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Ethereal wire

Materials used in the quality of the construction was metal and plastic. Quality of materials used was very good, as was the fit and finish. For the bulk wiring, it was the speaker wire and coaxial cable. The speaker wire is perfect for running in the studs during the construction phase. Having purchased several new build homes, when you pay for the option for a surround sound pre-wire, this is the wire I would have LOVED to have been provided.

Typically builders will use a cheap 20 gauge, maybe an 18 gauge wire if you're lucky. But this wire from Ethereal is a really high quality 16 gauge, 65 strand oxygen free copper. The Ethereal RG6 coaxial cable is also a high quality, with good shielding, and a solid 18 gauge copper wire core. The HDMI cable has a cool glossy metal connect with gold plated tip. And I love the color coded system. It uses color rubber grommets that fit into the top of the connector. So when you are connecting up multiple cables, it makes it easier to make sure the correct cable goes to the right device.

The subwoofer cable is another high quality cable. It features a cross braided flexible jacket and 24K gold plated connectors. The connectors are not cross-cut or ribbed. Instead, there are internal ribs to make sure you have a solid connection, so it is still really high quality. The same quality also comes through with the wall plates. The standard wall plates feature gold plated connectors.

The connectors are standard connectors that accommodate bare wire and banana plugs. When running wire for a speaker system, you need a standard 2 connector plate for the positive and negative wires to be located next to each speaker location. The wires will run from the 2 connector plate to the main plate. The main plate has connectors for 7. Unfortunately, manufacturers have not caught up to the current Dolby Atmos format, which can be found in 7.

Dolby Atmos adds height channel speakers, and there are not yet wall plates in those configurations. In their defense, demand for them probably is not very high yet. An easy solution would be to just add a separate 8 connector or 4 connector plate for the 4 or 2 height channels speakers. So you can just add an additional 8 or 4 connector wall plate for the height speakers.

I also liked the banana plug quality. They are 24K gold plated for excellent signal conductivity. Our expertise and long history of developing home theater products with innovative and proprietary technologies has been applied to our Helios product line, so that end-users can enjoy the ultimate multimedia home theater experience.

Helios manufactures high quality products that are driven by performance, reliability and affordability. A robust head shell and durable cloth braided jacket protect the cable and its built-in electronics. The gold plated connectors will remain free of oxidation and the strong braided cotton outer jacket still provides flexibility for the thin cable, making it easier to install in tight locations. They come in a CL rated jacket to provide behind the wall installation at an economical price without compromising video and audio performance.

Includes an audio return channel. Our revolutionary TV Audio Mounts combine an easy to install flat panel TV wall mount bracket with an integrated high performance digital audio sound system that looks as good as it sounds, with a simple one-cable connection.

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Ethereal Wire

Ethereal Wire Designs, Kingston, Ontario. 80 likes ยท 14 talking about this. Wire jewelry handmade by Meghan Lau using silver/copper and semi-precious gems! For more, see my Instagram page. White: gauge wire, used for lighting circuits. Yellow: gauge wire, used regularly in households for general power to outlets and appliances. Orange: gauge wire, commonly . Ethereal 16/2 Standard Speaker Wire (By-the-Foot) The Gauge, 2-Conductor Strand Speaker Wire, 1, ft., from Ethereal comes in a pull box for easy access. It creates a high .