they are set? Or there is a smart guy in bunker which enters it every 5 seconds on his numpad? I want to know path of this number from who creates it till my laptop's screen.

And i can't find any info on web. Maybe wikipedia helps me? If you are relying on retail brokers, it seems that it might come from just about anywhere! If you are asking about how the prices are determined for the overall market, that's quite a topic, but the simple mechanics are fairly clear.

A bank trader will enter his bid and ask quotes on Reuters, EBS, etc. See the paragraphs starting with "The ten largest traders If they give you a quote and you believe them, then that's all there is to it. Market demand drives the price, the retail brokers have thier own quotes and spreads which are usually not much different from other brokers.

Occasionally it is adjusted manually by banks, especially when the Non-Farm Payroll numbers are released by the Federal Reserve. Hi all! I have invested time and effort in the research and writing of this article, it would be a pity if it would be deleted. Please help me out, all help is appreciated. Thank you so much for your help, Pete8 , 23 June UTC Reply [ reply ] James Dicks who is featured in that article is a forex trading well known scam artist.

So it is a completely unknown entity masquerading as a fact. Can you make your own graphic with the BIS data? In any case the graphic should be removed unless the estimate can be explained. They claim that "polinomial extrapolation of the smoothed turnover data series" was used to obtain the value for I can't estimate the accuracy of their research, but I suppose that the method is quite good.

In any case, I've added a simplified comment to the article. Notgoogle GMT, 19 September Lets fix up the article guys : Hi guys lets start adding more references and putting into the correct format so we can get this article to FA quality. We need to add references in the correct manner similar to what we have been doing on the backgammon article.

The current reference listed on this article is not linked to any particular part of the text anyone knows to which part it belongs and what was taken out of this references and inserted into the article? We also need to take out the external links from within the article and add them as references instead of links within the article Davidoff , 21 September UTC Reply [ reply ] The Millman reference refers to the paragraph 2 paragraphs above "Reference" so it seemed silly to

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The ForexYard team has developed a new Forex managed account service for investors to securely invest in the world of forex with the fund manager of their choice. Traders can select the degree of leverage they wish Unless the trader specifies otherwise, ForexYard sets the leverage levels to the ForexYard's default margin levels for the deposited amount.

The requirements for leverage vary with account size, and may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of the dealing desk, based on volume traded and market conditions. Leverage maxes out at I was pleased to see that a demo account was offered as well as an Islamic account for those who keep Sharia laws.

Features Many items are presented in the form of charts rather than a textual explanation. The Analyzer is a chart with technical analysis of all the currency pairs traded as well as oil, gold and silver. Their proprietary technology allows search engines to monitor thousands of financial instruments 24 hours a day, and automatically identifies trade opportunities in the form of chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, and Key Levels as they occur.

In addition, Autochartist offers PowerStats as a feature which will provides a better assessment of risk and volatility on the instruments that tradedAutochartist can be downloaded to the MetaTrader4 platform. This handout picture taken and released by Ukrainian Presidential Press-service shows the President Volodymyr Zelensky taking part in the ceremony of presenting orders and the other state awards to the servicemen and to the members of the families of fallen soldiers in Kyiv on August 7, , on the occasion of the of the Air Force of Ukraine Day.

That network explored the folly of sending a mountain of U. CBS admitted that vast amounts of American largesse has been pilfered, conceding that "much of the billions of dollars of military aid that the U. Oh, and during a recession with runaway inflation at home. That reality would be damning enough, but Zelensky just upped the ante, making American escalation even more wrongheaded.

He requested direct talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping to help Ukraine in its war efforts and to help "rebuild Ukraine. Must Address So, perhaps fearing that the Kyiv cabal will soon need a new sugar daddy, Zelensky openly solicits the most dangerous adversary of the United States, the Chinese Communist Party.

With this pathetic hat-in-hand appeal to the tyrannical and abusive Beijing politburo, Zelensky firmly forfeits any pretense of standing as an exemplar for human rights, no matter how many Ukraine flags adorn the social media accounts of high-minded wealthy Americans. Moreover, in reaching out to Beijing, Zelensky appeals for charity from a country that directly funds the war in Ukraine via massive oil purchases from Putin.

In this regard, Zelensky unwittingly unveils the insanity of the world's most powerful nations simultaneously funding both sides of the war. Putin is a thug and Zelensky is a corrupt autocrat. Their battle involves no vital U. Biden's intervention harms America and worsens the plight of the Ukrainian people, who have become pawns in a battle of Black Sea oligarchs.

America should insist on dialogue, negotiation, and de-escalation. If the parties refuse, then it's time for an American approach of realism and restraint, because this is simply not our fight, and Zelensky sure as hell is not our fighter.